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Practical Accessories For The Xiaomi Mi4
Yes, indeed the power bank is the most viable accessory on this list. It is not just it's universal application that makes it a good buy, but also it is convenient to carry along and provides power when required. However, the other gadgets make for a popular choice as well. They are much desired gadgets and the need of the hour in today’s world. They are also offering universal application that is an added advantage. As a matter of fact consumers should look for gadgets that offer multiple usage, so they do not need to be thrown away when they upgrade their phones.
Author: Juana      Posted Date: 14 Feb 2015
Buyer's Guide - Shopping For A Headphone
Thank you for the positive feedback, it is much appreciated. You are absolutely right in saying that people are not happy with the headsets that comes bundled with the smartphone. They do nothing to complement the gadget or the sound quality. Manufacturers realize this and hence, they have flooded the market with some amazing headsets at pretty competitive prices. Now, there is something available for everyone's budget and personal taste in the market. The consumer now has a wide choice.
Author: Juana      Posted Date: 09 Feb 2015
DU Battery Saver: A comprehensive Review
Suresh the DU Battery saver is definitely good. I will recommend it to everyone who wants the battery life extended on their mobile device. It delivers what it promises, and that is a good start. I am using it and this review is based on my personal experience. I am glad I reviewed this product; for, I now have no issues of the battery running out on me.
Author: Juana      Posted Date: 03 Feb 2015
HTC Desire 820 – A Review
HTC did slip down the ranks early last year, but then was quick to come back. The company has adopted a very smart strategy of launching new smartphones every couple of months. This allows buyers a wider choice and HTC gets a lot of publicity because of the constant new entrants it pushes into the market.
Author: Juana      Posted Date: 03 Feb 2015
What to expect from Windows 10 on your smartphone
Yes, its always nice if you can extend the life of your gadget through updates instead of going in for the latest model that has it all. It is a smart move by Microsoft, which will help go a long way in keeping existing users in their fold and inviting newer users.
Author: Juana      Posted Date: 03 Feb 2015
Lava Iris X1Grand and Mini to be available in February
It is time that buyers got pocket-friendly options in the smartphone market. Affordability is the key selling point of the Lava Iris X1. I am sure these budget phones will find a niche market in India.
Author: Juana      Posted Date: 03 Feb 2015
HTC Desire 526G+ Dual SIM With Octa-Core SoC Launched In India
I agree HTC is on a roll, with the surge of new smartphones coming out of its stables. But, then that is expected, since there is so much competition for the top spot. The Taiwanese manufacturer has adopted the best technique to stay in the limelight. It has definitely grabbed the attention of consumers with its constant presence, and is going to remain among the top-notch smartphone manufacturers in people's minds.
Author: Juana      Posted Date: 03 Feb 2015
The Best Android apps for Indian users
Thank you for the feedback. I am glad you liked the apps I've shared through this resource.I thought it a good idea to introduce something different to the Indian audience. We all use WhatsApp, Faebook app etc...but there is so much more available to us today in the form of apps.
Author: Juana      Posted Date: 01 Sep 2014
Top 5 online stores to shop at from India
Neeraj you have raised an interesting question. When you buy a product from an online store you can return a damaged/not functioning product back to the store within 7 days of receiving it. For this you need to ring up the customer care and report the problem. Take a docket/reference number for further communication. The store will arrange for the product to be exchanged at no extra cost.
if a problem occurs after the one week has elapsed you will need to get in touch with the manufacture’s service centers and they will rectify the problem according to their guarantee/warranty policy. You will need to have the proof of purchase with you, so keep the invoice/bill safely until the guarantee/warranty period is over.
Hope this helps.
Author: Juana      Posted Date: 20 Jan 2013
Top 5 online stores to shop at from India
Muhammedaneez and Lakshmi, I honestly appreciate your comments. Lakshmi, writing the review came easy as it was written based on personal experiences on the various sites. However, I will take your advice and soon write an article as suggested by you. Though, 'how soon' is something I cannot answer, but I assure you I will get down to writing it one day.
Author: Juana      Posted Date: 18 Jan 2013
Top 5 online stores to shop at from India
Thank you everyone for reading the review and leaving your valuable comments behind.
One must share good experiences with others as well Askush. You mentioned a site as fake. I hope you have written a review about it, describing your experience. Sharing bad experiences through a resource is a good way of letting people know about the site.
Author: Juana      Posted Date: 18 Jan 2013
Top 5 online stores to shop at from India
Thank you Askush for commenting on my article. I really appreciate your reading and leaving a remark.
I hope you have also written your review of all the favourite online shopping sites that you have mentioned in your feedback. A review by you can be of immense help to those who cannot decide which online stores are the best for what product and service.
As for me, once I begin shopping at an online store, I stay loyal to it for various reasons. Topping the list is the discount coupons that I get with each purchase, which I can use the next time I shop with them.
Author: Juana      Posted Date: 09 Jan 2013
Nintendo 3DS vs Sony PlayStation Vita Handheld comparison
Thank you for stopping by. Well! I've tried to incorporate everything in the article for that is what makes a good review. Glad you appreciate it. You are right in saying the Sony PlayStation has an edge over the Nintendo. Not only is it a name to reckon with, it is also a better product in more ways than one. My vote goes to the Sony PlayStation Vita.
Author: Juana      Posted Date: 06 Dec 2012
Food & Tech Fight, the Gangnam Style #NokiaAppTasting Event hosted by IndiBlogger
I hadn't heard of such meets until I read your wonderful synopsis of the complete event. It appears to have been an evening full of fun. Quite an enriching experience for you and all those present! I thoroughly enjoyed going through the article and liked the videos as well. Thank you for sharing them. It makes me want to be a part of this meet the next time around.
Author: Juana      Posted Date: 25 Nov 2012
MOTOACTV Android smart watch Review
Hello Anony!

I agree, the MOTOACTV Android smart watch is a great device with some awesome features for the fitness freak. I see no reason why it should not work in India or anywhere else for that matter.

Author: Juana      Posted Date: 30 Oct 2012

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