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Notion Sensors: Does it make a home really Smart?

Notion Sensors are a small home sensor units which claims to protect your home with the smartest moves. Loop Labs has launched this for better security measures to address many security issues through the smartphone. It is best utilized when you are away from home and want to know whether it is still safe. We all were eagerly waiting for such a solution. Is Notion Sensor the answer to all our worries regarding our home? Let's find out.

Introduction to Pentesting

The advantages of Pentesting are that it allows understanding and identifying the vulnerable and exploitable security threats of the target points, helps in maintaining the image of the corporate and in turn restore the loyalty of the customer in the companies. Further the organizations are able to meet the regulatory requirements through Pentesting and avoid fines and costs related to recovery from security breaches.

How to setup a Proxy Server Using pfSense

In this article I will explain, how to setup a transparent proxy server using pfSense and I will explain how to configure it for best results and how to generate custom reports for the proxy server.

How to keep your Android device safe against malware

We all know that Android devices are more prone to cyber threats and malware attacks. But are we taking enough measures to be safe? Know how can your android devices are attacked and how can you make them secure from malware.

Smaller Firms – An Easy Target For Hackers

Since big companies can manage a stronger security system for their data, they are saved from the horrors of hacking; however, this is bad news for the small and medium sized companies as this means they are being targeted by hackers more and more now.

Best of Websites to Learn Ethical Hacking online for free

Learn to become an ethical hacker and hack like a pro. Clear your concepts regarding difference between a hacker and a cracker along with a list of websites to learn hacking online for free. Disclaimer: Use this free information at your own risk and you are 100% responsible for your actions.

Everyone can know about your attitude just by analyzing your web activities

Each thing we read or write in the websites are constantly being monitored. One can know your attitude and behavior just by checking what you "like" and comment in others post. Even what you surf in the browsers are monitored. So this gives a general idea about a person without even looking at him.

K7 Ultimate Security X5 and its online availability

Are you looking for a promising security program to protect your smartphone or a PC? Then K7 Ultimate Security X5 antivirus program is best for you. Read the article to know about the all new K7 Ultimate Security X5 program, its features, compatibility, online availability and review.

Avast! Free Antivirus 2015 (Avast 10) review

Avast is one of the best Antivirus programs and the version 10 has got even better. Read this article to know about the all new features of Avast 10, some FAQ's, it's compatibility with Windows 10 Technical Preview and an overall review.

Review of SpyShelter Stop-Logger: An efficient way to defend keyloggers

Are you looking for an ultimate protection tool to defend your system against malicious keyloggers which try to steal your personal details? Then SpyShelter Stop-Logger might be the ultimate anti-keylogger software you looking for. It provides complete protection from all types of dangerous threats, even from most sophisticated keylogger. Read this article to find out what features it can offer.

Review of Bitdefender Total Security Suite 2015

Bitdefender Total Security 2015 is one of the popular and powerful security suite that makes sure your computer is free from all harmful malwares and viruses without slowing down your computer. Here you can read detailed review and what new functionalities it can offer for you.

How to Keep your Smartphone Safe

It is an article about spreading out the awareness on being secured about their information and privacy, which is now at stake because of the increasing criminal activity surrounding the world of digital data. Here I have listed down few methods with which one can protect his sensitive data from being misused.

Store and secure all password in single place using Sticky Password

Today's internet revolution force us to remember many passwords. Sometimes we tend to forget them or confuse with other passwords. Sticky Password is a tool used to store all your password in single place and can be accessed using any device. Read the article below to know more about Sticky Password.

Free online backup services to backup your social life data.

We all have accounts in various social networking websites. Everyday we share so many images, videos and we chat with so many people. Have you thought about taking backups of all these data? By using online backup services we can preserve all our social data safe. Data backup services are provided by different social networking sites. In this article I am going to discusses about the how to preserve our social data by using online backup services?

Top 5 reputed paid cloud storage services

Know the top 5 cloud storage services that provide online data backup as well as sync facility with high grade security. Read about these cloud storage services which have excellent services and customer support and are ready to give all the help you need to make your data secure from the dangers of hardware storage devices.

Review of RecImg Manager: A powerful Windows 8 OS Backup manager

Are you searching for a powerful backup utility available for Windows 8 Operating System? Then, here you can read full features and detailed review about RecImg Manager, which can backup and restore entire OS plus installed program without altering your personal data. Lets find out its new features, pros and cons.

Effective ways to use Cloud for online storage

How to solve the limited storage problem on our smartphone or tablet or laptop? Can cloud storage be used for large storage? Is it possible to access my computer hard drive from anywhere? People who wonder about such queries can read below article. Here, I have listed the advantages of using cloud for maximising our online storage space and also discussed about automation of tasks in Dropbox account.

The basic tips to protect online internet banking account.

The following resource provides you detailed information on how to protect your online banking account. In this article you will get to know about the six basic tips that are to be followed while accessing your online internet banking account.

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