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Best Browsers For Android Users

Android users need not stick with the default Google Chrome browser. There are many free browser apps that can be downloaded on you Android device. Let's take a look at some of them.

Buying Guide For Smart Devices Accessories

You might own the most expensive or latest gadget that's in the market but if you accessorize it improperly you won't be utilizing your gadget to its fullest. Learn ways to pick the best router, anti-virus software and power bank for your gadget.

More Smart Things to do with your Old Smartphone

How about turning your old smartphone into a HUD instead of discarding it. What about using it as a child monitor or a wireless security camera. If you want some more ideas, here are a whole lot of ideas for you to try.

Practical Accessories For The Xiaomi Mi4

If your are looking for something beyond covers and cases then this is the place. There is a whole range of accessories designed for the Xiaomi Mi 4. Accessories compiled here are essentials that ensure your Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone continues working to its full capacity without a hitch. Most gadgets mentioned in this list can be used universally – so go ahead pair them with other smartphones and tablets.

A Comparison Among The Best SMPS In The Market

Switch-mode Power Supply (SMPS) units are a significant component responsible for the smooth running of your PC. Some of the most reliable SMPS unit manufacturers are Antec, Cooler Master and Corsair. These companies market SMPS units with different configurations. Select the model that best suits your PCs requirements.

Buyer's Guide - Shopping For A Headphone

If you are looking for a good pair of headphones but don't know where to start this guide can help you make an informed choice. There is a wide choice of headphones provided here - from Bluetooth headphones to ones with microphones and more. Take a look.

Unique and must have gadgets for 2015

Gadgets share our responsibilities and make our lives easy. Here is a look at some novel ideas that are on sale now. Have a look at gadgets that act as your mother and assistant to gadgets that become the pièce de résistance.

Affordable Headphones priced at under Rs.10,000

Bass, sound quality, comfort, light weight, blue tooth and an affordable price - if these are the features that you are looking for in a headset, then there is an entire list of products to choose from. Quality comes with a price and the headphones listed here range between 2500+ to under 10,000.

Lava Iris X1Grand and Mini to be available in February

Two new variants of the Lava Iris X1 one will out in the market soon. The Iris X1 Grand is scheduled to hit the stores in February, while the Iris X1 Mini will be available soon after. The smartphones are priced in the sub Rs.1,000 and Rs.5,000 respectively. Here is a peep into what the phones have to offer.

HTC Desire 820 – A Review

Though the HTC Desire 820 has been enhanced and upgraded on many fronts, there is still one drawback that needs to be addressed. Find out what is new with the Desire 820 and what needs to be tweaked.

Mpow Armor Portable Bluetooth Speaker: A Review

If you're looking for a portable bluetooth speaker that offers features that you would expect from a high-end gadget and is affordable, then the Mpow Armor Portable Bluetooth Speaker is the one for you.

Google Project Zero: Debugging the Internet

Google Project Zero: Google's special security research team looks into zero-day vulnerabilities in Google products and other software that touch the Internet. Microsoft's Windows 8.1 is the latest hit, with the team announcing bug to the public, two days before scheduled patch.

DU Battery Saver: A comprehensive Review

Are you looking for a battery saver for your smartphone? Do you have to frequently search for your phone charger? DU Battery Saver could help you with its intelligent energy saver features.

You can now text your Speakers "Good Night" - The LG Wi-Fi Flow Speakers Review

LG's latest Music Flow series of products take smart homes to the next level. Three new speakers (plus a battery-powered speaker and three new sound bars) can be connected to your iOS or Android smartphone for controlling your custom home audio system. A twist to the product line is the ability to text your speakers using LG's Music Flow mobile app.

Eye-Tracking tips for Conversion in digital marketing and web design

Are you looking for Eye tracking techniques and tips in online advertising and web design to assist with sales and digital marketing? Here is a look at how you can effectively design adverts, web pages and other sales tools. These tips could be applied to online marketing, print marketing, other visual media, as well as mobile marketing.

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