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4 website ideas to start your own website and start making money
These days earning money from the own blog is a dream for many bloggers. But the competition is too high and many bloggers are getting failed these days. After that, they think of earning little amount of money by working online on other sites. There are different methods of earning online like freelancing, coupons, revenue share and through posting articles. The above all methods are genuine and good ways to earn money. I think that Google AdSense is the best ad network to earn money for Indian bloggers. But it is very difficult to get the approved AdSense account. Other methods of earning are affiliate marketing, paid reviews, Yahoo ads and many more.
Author: Amit Singh      Posted Date: 09 Mar 2014
Top 5 Best Simulation Games on Facebook in 2013
Simulation Games are very popular nowadays because they gives the experience of virtual reality. There are lots of Simulation games available for free but it is difficult to find the best and popular among them. Facebook is the best platform to play games with the friends and relatives. The Airline Manager is really a superb game on Facebook. It gives the real experience of flight in the sky like bird flying in sky to explore the world. And monster world simlulation game gives the adventure of beauty and farm. I also earns few rewards points while playing these popular games on Facebook. The above list gives the good information about the Facebook Simulation games to enjoy.
Author: Amit Singh      Posted Date: 09 Mar 2014
Opera Mini-Fastest browser on the world
Opera Mini is popular for mobile browsing but not in the operating system browsers. Mini works faster on the Android OS and many smartphone users uses it. The main advantage is this that browser is absolutely free to download. One can easily download Opera Mini and experience the fast browsing on the Android or smartphone device.
Author: Amit Singh      Posted Date: 09 Mar 2014
Windows 7 features.
Author: Amit Singh      Posted Date: 09 Mar 2014
Windows 7 features.
Windows 7 is one of the popular operating system after Windows XP. It has features like Homegroup, Live Taskbars, quick performance and many more. I think that still Windows 7 is performing well in the Indian markets even after the launch of Windows 8 operating system. Microsoft has really done a good job by adding new features in the Windows 7 Ultimate OS. I also use Windows 7 for my laptop. As compared to Windows 8, OS 7 has good performance, attractive user interface and easier to operate for newbies. Talk of Windows 7 Homegroup, it is really amazing and we can share the files in few clicks to friends, relatives, etc. It would be interesting to see whether Microsoft's Windows 9 can replace the OS 7 or not in future.
Author: Amit Singh      Posted Date: 09 Mar 2014
How is Windows 8 Operating System? Features and Review
Metro is new style UI in Windows 8 operating system. It is the first appearance on the Windows 8 screen. This UI is the main change and new style which attracts most of the OS users. It is a classic design which contains the dozen of in-built apps in Metro style. These different apps runs perfectly on the pc or laptop. I also likes this metro style because it offers the largest collection of icons at the same time. Even it makes the touchscreen experience more better with these applications. Really, Metro style looks smarter, faster and quicker.
Author: Amit Singh      Posted Date: 08 Mar 2014
Top 10 best and most popular Facebook games 2013
Hello friend, It is very good article you have posted. Really you have given most popular facebook games 2013. Everyone enjoys playing games on Facebook. Many peoples like to play games of different types in facebook. I like FarmVille2 - Simulation game on Facebook. It is thewhich I like to play on the facebook. Really it is a very good game to play on facebook. Thank you m.akshay for giving this information through this article.

With Regards
Amit Singh
Author: Amit Singh      Posted Date: 06 Apr 2013

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