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Top Five apps for Bird watchers
That's a splendid piece of information. I am an intent bird watcher, but I never had the idea that apps could help me out in this. Do keep us informed about more such offbeat technological advancements.
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 23 Jan 2017
Mudra Bank Loan Yojana for Startups
Okay, then we can avail these loans easily from any location. Thanks for updating the information.
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 02 Aug 2016
Mudra Bank Loan Yojana for Startups
That was a very useful piece of information. The schemes look quite lucrative, but are there any such schemes available in State Bank of India? Rest I wanted to know if Mudra Bank has branchees in every city, as I haven't come across one till today.
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 02 Aug 2016
Home loans in India: Prepayment, Down payment, EMI and Interest rates
I was looking for this information in the recent days. And here it is. What I wanted to know still further is, whether there is any minimum amount of monthly income criteria to be fulfilled to apply for a home loan. And a little bit on the tenure, i.e., what is the deciding factor behind the tenure of loan repayment. It will be really useful if you enlighten me on this.
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 17 Jun 2016
Here is a troubleshooting guide for your refrigerator
This is a very useful article. But you have to correct the html tags. Like, it has all appeared in bigger font size, you have to reduce them.
Then you need to give heading, subheadings, and a conclusion.
The article is too short till now. It would be better if you convert the paragraph from listing type to proper complete sentences. Make sure you follow the right punctuation marks, capitalization and grammar.
Inserting few relevant images would make the article look more attractive, but don't forget to go through the image posting guidelines before you insert them.
This article is yet to be reviewed, so if you make the changes before it appears on the editor's screen, the chances of getting it approved will increase. But don't worry even if it doesn't clear the approval in the first try, the editors will let you know if any other changes are required, follow them and re-submit.
All the best for your first tech blog.
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 09 Jun 2016
Technology Initiatives to manage Garbage issues
That was an extensively informative article. Hope other states too come one up with equally positive initiatives. But what is more important is a full proof implementation leaving no room for loopholes.
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 22 Apr 2016
Kabadiwala Connect - A new innovative waste management
That is indeed a commendable initiative. I think, the platform should reach every corner of this country. When Waste management system is now taking a shape, it is high time for such initiatives to come forward with their helping hand. The Swachh Bharat program can club with such a concept to handle the issue of wastage and littering better.
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 18 Mar 2016
How to buy a smartphone with Smartly.Me app
Okay, even that can be done. Thanks Timmappa.
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 07 Jan 2016
How to buy a smartphone with Smartly.Me app
Well Timmappa, that was a very useful piece of information. Just wanted to know whether it could be downloaded in the earlier GSM phones that are not smartphones? One of my family members has it and I was thinking of suggesting this app for her. But would it work? Or else, can she use the app on her laptop as an alternative?
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 06 Jan 2016
How to Choose the Best DSLR Camera
Thanks Timmappa. We have experienced both, but DSLR images can be identified instantly for their extra dimension and depth, leave alone clarity, quality and beauty of them.
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 24 Dec 2015
A detailed review of Blender 2.76 - the best free 3D modeling tool
Do they provide any tutorial guide with the software? That is, is it also for the newbies to try their hands with?
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 07 Dec 2015
Hike: Is It Worth A Hype?
That was a very useful feedback. The Hike people are constantly howling with advertisement calls and bulk SMS. So it is pretty evident that they want to create a market out of hyping the product and that is where the doubt arises of its worth.
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 05 Dec 2015
Asana: An App for Project Management
I know Mahesh as even I've written an article on Trello a few months back. People are giving quite good feedback on it.
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 18 Nov 2015
Asana: An App for Project Management
Is it equally effective for individual usage? Also, I just wanted to know how the reminder works out in it. My basic question with such apps is, if you remember to see what's left, then you are already aware of it. But the problem crops up when some task is forgotten and is not met on time. I am a little bit curious about those cases.
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 17 Nov 2015
Airtel 4G: Keeping Up the Challenge?
Given the credit of introducing 4G first in India, still Airtel needs to address the complaints raised. And above all, I am very eager to know whether they have kept their promise of making the phone bills lifetime free, as when the speed came down in so many cases, other network would have been running with better speed at that particular time, right?
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 13 Nov 2015
Airtel 4G: Keeping Up the Challenge?
Exactly Timmappa, already a lot of complaints are lining up, and I am curious to know whether they are really keeping up their promise of making the complainers' phone bill free for life time.
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 09 Nov 2015
Things to Do after Installing Windows 10
Okay, I'd definitely try what you suggest. Thanks a lot for sharing this useful piece of information. Hope to get more of such kind of information from you.
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 30 Jul 2015
Things to Do after Installing Windows 10
Okay, but then can you uninstall the default program? I didn't try it though, thinking it may interfere with the smooth functioning and I am continuing with it. On the contrary I had to uninstall the paid ones.
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 29 Jul 2015
Things to Do after Installing Windows 10
Doesn't Windows 10 come with its own set of Antivirus? I am currently using Windows 7, but it was packed with its default Antivirus and when I tried to install another, it slowed down the system like hell. Finally I had to remove it. So, wouldn't it be the same with Windows 10?
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 29 Jul 2015
Top Tips For Choosing A Website Builder
This was quite useful an article for bloggers and writers, but still some doubts are there regarding exactly the type of website builder you are talking about. A little bit of example with some prominent brands would have made it more clear, and that would also help novices, who are naive in this subject.
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 08 Jul 2015
Is your kid using a Jumpy, the smartwatch for kids?
That is what I have written in my conclusive statements. Hope you have not missed them out.
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 07 Jul 2015
How to transfer bank accounts from one branch to another
Sir I have got an account with Dena Bank with my maiden name in Kolkata. If I want to transfer my account to Hyderabad, do I need to undergo the procedures in Kolkata by being there? Or can these procedures can be followed online? Can I continue to keep the account with my maiden name as well?
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 04 Jul 2015
Earn tax-free interest from your gold - Gold Monetization Scheme (GMS)
How is the response to such Gold deposit schemes? Are people investing in it? I think if someone is that desperate, they can simply sell off their jewels instead of taking this headache!
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 30 Jun 2015
How to transfer your Public Provident Fund (PPF) account from one post office or bank to another
Is there any online option to transfer the funds? I don't expect there would be one for the post office, but, as we all are enjoying internet banking, is there any option to undergo the entire process through Internet Banking?
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 30 Jun 2015
Does Sproutling Make Parenting Easy?
Even I have the same doubts Timmappa, but may be considering that possibility. They have made it to be worn on the ankles of the babies, so that it is distant from the torso and have less negative effects as compared to hands.
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 11 May 2015
Selection of components for making a Radio Controlled Aircraft
Really interesting article especially for youngsters. A little bit of step-by-step instruction would have added more value to the article. A good selection of topic indeed.
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 05 May 2015
Bosch SMS40E32EU Dishwasher review
Hi, it seems to be a very useful home appliance and I was also looking for one. It would be more helpful if you can mention the price and also the types of vessels that it can wash. For example, does it clean stainless steel, enamelware and heavy utensils like pressure cookers and big tumblers ?
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 01 May 2015
Return/Refund Policies Of ShopClues
Another thing which I also feel about these policies is that they should provide an option to check the item shipped or delivered in front of the delivery man. Rather, he should do the unpacking and show the item in a proper way. This will quicken the process of return and refund with less complications and more accuracy. In this way both the parties will face lower risk of getting cheated. Please let me know your viewpoint.
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 30 Apr 2015
Best Motorola Droid Turbo Accessories
Thanks a lot Timmappa.
Here they go:

Though the price may differ, but all these sites are pretty reliable.
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 27 Apr 2015
Best Motorola Droid Turbo Accessories
Yeah Timmappa, I got your point and have also been able to find out the related online stores. Please let me know if I need to include them in the article itself, or shall I post it as a resource response.
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 27 Apr 2015
Best Motorola Droid Turbo Accessories
Timmappa I got the information from the one who purchased them. He made the payment through credit card, so he told me only the dollar rates. I would try to find out the name of the online store where he placed the order.
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 26 Apr 2015
Enabling digital India through innovation and eGovernance
I agree in totality that a Digital India can save a lot of time and energy, and it would also help in fighting corruption, as for every small and big interaction, officials take undue advantage of screwing the common people.

But it needs good coordination and manpower management for better implication of this facility. And also a digital process of checking out its functionality, as we are enjoying in private facilities. Only then can it benefit people and the nation as a whole.
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 06 Apr 2015
O-Duster Robotic Floor Cleaner Review
Thanks Timmappa for your encouraging words. I think, the demand would rise only when some people show their courage in experimenting with them. Washing machines had the same tough days, but when people realized its utility, things got to move. I think the same would happen with this one too.
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 20 Feb 2015
Le Chal - Smart shoes for visually challenged people
Hi Shubham,
Very useful article. Really feels good to know that such good innovations are taking place in India.
Thank you for sharing the information.
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 17 Sep 2014
Best Android Apps for Netmeeting
Hi Shravan,

It was really encouraging to know that my article came useful to you. I think that's the best reward for any write up one can have.

Thanks a lot.
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 03 Sep 2014
How to Keep your Smartphone Safe
Hi Bhakti
The suggestions from you were really useful and they have really assured me a lot.
Thank you.
Author: Anwesha      Posted Date: 23 Jul 2014

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