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Nexus 5X : Features and its Impact in the Market
Google Nexus 5X is indeed better than the Nexus 5 which had drawn more criticism than favourable reviews. It has learnt from the mistakes from the previous devices and has improved itself. Even then, there still are a few cons that still exist. One if them is low RAM of just 2GB. Though Marshmallow has better RAM management, yet the RAM could cause concerns with the newer resource hungry apps. The camera has no OIS & thus could be a reason to worry for people with shaky hands. However, with the recent price cut, it is a good buy with an able camera, a stable processor and pocket friendly one-handed operation.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 24 Dec 2015
Free Antivirus Apps for Android
360 security is indeed a great anti virus solution you can install on your Android. What attracts me more to it is its multi-functional nature. It is a memory booster and a cleanup utility in addition to being an anti virus app. In fact, it can be treated as an all in one app. It also features an app manager which can be used to check your app usage. You also get a Find My Mobile which is tied to your Google account. I personally like, and use 360 security. However, other apps mentioned by you are equally useful and are some of the best in their class.

You will need to analyse the RAM that remains free on a regular basis on your device. If you have insufficient RAM, using apps that need higher amount of resources are likely to crash often. I would recommend the users to check RAM before deciding on an anti virus solution.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 24 Dec 2015
How to Choose the Best DSLR Camera
In today's world where even the professional photographers have been moving to the smartphone cameras (the Lava Pixel V2 ad is a classic example of thus trend). Although expensive ones, it is a welcome attempt at letting us know the importance of DSLRs. Smartphone manufacturers these days have been trying to undermine the quality and importance of a DSLR camera, yet it is a proven fact that no smartphone cameras can replace the DSLR cameras.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 24 Dec 2015
Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers/Writers
The Grammarly extension is indeed a boon for people like me who have a faster typing habit. I have a bad habit of typing faster and then leaving it as it is without checking the article for spelling mistakes. Ever since I have commenced using the extension, my grammar errors have come down a lot. I will need to check out the other extensions and have a first hand experience of them. Meanwhile, a good collection and a nicer explanation for each of them.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 24 Dec 2015
Micromax Yu Yunique - Really unique or an also-ran?
Well, I would consider Yu Yureka Plus better than Yunique. It has an updated camera. Yunique fails to impress much. It has many similarities with one of the game changers for the budget range, Yu Yureka.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 20 Dec 2015
Top 5 Android Smartphones with Longest Battery Life below Rs.10000
Having better battery life, but no advanced features would not be something anyone would love to have. Your list concentrates on both features and battery backup. Of them, Asus Zenfone 2 Laser is a real gem in all the senses. It has an advanced camera in addition to the regular stuff we all love to have on our device. Lenovo has always been a great performer when it comes to making both worlds meet - their recent addition Vibe S1 is a real competition to the established players in the price band.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 19 Dec 2015
Best Schedule Planners for Android do is one of the best in this regard. I would have loved to see a few more apps included.
There are some better ones on Play Store like Remember the milk and Trello. However, good collection indeed!
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 19 Dec 2015
How to upgrade to Vodafone 4G in India
It would be interesting to see how much would be the speed and performance with the increased user base. Indian telecoms always make much hue and cry on launching a service, but when it comes to actually delivering it, they just eat the dust. There are places that Vodafone is not able to provide proper 2G service, so it would be interesting to see how will they cope with 4G.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 19 Dec 2015
Program Uninstaller Apps for Windows 10
Revo Uninstaller has always been my favourite. Though I am not using Windows 10 - I'm still on Windows 7 - yet whenever I want to uninstall any application, I never do it with the regular way through control panel. Revo removes everything - including the residual files. Once the app is gone, I make sure everything is clean by running the CCleaner.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 19 Dec 2015
6 Amazing and simple Android games that you won't regret installing
Good collection indeed! Those games reminded me of the good old days where we used to play the Snake game on our Nokia phones! That was a big treasure for us back then. Now, the technology has improved, and improved for good - but do we have same level of satisfaction? The current range of games do not need you to plan anything strategically. You just go on using technology and the infamous power ups and in-app purchases to win a game.
Thanks for helping out with those retro styled games.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 19 Dec 2015
Top 5 Ebook Readers for Smartphones
In a tragic development for the Ebook lovers, Flipkart has decided to pull the plugs on its Flipkart Ebook reader. The service will be shut down with effect from 17th December. The purchases will be transferred to Kobo. It has claimed that the business is not viable with the current domination of physical books. Flipkart has officially made the announcement on its website to this effect.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 11 Dec 2015
Have ebooks lost out to real books? - An anaysis
In a sad twist which goes on prove what has been pointed out in this article, Flipkart Ebooks will be closed down on 17th December. Flipkart has made the announcement on its website that the purchases will be transferred to Kobo. Flipkart has stated that in a market that is "overwhelmingly dominated by physical books" and it is not viable to continue it and claims that it is not a "strategic fit".
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 11 Dec 2015
Hike: Is It Worth A Hype?
Well, not entirely hype. They are capable of what they have advertised. Though I am not using it right now, I have used it for a few days in th past. The referral points and such other concepts are really good enough.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 06 Dec 2015
Hike: Is It Worth A Hype?
I have used it before on my phone, but could not find it much different than on WhatsApp. The new file sharing without Internet seems to be a good concept indeed. But, I am not sure how it works. However for sharing those files, we already have better file sharing app. The SMS mode, if Hike is not installed on the recipient's phone, needs a little overhauling. It does not provide the name of the sender, but instead it reads as the message sent through Hike. They will definitely need to do a lot of homework to surpass WhatsApp which has become the undisputed king of instant messaging.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 05 Dec 2015
Return/Refund Policies Of ShopClues
@Jinu, You need to contact ShopClues for gaining the Information. We have nothing to do with ShopClues or any other online seller. The article was published to help the readers to gain more information on how to request return or refund. Login to your ShopClues account and place a request for return.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 29 Nov 2015
Top 5 smart apps for file transfer
Once installed, give your profile a name. Then tap on Send or Receive as the case maybe. In the list that appears, tap on the respective tab and select the files you want to transfer. Click on Next. Now the other party needs to click on receive if you are sending files. WiFi hot spot is activated and file transfer takes place.

However, to explain it better detail, I would request you to bring up the exact issues you have been facing.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 29 Nov 2015
MoneyView Personal Finance Android App : Review
Exactly. I am using it for managing my finances since last one year. It just needs you to set it up with your credentials with your financial institutions and that's it. You will not need any further manual updates to do. The app (or the website) will manage everything on its own.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 27 Nov 2015
MoneyView Personal Finance Android App : Review
They should add a feature supporting the bank credentials to be entered so that the accounts get auto-updated. I am using Perfios which works that way. You will not need to add any entries yourself except for those accounts which have no auto update option enabled on the app.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 26 Nov 2015
Top five VPN apps for Android
Thanks Bhasker for the feedback. My favourite continues to be VrPr VPN. It has always been renowned for the stringent quality and clear policies on privacy. You can be sure of safeguarding your privacy and security. Besides, you also get a free subscription plan with the service.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 24 Nov 2015
Google Nexus 5X - What does it offer?
As expected, the competition has forced Google and its partners to offer a price cut for the device. Nexus 5X has received a slight price cut on 21st November. The 16 GB variant will now be available at Rs. 24573 down from Rs. 30900. The 32 GB version has also got its price slashed from Rs. 35000 to Rs.31550. However, one must agree that they are still expensive than the competing phones.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 22 Nov 2015
Google Photos - Centralised photo service from Google
The recent update to the Google Photos service has brought a new feature. The new update helps you free up space on your precious memory. The Google Photos app on Android now has a 'Free Up Space' buttons under settings menu. Tapping on this button will prompt users to delete those photos from the memory which have been backed up to Google Photos. The update also brings in a feature where you are prompted to delete photos from your SD card.

Another change that has been making entry is the ability to convert or downgrade the photos stored in the "Original Quality" to "High Quality". You can do that by accessing the Settings menu and then clicking on 'Recover Storage' after logging into your account on the Web client
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 22 Nov 2015
Top 5 smart apps for file transfer
Thanks Bhasker for that feedback. SHAREit remains one of my favourite apps based on my personal preference and experience. I would be happy to include any additional information my esteemed readers provide here.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 21 Nov 2015
Lava Pixel V1 - The new high-end Android One smartphone
Lava Pixel V1 has received an update to Android Marshmallow. The update is available via OTA and measures 620.9 MB. Lava has not released any change log as yet. The update is expected to bring performance fixes and security measures.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 20 Nov 2015
Airtel 4G: Keeping Up the Challenge?
Also please note that we may need to wait till the other operators launch their 4G services. Let Reliance Jio start their operations. Idea cellular and Vodafone India are also gearing up to launch their services. So the real test would be when we happen to see the comparative analysis of all the operators together.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 09 Nov 2015
Airtel 4G: Keeping Up the Challenge?
The speed tests being provided will not be realistic. It is just the beginning and there is practically a minuscule community which is using the 4G. Once the user base increases, the speed is bound to come down. A real test would be when a large group of the people begin to use it.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 02 Nov 2015
Product Comparison: Gionee F103 vs. YU Yureka Plus
Well, that's truly a fact - the Gionee F103 does not fare well in comparison to the Yu Yureka Plus. Inspite of it being launched as a fashion series device, it does not impress much as far as design is concerned. The camera is too average. If you are a photography buff, you should definitely not opt for the Gionee offering. The software needs a lot of polishing. It is actually a RAM eater. The Amigo OS on Gionee does not raise the bar in its favour.
Yureka Plus has everything on its side to be a winner except for its processor which is notorious for heating issues. Yu seems to have come up with certain fixes to get the issue sorted out. The winner of the comparison is quite obvious - Yureka Plus is a leader.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 24 Oct 2015
YU Yureka Plus - A Complete Review
Instead of mere list of specifications, it would be an added advantage to present some of the real life experiences with the phone. Having said that, the phone does not seem to be a real competition to the Lenovo K3 Note. Yureka Plus is just a refurbished version of the Yu Yureka. The improvements do not seem to be much great. Camera has noise issues in low light shots.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 23 Oct 2015
Gionee F103: Dual SIM smartphone At Rs 9,124
Does this device have 4G connectivity? Given its price range, it should have it, as far as current trend in smartphones is concerned. What made me have this doubt is the fact that some of the review sites have been stating that it has no 4G connectivity. My personal research indicates it does. Can anyone shed some light on it?
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 15 Sep 2015
Sony Xperia Z5 vs Samsung Galaxy S6- Full Comparison Between Smartphone Titans
Samsung has always been a leader when it comes to providing better displays. I have not seen any other manufacturer being able to beat them.

Sony works great with the camera sensors and audio, but the Snapdragon processors have been observed to have heat issues of late. Hopefully, Xperia Z5 does not suffer from this issue. Let us wait for the observations from the ground level users to get a clear idea.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 08 Sep 2015
Oppo R7 Plus; Complete Review That You Need
It has a really great screen. Also the battery life is ridiculously superior. Based on these criteria it is just a great device indeed.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 05 Sep 2015
Huawei Honor 7; A Complete Review You Need Before Buying
The Honor 7 suffers from some obvious constraints. Yes, it is trying to be innovative - what with the finger print scanner - but it does not work at times, as per the reports appearing in the reviews. It has many promises made, but sadly fails in almost all of them.

The saving grace, however, is the outstanding cameras both in front and in the rear. They are capable of some truly great snaps. But do we buy the phones just for the camera?
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 05 Sep 2015
The OnePlus 2 Launch: A Review
One of the best features of the One Plus two is its improved camera. The under the hood improvements over the camera that we had on One plus One makes it one of the best in this category. The Laser focus is capable of locking into focus In just 0.3 seconds. The software - Oxygen 2.0 OS - is also much leaner and close to Android unlike a hoard of customisations we have been experiencing from the Chinese manufacturers. With the price and a few excellent features, the device will definitely make competitors redesign their strategies.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 27 Aug 2015
An exhaustive comparison between top 3 browsers - Edge, Chrome and Firefox
Thank you Bhasker for recognising and appreciating the efforts that have gone into this compilation. I have used all three browsers - Edge, most sparingly - to arrive at the conclusions I have arrived at. I will be happy to see any further useful inputs from my readers.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 27 Aug 2015
System Restore in Windows 10
We have used the System Restore feature on Windows XP and Windows 7. While it used to be an easy procedure to restore the system on Windows XP, I have a feeling that it is a bit complicated and has much chance of going wrong on Windows 7. Is it the same case with Windows 10 as well? I am always a bit sceptical about restoring the system settings.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 23 Aug 2015
One Plus 2 - Review (2016 Flagship Killer)
By the way, One Plus seems to have been planning to deliver what it has promised. The first ever update for the Oxygen OS has started rolling out. The version number has now reached to 2.0.1. The update brings up fixes for the issues observed with pinch to zoom feature on Google photos app. Battery life has received improvement. The vulnerability observed with stage fright security has been fixed with the update.

The update has been out a couple of days ago. One Plus has confirmed that the update is rolling out in India and will be available to the One plus Two users in a phased manner.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 23 Aug 2015
One Plus Two Smartphone - Early Impressions
One Plus Two has received the software update as was expected. The Oxygen 2.0.1 was released over the last couple of days. There has been fixes to.some existing bugs along with some newer enhancements.
Notable fixes have been in the improvement in battery life. Also stagefright vulnerability has been fixed. Some apps were reported to have instable dark mode. Google photos app had pinch to zoom problems. Even these bugs have been fixed in the new update. One plus has confirmed that the update will roll out in India.

Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 23 Aug 2015
Norton Family Premier Review: The Parental Control Software
That has been a great piece of technology. It is a big boon for working parents. Being able to keep track of the activities by the children will help them have a good parental control on what the children are doing or watching.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 23 Aug 2015
4G smartphones under Rs. 10000 in August 2015
Well, that's the reason I have placed it at the first position. That one is my favourite as well. It has all the top notch specifications that can be found in a high end expensive smartphone, yet the phone is available at an affordable price tag.

However, for those who want a low cost 4G device, Lenovo has just announced the Lenovo A2010. It will be available via a flash sale on September 3 on Flickr for which registrations are currently on. You can get this phone at Rs. 4990.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 21 Aug 2015
What Data is Microsoft Taking from Windows 10 Users?
But, isn't encrypting your connection against the law? Governments expect the service providers to provide information about the users of a service whenow they suspect something wrong with a person. That could be one of the reasons why these services collect the user data.

UK was heard of planning to ban WhatsApp there because of the security concerns about the messages being sent over it.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 20 Aug 2015
Lenovo K3 Note review—A Killer Smartphone in totally affordable price
Lenovo K3 Note is truly an amazing phone. It has a record of sorts with a sale of 47000 devices in the first few seconds of its first ever flash sale.

It does have its own drawbacks as well. The low end MediaTek processor could be a cause of concern for some buyers. Also lack of screen protection is another disadvantage. It has a new competitor in the form of Yureka Plus. However, the K3 Note scores over its competitors with the better processing power and an awesome battery backup.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 19 Aug 2015
Sony Xperia Z3+ vs. OnePlus 2 - Which one is better?
One Plus Two is not a bad option either. It has some unbelievable features at an affordable price tag. Finger print scanner should be the best ever introduction at thus price range. It has an improved camera with latest optical image Stabilisation and Laser auto focus. The capacity to focus within 0.3 seconds is an added advantage for those quick shots.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 18 Aug 2015
An exhaustive comparison between Android, iOS and Windows OS
As an afterthought, however, I feel Windows lags behind in the smartphone OS arena because of being a late entrant. Though it was present even before Android, they did not pay much attention to smartphone OS. In spite of being an able software, it fell short due to its lack of farsightedness to foresee the development of smartphone into something that would be of universal usage. It could have developed the OS (and the app store) - which it is trying to do now - years ago and it would have become the number one software. It lost out to Android even when it was capable of making it big.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 06 Aug 2015
One Plus 2 - Review (2016 Flagship Killer)
The biggest change from One Plus One in this new device is the improved camera features. Not that One Plus One camera was greatest of all, yet it was good for most of the users. The same has now been improved with Optical image Stabilisation and Laser Auto focus. Laser auto focus seems to be an idea brought from LG. One Plus claims that this feature lets the phone lock into focus within 0.3 seconds.

Uograding to a 64 bit processor is viewed as being a step towards being futureproof. Though the processor has reports of heating issues, One Plus has stated that it has taken care to fix the issue.

Finger print scanner is a welcome gesture. Priced at half of the price of a Galaxy S6, it could be a phone that can capture a good chunk of the smartphone market.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 06 Aug 2015
Windows 10 - Best Windows Ever?
Cortana and return of the START menu should count as the important positive things as far as Windows 10 is concerned. Another great addition is the Edge browser which is touted as the next biggest thing that would come with Windows 10.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 06 Aug 2015
An exhaustive comparison between Android, iOS and Windows OS
Well, I have used all of them, but I must agree that I have used Windows sparingly. That's because I do not own a Windows phone nor my friends do. My observations are based purely on what I found out from personal experience with them.

I welcome your observations based on your actual experience. This will in fact, improve my knowledge on the same.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 01 Aug 2015
An exhaustive comparison between Android, iOS and Windows OS
Thanks for chipping in with that useful information on Cortana. Coming back to the topic of Android being my favourite, I consider it better than Windows because of the fluidity and the level of customisation it offers. IOS has its own positives in terms of quality and security. I do not find anything great in Windows - at least now. Hopefully, it will bounce back and come up with something new and competitive enough.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 31 Jul 2015
Perfios Finance Management Software - Review
If your bank is supported, you just need to provide your credentials. It will auto update all your transactions. If you have not availed Internet baking facility, you will need to go for manual update. Even for insurance accounts, it can be set to auto update. If your bank or financial institute is not supported, you can manually add it. But it will not auto update even if you have Internet banking enabled for such accounts.

Hope I have cleared your doubts. You are welcome to come up with any other details.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 25 Jul 2015
Xolo Black - What does this phone have?
I am sorry for the mistake. Thank you for pointing out the error. But, SD 615 has heat issues. That is exactly what I was trying to point out. Xolo has stated that they have fixed the heat issues though.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 25 Jul 2015
Lenovo K3 Note : Specifications, features and price
Lenovo K3 Note is the numero uno at the price range it has been brought in. With the kind of specifications it has on offer, it is the undisputed leader. The fact that they sold a record number of 47000 devices in just a few seconds in the first flash sale in the first week of July speaks for the device. However, it has a new competitor in the form of Yu Yureka Plus which has been launched with the same specifications. But, with the reported heat issues in the Snapdragon 615 processor, maybe Lenovo will continue to rule.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 24 Jul 2015
5 Best Photo Apps for iPhone and iPad - Free & Paid
Good collection indeed, yet I wonder whether an iPhone really needs an app to improve the images. Proved undoubtedly as one of the best camera apps, the iPhones- especially the latest iPhone 6 and 6 plus - excel in every section of the camera department.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 20 Jul 2015

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