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Top 6 Effective Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Blog

Guest Blogging forms an integral part of SEO, since it is the means to attract the targetted customers. the Lesser the Bounce rate of a blog is the better will it be for the businesses.The lesser rate ensures that the potential customers are not only sticking to a single page of the blog and areleafing through all of it.

How to use giveaways for promotion of a blog

Most of the new bloggers carve for visitors on their website. No doubt, good content on the blog certainly brings visitors but it takes some time for search engines to accept new blogs. Such bloggers can use giveaways to give initial exposure to their blogs.

Blogspot or Wordpress - which is the better blogging platform

Are you planning to start your own blog but confused which blogging platform to choose? In this article I will compare two popular blogging platforms called Blogspot and Wordpress. Read this article to learn which blogging platform is ideal for you and which one to choose for your blog.

Difference between Wordpress.org and Wordpress.com

If you are new to the blogging field then you may not be aware of basic difference between Wordpress.org and Wordpress.com. We have provided here 10 basic differences between Wordpress.org and Wordpress.com

Top 3D printing websites in India

Have you realized the significance of 3D printing technology in India? 3D printing services are provided in India by few companies and websites. In this article, we shall take a look at the popular 3D printing websites in India that offer 3D printing services to customers.

Generating income through social network sharing using Po.st Wordpress plugin!

Want to know about a great Google Adsense alternative for earning income through your blog or website? Have you tried Po.st revenue generating tools offered by Wordpress? Please read further to know the features of Po.st Wordpress plugin that helps generating income through social network sharing. You will be surprised to know that it is possible make money online with Facebook sharing or Twitter sharing. Understand the tips to make money from social media sharing through Po.st social sharing plugin.

Different Mobile Insurance Providers in India

The concept of mobile phone is insurance is quite new in India. This post explains in detail about the importance of mobile insurance. It also lists major mobile insurance service providers in India.

10+ best practices for webmasters

There are different ways to get traffic to websites. It is like making money. You can do it through legal ways and through illegal ways. In this post, I will cover best practices for webmaster to run websites in a legal and fair manner.

Top sections of Techulator.com- A beginners' guide

Are you a new comer on TEC and don't know exactly what to do? Here I am, with the beginners' guide. This article/ guide will help you to start your mistake free journey on Techulator.com. Read what, when, how and why now.

What I learned from my 10 years AdSense journey?

AdSense program is a wonderful ever product from Google that enables thousands of people round world to earn some decent money. AdSense is the most famous product of Google with a lot of potential and smart people explore it in such a way that it simply change their life style.

Interview with Dinesh who blogs at www.sysprobs.com

This post contains interview with Dinesh who blogs at www.sysprobs.com. Dinesh has been blogging for quite long time and is currently earning about $1500-2000 per month online. This post will be helpful for bloggers struggling with programs like AdSense.

Combo offers in BSNL with free Data, SMS and Voice Calls

BSNL has come up with a number of promotional offers to attract more users. It has also launched special combo offers where the users get free data usage, SMS along with balance.This post explains in detail about these combo offers.

iWriter Review- The good, bad and personal experience

iWriter is a common platform for the website owners and content writers. It has become quite popular in the past few years. This post explains in detail about the features of iWriter, its advantages and disadvantages.

Think different as a blogger and earn millions

It is important to be innovative to succeed as a blogger these days. There are various examples where people used unique strategies to make money online. Two examples like Million Dollar homepage and Donna Simpson website are discussed in this article.

How to make your blog trending "this week"

Are your blog stats discouraging you? Want to make your blog trending from this week? Want to get higher page ranking for your blogs? Read the article to know about some magical tips to enhance your blog's fame and SEO in a week. Also read why only some blogs are popular and why not all, especially yours?

What makes your blogging career a Big failure

Many bloggers start a blog expecting fruitful results and dollars out of it. But a majority of them drop in the middle and make themselves a big failure. Read on to know what makes your blogging a big failure.

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