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Find Android Tutorials, Articles and Tips in this category. Android, a trademark of Google, is a Linux based operating system used for Mobile devices. Android is pretty young in the mobile OS world, but is getting attention of big mobile brands. Almost all popular mobile brands have released Android based smartphones and other smart devices. Read our articles and tutorials to learn more about Android operating system and Android based smart devices.

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Best Android apps for live Cricket

With the increasing popularity of smartphones, the craze for mobile apps is also increasing. Developers have launched apps related to different fields making it easier for users to access data in those fields. There are various cricket apps that help mobile users to remain updated about latest cricket news. This post discusses some of the popular apps for live cricket.

How to install Android L in HTC One M7?

Are you checking out if you can upgrade your HTC One M7 from Android V 4.4 to Android V 5.0? I mean, upgrade your Android KitKat to Android L. Yes, you can. Learn how to upgrade from Android KitKat to Android L developer preview.

How to get Android L features with latest Nova Launcher?

Want to install Android L developer preview or install Nova Launcher with Android L? Are you interested in swapping Kitkat apps and icons with the Android 5.0 L version? Please read further to know about the Android L features accompanying latest version of Nova Launcher Android theme. Here, I have listed details of how Nova launcher provides Android L look and feel with App drawer icon, Search bar, Folder preview and app animation.

How to configure Android L launcher on Nexus 5 or similar Kitkat devices?

Are you looking for ways to make your Kitkat theme look like Android L OS on Nexus 5 smartphone? Want to know about useful tips to install Android L on Nexus devices? Please read further to know about the Google Android L theme app and how Android L launcher can be configured for Nexus 5. Here, I have listed steps to try out Android L developer preview on Nexus 5 device i.e. steps to upgrade to Android 5.0 L on Kitkat devices like Nexus 5.

Top 10 HD Android Jelly Bean games list in 2014

Powerful Android smartphones with large screens deserve games with are themselves high end in graphics. To help you narrow down your search, we bring you the best HD games you can enjoy on your Android Jelly Bean in the year 2014.

Best Android apps for your Rooted smartphone

If you have just rooted your Android smartphone then you should take a look at some must have Android apps that work only for rooted smartphones. Read our article to catch the top of the line of such apps.

Best Android apps to follow FIFA 2014 from your smartphone

Will you be on move when FIFA 2014 is live and this is becoming really a heartbreak for you? Fret not, because if you have an Android smartphone then you can follow your favorite game and favorite team right from your hand held device. See the best Android apps to follow FIFA 2014 this season.

Android app review: WhatsApp Messenger and Swiftkey X keyboard

This article reviews the top Android applications of all time - WhatsApp Messenger. It is also called the replacement of SMS as you can send unlimited messages and share lots of stuff with your friends through a data connection. Also take a look at the best Android keyboard to have ever existed, the SwiftKey X Keyboard. To know more about why this keyboard is worth every penny of your money, read more of this review and download SwiftKey X from Play Store.

Top ten free photo editing apps for Android.

In this article we will review the best free Android apps for editing photos and images. We will also review some apps which enhances the functionality of camera of your Android device.

Rooting Android phone tutorial

In this article I have given details about Rooting your Android mobile without using computer. I have given a Android app which through which you can root your app directly without using computer. Here you can get details to root your domestic Android mobile like Micromax, Karbonn, Idea, Celkon and iBall.

Use of Android in variety of electronic devices

Have you been using Android devices like smartphones and tablets? Want to know about other Android-powered devices like camera, TV, smartwatches, etc.? Searching for Android-powered in-car systems or in-built Android TV launched by Philips at CES 2014? Kindly read further to know how Google's Android can impact a variety of electronic devices.

Top 10 Android Applications for Traveling

Traveling is great, isn't it. Now who doesn't like to have some great applications to make traveling more fun packed. Here is a list of some great applications for traveling in the Android Play Store.

Best free Android apps for pregnant women

Are you looking for popular free mobile apps for pregnant women? Want to know if pregnancy apps for women are really useful? In this article, I shall discuss some of the best smartphone apps for expecting mothers. I have also listed ways by which Android users can download pregnancy applications for free.

Best five Android paid applications exclusively for teachers

In this article we will discuss the best paid Android applications for the teachers. These Android applications can be extensively used for keeping student records, tracking student records, retrieving students logs using your Android device.

10 must have Android apps

Android has become the most used mobile operating system and has millions of apps in its Play Store. This is a list of top 10 must have apps for every Android user.

Review of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system.

The latest version of Android operating system is, the Android 4.2, Jelly Bean. This is mostly implemented in the tablets and the smartphones. There are many advantages of Android 4.2 version. It has highly performance oriented features and supports best user interface. Android has given a huge opportunity to the developers to explore more apps using this version. Read read this article to know about the latest features of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system.

Android: Journey from 2007 until today - Gingerbread leads Jelly Bean and ICS

Are you curious to know details about Android OS? Read this article to know the history of Android operating system used in most of our smartphones and tablets from November 2007 to the present day. Read about the Google's Report of April 2013 about the use of various versions of Android OS. You will find information about several releases of Android versions and their updates from time to time.

Top 5 best Android games to play and enjoy in 2013

Tons of Android games are being developed each year. Some are extremely great games featuring fantastic gameplay. On the other hand there are games that are not worth even installing. Today in this article I will be dealing with 5 best games to play on your Android Smartphones that really worth installing. So continue to read on and find out the best games to enjoy your free time with.

Problems in newly launched Android 4.2 mobile operating system.

Google has launched Android 4.2 operating system for smartphones. This Android 4.2 OS launched by Google is an upgraded version of Android 4.1 OS. But there are some problems in Android 4.2 OS for smartphones. If you are wondering about how to solve problems of Android 4.2 OS for Google Nexus android phones, then, please read further to know about the solutions for issues with Android 4.2 OS. Google is trying hard to resolve Android 4.2 issues for Google Nexus smartphones like Nexus 10, Nexus 4 & Nexus 7.

A beginners guide to rooting Android phones

In this article, I will explain what is Android rooting and what are its pros and cons. I will also detail how rooting voids warranty but still its legal. Basic rooting procedure of Android devices is also explained.

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