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In this Category you will find articles related to Search Engines and their optimization. Articles on Google search, Bing search can also be included in this category.

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It is time to clear my Google Search History

To clear your browser's history is not enough! In order to clean your full search log, you need something more to do. Read the article to know about the Google Search History and how to clean that up.

Why Google is not indexing some of my webpages?

Are you wondering why Google is not indexing some of your pages, even if after you submit them through sitemaps? Read this articles to learn why some urls are not indexed by search engines and how to resolve this issue.

Top 3 SEO plugins for a WordPress blog

Search Engine Optimization is very essential, no matter what your niche is. SO, keeping in mind the complexity in making a SEO friendly post developers provided hundreds of plugins to post quick SEO friendly posts. Read on to know the best SEO plugins for a WordPress Blog like SEOPressor, All in one SEO Pack and SEO by Yoast.

How to write effective SEO friendly articles

Many bloggers try to implement Search Engine Optimization in their Blog posts and fail. This thereby gets zero result for their blog and also posts. Read on to know how to use perfect SEO in your blog posts and get better traffic and page views?

Top 15 reasons why your website observed sudden traffic drop

Have you ever wondered about the possible reasons for your site's net traffic loss? Then read the resource below to know about 15 such reasons you should keep in mind while working with your blog. Your website may have been penalized for incorrect SEO techniques which resulted in sudden traffic drop and net drop in the rankings from search engines due to various reasons.

SEO Copywriting and evolution to Web 2.0

In this article get to know about the important features and aspects of SEO copywriting such as use of article title, keywords, subheadings and also the evolution of SEO copywriting with the development of Web 2.0

Duplicate content penalty for same content in different languages

Are you worried multi-language version of your website could invite duplicate content penalties from Google and other search engines? Read this article to learn how Google handles same content in different languages and learn the best way to publish your website in multiple languages.

How does guest posting affect SEO

Do you use Guest blogging as one of the ways to build links to your blog? This article explains how guest blogging can affect your sites ranking and SEO.

Compare Vodafone 3G with Idea and BSNL

This post explains in detail the features and limitation of Vodafone 3G. I have compared it with other internet providers like Idea and BSNL in terms of speed and connectivity.

What is Semantic Search and how it works with Google search

Are you trying to find information on Semantic Search and how it works? Major search engines like Google have started giving emphasis to semantic search. Read this article to learn what is semantic search and how search engines work with it effectively.

How to recover from Google EMD update

Google recently announced the new EMD update which discounts the low quality exact match domains. Read our experience and explore the possibilities of avoiding such penalties in future.

Get desired search result through Google Search

Do you want to search for specific terms on internet? Do you want add/remove specific search results from total search results? Read this article to get desired search results through Google.

Google Search and new features

There are so many features that cover almost each and every nook of the demands and needs of the common users that use the search option either on a daily basis or in general. This article gives you a summary of all the features that encompassed in Google search methodology.

Google Search as Online Calculator

Google has introduced an online Google Calculator in its home page. Type in any basic mathematical problems or to convert currency values, this tool can help immensely.

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