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Review of Sony Walkman NWZ B183F

Are you looking for a portable music player? Read my review of Sony Walkman NWZ B-183F, which my dad bought for me on my birthday when I turned into a teenager. It is a solid device with amazing quality.

PaySe - The new offline Digital wallet

Digital Cash has been making inroads into our life these days. PaySe is the new digital wallet brought up by Nucleus Software Exports Ltd. Aimed at being a peer to peer payment solution, PaySe plans to bring the advantages associated with physical cash to digital currency. Let us attempt to understand the concept in a finer detail.

Five Home Use Medical Equipment to Fight Cold and Flu

Are you caught up with a bad cold and suffering from unmanageable discomfort? It can lead to a flu and might stop you at every moment from doing your regular work or even having a fun time. But before you go for the regular over the counter drugs, check out a small list of things which might ease you out and see if they seem to work out for you.

Review of Kingston MobileLite Wireless Card Reader

I recently reviewed Kingston MobileLite Wireless, which is a wireless card reader. It is a very handy device to access contents of SD cards and microSD cards on your smartphone, without having a computer. Read this review to learn more about Kingston MobileLite Wireless and find out how it is useful.

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