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Have you been a victim pf phishing scam or online fraud? Read our articles to learn how to be safe online and how to protect yourself in the internet.

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Best Wordpress Plugins to protect from AdSense click bombing

Click bombing is common all over the world. It is being reported that Click bombers are targeting mostly Asian bloggers. If you facing click bombing on your Wordpress blog, plug-ins will help you in preventing it. Go through this article and get known of some of the best Wordpress Plugins to protect from click bombing, their usage and how to install and much more.

Legal issues with downloading copyrighted content on Torrent

Did you know it is illegal to download copyrighted content using Torrent clients and you can go to jail for it in addition to paying fines? Yes, you read it right. In this article we would take a look at what all legal problems you can face if you do illegal downloads and how can copyright holders track you quite easily on Torrent clients.

Why shouldn't you join a 'Paid To Click' PTC website

Online money making is one of the most searched term by internet users. This weakness to earn is being used by Paid To Click websites to earn a hand full. So, don't fall prey to such websites. Read on to know how you can be cheated by such PTC websites.

Do Freelancing websites really benefit you

Today most of us are fetching an alternate source of income particularly an online source. One such source is freelancing platform where several newbies are being cheated by frauds. So, know how you can be cheated in a freelancing website and also how can you earn better on the same platform by using commonsense.

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