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How Facebook Instant Articles Helps Publishers

Mobile platform suffers a lot from readability and content distribution issues. Though responsive layouts do solve this problem to some extent, the speed of content distribution is still at the mercy of the webhosts. Facebook is trying to solve this readability experience with Instant Articles platform. In this article. we review the upcoming Instant Articles platform from Facebook.

How to use the new "Reactions" on Facebook

Facebook has added more options than just " Like". The new functionality has been rolled out to all users across the world. Apart from the ubiquitous "Like", you can now use many more attributes to the post you just read. Facebook calls them "Reactions". How to activate the new Reactions on Facebook? That is exactly what we will discuss in this article.

10 Most Viewed and Popular YouTube Videos of all Time

Interested to know about the most popular YouTube videos of all time? Do you know the number of views and likes obtained by the top 10 YouTube videos? Does your favorite YouTube video feature in this list of popular videos on the YouTube channel? Please check further details in this article.

How to enable the tweaked time line on Twitter?

Twitter is changing it's time line feature. The popular microblogging site has announced that it is launching an improved time line. Please note that the changes will be available to you only if you enable it. If you are still confused about the tweaks that have been incorporated, here we go with the information about the changes and what do they mean to you as an end user.

Does Free Basics really compliment Net Neutrality?

Confused by the ongoing tussle between pro Net Neutrality and pro Free Basics activist? Can't decide if it even affects you who is already making use of the whole internet? Read this article to know how important is to raise your voice in this discussion and make a intelligent decision to decide what type of internet you want!

Best tips to make your Facebook account secure and cleaner

Facebook is, of course the best medium to get to know the world around you. And expand your social horizon. But, isn't it a good idea to clean it up once in a while? Reviewing your security settings and privacy loopholes will in effect stop certain bad elements from accessing your intimate details. Let us go through a few small tips to make your Facebook account a bit cleaner and safer.

A Comprehensive Guide and Optimization Tips For Social Media Image Sizes

As social media is evolving fast along with the demand for smart social media marketing, your social media business page or professional profile needs to be optimized as far as the profile pictures and cover photos are concerned. This article serves as a one-stop tutorial for all the tips to get your social media image sizes and dimensions optimized. Kindly continue reading to get the list of social media image sizes or cheat sheet for the top social networking sites.

How to download photos from Instagram?

Instagram Is one of the most popular image sharing service. With its user base increasing by many folds each passing month, it has become the numero uno photo sharing platform. Are you looking for a method to download the images shared on Instagram? We will discuss a few methods on how to download images photos shared on Instagram in this article.

Top 5 Best Action Games on Facebook in 2013

Read our list of top 5 Action games on Facebook. Know their features, highlights that made them the top 5 and read what good and bad we found in these games.

Syntax of Rel=Publisher meta tag and how to use it

Rel=publisher meta tag has come to the limelight all of sudden after the Google+ Pages service was launched. Google's direct connect service allows businesses and brands to connect their official websites with their Google+ Page. Learn how to use rel=publisher meta tag to connect website to your Google+ pages. Also, find the correct syntax of this meta tag.

Google+ policies for dummies

Webmasters and bloggers is busy creating Google+ Pages and promoting their websites and blogs, but not many are aware of some of the Google+ policies they may be violating. Here is a quick summary of Google+ policies that everyone must be aware of before creating Pages to promote their brands in Google+

How to display or hide Google+ profile view counts?

Are you a regular user of social networking sites like Google+, Facebook and Twitter? Do you know the major difference between Google+ and the remaining social networking platforms? Want to know about Google+ view counter? Please read further to know relevant features of Google+ in comparison to Facebook, Twitter, etc. and how users can disable view counts on their Google+ public profile.

A Comprehensive Guide to Social Network Management Services

Social networking management services have revolutionized business operations in the current market scenario. Learn about the Impacts of social networking in business management and how to choose a social network management service provider.

Companies use Facebook pages to increase their business

In this article I will take you through list of companies who are using Facebook page to increase their business. We will also see what are all those companies doing on their page. In this article you will get to know what Facebook page is and how to use it.

How to prevent Facebook from tracking you online

You might have heard it in some news channel or read it in the newspaper that now Facebook, just like Google is going to track your online activities. So the question arises what can you do to stop this tracking? Well, we have got your answer right here in this article. Read to know how you can stop Facebook tracking you even when you are not on Facebook.

Latest Google+ app updates including the innovative "Stories" feature

Are you a regular user of Google+? Do you know that you can access it at your fingertips using the Google+ app? Internet users with a strong penchant for SEO have found an able ally in Google+ social networking platform. Here, kindly find details about the various updates to Google+ app along with the interesting Auto awesome "Stories" feature that has been added to Google+.

Hidden features in Google+ Pages

Did you start using Google+ Pages? I have been exploring them last couple of days and here is some cool features I found so far.

Methods of social marketing using Facebook tools

As we all know that Facebook is a very popular social networking website with millions of active users daily. So in this article we have described how to use Facebook for marketing purpose in a very effective manner.

How to customize Google+ badge and adjust width and height

Google introduced the Google+ badge few weeks ago and webmasters have been religiously using them. In this article, I will explain how to customize the Google+ badge to adjust the width and height of the badge to suit your website layout.

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