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7 Unique Android games review
Thanks for the response. I too like pottery a lot. The graphics and the animation make it realistic.
Author: Godson      Posted Date: 03 Apr 2016
Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers/Writers
Great article. I too am using Grammarly for quite a long time now. I am greatly impressed by it. Apart from checking spelling mistakes, it also suggests things like putting commas, adding an article and more.
Author: Godson      Posted Date: 27 Dec 2015
How to make optimum use of Google Chrome - Top 10 tips
Informative article. These tips will make surfing the internet more efficient. I especially liked the Math under the search box feature.
Author: Godson      Posted Date: 27 Dec 2015
A detailed review of Blender 2.76 - the best free 3D modeling tool
Yes, they provide online help. Just go to Help and click on Manual. It will open in a browser. Actually 3D tools are harder than most other software applications, but as a beginner you can find plenty of tutorials on YouTube. You can also check out blender basics on cgcookie.
Author: Godson      Posted Date: 07 Dec 2015
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game - A complete review
Great work. You have really done a detailed review of the game GTA San Andreas. I've been using some of the cheats mentioned here, but most of them are new to me. I'll definitely try to use them. I've also downloaded the All secret locations map, hope it will be helpful for me. Thanks again for this article.
Author: Godson      Posted Date: 23 Apr 2013
Interview with Kunwar Prithvi Singh Chauhan, a teenage blogger making millions online
Thank you Sir for providing such an inspiring interview. This interview was a great inspiration for me. I think everyone who reads this interview will come to know about the real possibilities of a blogger.
Author: Godson      Posted Date: 26 Feb 2013
Recuva File Recovery Software: Reviews, features and working guide
This is a very informative article. I've used Recuva to restore some of my deleted files and it did pretty well. Above all the best thing I find about Recuva is that it is very easy to handle because of its user-friendly GUI.
Author: Godson      Posted Date: 28 Jan 2013
Dacor launches Android Oven with WiFi: Review
What an amazing technology! Android in an oven is a very unique technology. It'll make cooking more perfect.
Author: Godson      Posted Date: 17 Jan 2013
Some cool gadgets to make your life smarter
Hi, thanks for the comments. You can buy it online on I have already mentioned it in the third comment.
Author: Godson      Posted Date: 16 Jan 2013
Some cool gadgets to make your life smarter
Yes, online purchase is safe if you're buying from a popular/trusted website.
Many websites offer warranty on their products. But, be sure to check it out on their website first.
Author: Godson      Posted Date: 15 Jan 2013
Some cool gadgets to make your life smarter
Hi, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. To my knowledge the USB Hub is not available in the Indian market, but there is similar one but with less ports i.e. 10 ports called iBall Lappie Piano 810 Speed 10 2.0 hub is available at in Rs.1525. You can check it out. And the price of the watch is about $80.
As for all the other gadgets they are available online, you can buy it online.
Author: Godson      Posted Date: 15 Jan 2013
Nokia Lumia 620 in India - Release date, features and price
Nokia Lumia 620 seems to be a great phone looking at the specifications. I liked the fact that there are a lot of interesting features in such a low price. I am also really impressed with the 5 MP camera and 720 P video recording with 30 fps. I think there is no phone with such a configuration and such a low price. Nokia has done a very good job.
Author: Godson      Posted Date: 30 Dec 2012
Cheapest Windows 8 Laptops
Very nice article. Actually I didn't even know there exists such low priced, but good configuration laptops out there. Thanks for providing this information.
Author: Godson      Posted Date: 27 Dec 2012
How to connect 3G internet with mobile & dongle in Redhat Linux | Linux 3G Internet wvdial
Thank you very much for this article. I was looking for some way to access internet through RHEL. I have it installed on my VMWare. I will try to follow the steps you have given and hopefully it will work.
Looking forward for more articles on Linux.
Author: Godson      Posted Date: 19 Dec 2012
How to keep your Google AdSense Account in good standing
Great article. Yes, Google is indeed very strict in its policies and rules. These tips can definitely help one to protect his Google Adsense account.
Author: Godson      Posted Date: 18 Dec 2012
How does hard disk store digital data?
Thank you so much for this informative article. You have very well explained how the digital information is stored in a magnetic storage device. I have been studying these things in my MCA. This article has helped me a lot in understanding the basics of storage of digital data.
Keep on writing such articles. Looking forward for more such articles.
Author: Godson      Posted Date: 18 Dec 2012
Hands-on review of Lenovo G580 laptop
Thank you very much for this detailed information. I think regarding the price of the laptop, it is one of the best although there are some disadvantages.
Author: Godson      Posted Date: 17 Dec 2012
Best of Websites to Learn Ethical Hacking online for free
Thanks for the article. Ethical hacking has a great demand now a days throughout the world because most of the transactions are going on online. So, it is important to protect ourselves from being compromised. Learning these hacking tricks can really help us in preventing ourselves from being hacked. The only thing is that it should not be used for evil purposes.
Author: Godson      Posted Date: 23 Sep 2012
How to make a bootable USB pen drive on Windows
Great article. Making a pen drive a bootable device makes it more easier to install operating systems on any PC. I was looking for a tutorial on this. Thanks for sharing this information. I will really try this out.
Author: Godson      Posted Date: 31 Aug 2012

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