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Learning with Google Primer: My Hands On Experience

Google has launched their new learning app Google Primer. They say, it teaches you about online marketing in small morsels of 5 minute presentations. If you are a beginner in Online Marketing and are looking for effective tips, Google Primer could serve you well. Read on to see if it really does.

Google Allo - Everything you need to know about it

Google had announced the new messaging app during the I/O 2016 event last May. The app has now followed it up after launching Google Duo. What exactly does this app work like? We will attempt to understand the messenger in the following article.

Google Allo: How Smart Is This Messaging App?

Google has launched their new Messaging App Allo. They call it the smart messaging app that assures to give a better messaging experience than ever before. Have a glimpse at the features they have included in the Preview version and find out if you find it smarter than the ones you have been using.

Top 5 Android apps to learn drawing

Are you a budding artist? Are you looking for the right course that teaches you how to draw your in your favourite art style? Here are a number of Free Apps in the Play store that are ready with lessons which teach you exactly the way you want. Take a look and pursue your passion of art through your Android device.

Top 10 Mobile Platforms in the US

The app industry is redefining our view of traditional marketing. If you're trying to figure out how to market your app effectively, check out this list.

Top 5 IQ Testing Apps for Android

Are you unsure of the knowledge you've acquired so far? Now testing your own skills and intelligence is right there at your fingertips. Try these IQ testing apps from Play Store for Android and deliver an outstanding performance in the upcoming tests with flying scores.

FlickBay App review - A great app for Bollywood lovers

Bollywood so far did not have a dedicated mobile app that lets you have an all round information on what's happening in the Wold's largest film industry. Bollywood fans no more need to surf through different websites and news sites for their share of knowledge on the day to day happenings in Bollywood. FlickBay has been touted as the Indian equivalent of IMDb. Let us have a concise discussion on the new app of the block.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7- In Depth Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the latest in the Note line up and also Samsung's latest flagship smartphone. I had written a review of the Note 7 before it was released, about some of the amazing facts and cool things which were about to be unveiled. Now that the smartphone is released I am here writing a more profound In-Depth review. Hope the article helps you.

UPI - Everything you need to know

There have been a lot of new terms being heard about the financial transactions. If you are confused about what is UPI and how can you make use of it for an cashless transaction, this article is for you. Let us get a little more information on the technology behind UPI and the associated concepts.

Should you be buying an iPhone 5s in 2016? – Lets find out

This question makes sense in every way possible. I would try to answer it here. Although I am writing about a phone which was released way back in September 2013, the smartphone has a lot of potential to be taken into consideration. Let's find out.

NASA App: A Virtual Tour to the Space for Free

Do you know what is going to be the next venture from NASA? Well if the answer was "no" till now, it can be very well turned into a big "yes" as NASA is opening up all to you through their latest NASA app for Android. So why wait for the Free virtual tour to the space, when you can start off right now without any cost?

5 Best Battery saving apps for Android

Is your mobile battery draining fast and you always need to carry a bulky power bank with you? Well you can be free from this hazard for a couple of times, if you try these Battery saving apps.

Digital India - best EGovernance apps

Governance has been making the inroads into the personal life. You no longer need to stay waiting at the government offices to get the required information. EGovernance has been the buzzword of late. And that is exactly what this article attempts to dig into. Which are the best government apps that help you out in getting things done easily? Read on to know more.

What is UPI, is it secure and how does it work

UPI that stands for Unified Payments Interface has been launched by RBI this August 11, 2016. It was a major step taken by RBI towards a more technologically sound payment system that ensures better security and online banking transaction. Have a glimpse at what and all we would benefit from this latest Banking feature.

5 Most Secure Messenger apps for smartphone

Today we are all better connected with multiple messenger apps loaded in our smartphone. But we all need to feel secure about all our online conversations from unwanted monitoring and protect our privacy. Here is a list of 5 most reliable messenger apps that keep your messages secure. Check them out.

Why you should go for a smartphone with Corning® Gorilla® Glass

Until my recent visit to Corning in USA, Gorilla glass was just another smartphone screen for me. I have shared some of my experience in their Labs which demonstrates the rigourous quality tests behind the durable Gorilla Glass that protects several premium devices.

Android Apps to Check and Analyze your Android RAM usage

If you are an Android user and want to keep an eye on your device to maintain its performance and longevity, all you need is an app which keeps a track on your RAM usage and analyzes it. Here is a list of five apps and widgets which I found on the Play Store that sound quite useful. Have a look at them, before you make a choice.

Google Duo App Review - A Hands On Experience

Google Duo is the new video calling from, obviously, Google. It is one of the communications apps recently announced by Google. Are you keen to understand what exactly this app does? The following article is an attempt at getting to know the new Google Duo app. Let us find out how it works and fares against the other similar apps.

Zoho Notebook App review - The New Note taking app

Zoho, a Chennai based software firm has come up with a new Note Taking app. Released both for Android and iOS, the app looks quite promising. The following article is an attempt at bringing forth the finer nuances of the app.

How good is the Apple iPhone SE? - A Review

The iPhone SE is the latest smartphone from Apple and this is a very relevant question. This is not Million-Dollar question I guess, but people are longing to know about how good the latest iPhone is, and should you buy it. I will cover all these questions and give you an idea of how good the iPhone is and should you be upgrading to the SE from your previous 5s.

Nanu App Review - A new app that lets you make free calls

VoIP services have been quite common these days. People have been turning to online voice services like Facebook Messenger and Skype. But those will need good connectivity. Nanu is the new app of the block that promises to change all that. We will make an attempt at understanding the app that lets you make calls even with a bad connection.

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