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Top 5 websites to buy mobiles online in India

Are you looking forward to buy a mobile phone online and the best websites to buy it for a good price? Read this article to know top 5 popular websites to buy mobiles online in India.

Google Summer of Code 2014 has been announced

Google Summer of Code is a global program that offers student developers stipends to write code for various open source software projects. So if you wanted to know more about it read on this article.

Google's new Android 4.4 Kitkat OS for handheld devices

All of us know that Android is the most popular operating system among the handhelds and it eats up major portion of the market. Now, to add more, Google is about to release its newer version of android, Android 4.4 KitKat. Read more to know more about KitKat and what heat it will have.

Microsoft to Slash Nokia Lumia Prices in India

The biggest acquisition of the year i.e. Nokia's acquisition by the big giant Microsoft Corporation, has lead to the dramatic changes in the market that have driven the telecom sector to a new edge of competition. Now the cell phone market has moved to another level of competition.Read this post to know more about the reduction of Lumia Prices after acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft.

Review of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 series

Are you looking for the review of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 series. Read this article to know about the specifications and features of Galaxy Tab 3 series.

Xbox Music for Android and iOS- It's good to have more

The post is about Xbox Music application which was available to the Windows 8 users and it is going to be available for Android and iOS devices. The post will take you through the features of the Xbox Music application.

Prerelease Android 4.3 leak for HTC One

The post is about the new update of Android for HTC One which is going to hit the market at the end of the September. It shows the changes made in this new update and when people are going to get the original firmware.

Official Google AdSense app spotted on Play Store!

Are you looking for an AdSense app? How about Google's official AdSense tracking app. It is very user-friendly and is available for Android users. Read more to track your AdSense earning in just one click!

Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013 for Galaxy S4

Do you proclaim yourself to be a fantastic App Developer? Here is an opportunity to win $800,000 prize from Samsung for developing smart apps for Samsung Galaxy S4. Read this article to know more about the awards, application procedure, important dates and other information about the App development contest from Samsung.

Apple iOS 7 is finally out at WWDC 2013

Apple finally released its most awaited iOS 7 at WWDC 2013 with some outstanding improvements in the product. iOS 7 is currently available only for Apple developers. Read the article to know about the features and launch date of iOS 7.

Samsung tested super fast 5G technology

Samsung Electronics announced that it has tested 5G technology on Monday successfully. This article gives an overview of the 5G technology and its features and when it will be available for the commercial usage.

Smartphones will be equipped with 1000 times powerful batteries with instant recharge

Do you wish that the battery of your smartphone should last longer and get recharged instantly? Perhaps you might not have to wait very long for this to happen. This article contains the news of research by which a revolutionary change is expected in the batteries that we use on our electronic devices. The scientists at Illinois University of the US have developed such a battery.

New inventions in Solar cells of Photo voltaic technology

Solar energy is the best alternative to the draining out power resources we are using today. Read about some latest ongoing researches around the world to reduce solar-cells cost and boosting up use of this photo voltaic technology.

Start up village of Kerala, India has 1GB High Speed Internet

The following article informs you about the internet connection of 1 GB which will be offered by Google India. In the following resource, you will know about the first two cities which are having high speed internet connection of 1 GB. The Startup Village of Kerala in the second place because Kansas City of the U.S is already serving its citizens with 1 GB high speed internet connection through Google Fiber Network.

Android application development contest announced by Government of India

The following article is based on ‘Android application development contest’ which is being organized by Government of India. The number of smartphone users is increasing day by day and most of the devices run on android operating system. You may get more details about the mobile android application contest in the following article.

Techulator – the one year successful journey

Techulator - one of the best ranking technology websites with Alexa global ranking of 12,524 and fetching +35000 visitors per day turns to one year. Read this post to know about its success story and my experiences with

Review of Liquipel, a nano-coating for making mobile phones waterproof

Are you panicking about the accidental liquid spills and splashes on your mobile devices? Are you worried that the vital components inside the device may get destructed due to the liquid spills? End all your worries right here for there is already a blessed solution Liquipel, a new technology that protects your devices from liquid spills or corrosion.

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