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How to solve laptop problem 'failure to boot' after upgrading RAM or memory

In this article, you will learn how to successfully install or upgrade a memory module(RAM) on a laptop. If your laptop fails to boot up after installing new RAM or if the system boots up with caps lock and lock button blinking for 30 seconds before shutting down completely, then here is how to fix this issue by following few simple steps.

How to change the Lotus Notes password

In this article, I have given the steps to change the password for Lotus Notes email client for the users. Please read the below article to know more about Lotus Notes.

How to overcome mobile screen freezing issue

Troubleshooting tips to resolve mobile screen freezing (not responding) issues. This article gives step by step suggestions to resolve touch screen issues on the mobile.

How to recover deleted files from Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 and 2010

When a user deletes an item from his Microsoft Office Outlook, the item goes and lands in the Deleted Items folder of Outlook. That would be permanently deleted if it is yet again deleted from the Deleted Folder. Such deleted files cannot be recovered from Outlook. Nevertheless, Microsoft has introduced a function for the Outlook users to recover permanently deleted files. Please read this article to know the procedure to retrieve them in outlook 2003 and 2010 versions.

How to troubleshoot blank ads to make them live?

Do you encounter blank ads on webpages? Read this article and learn how to troubleshoot blank ads to make them live. This is a step by step tutorial of getting rid of blank ad space on your website.

How to replace LCD screen of Nokia N95

This article explains step by step procedure to replace damaged LCD Screen of Nokia N95 8GB. It is very easy to perform this task which looks very difficult when one see it on other way but it will be very easy to perform the replacement of LCD Screen by this procedure given in this article.

How to format any removable media using Command Prompt on Windows 8 or 10

Are you facing problems in formatting your removable device using the common Right-Click Formatting method? Here is the solution of your problem. Read this article to know how to format any removable media using Command Prompt. This article will take you through a very effective method to format the pen drives, SD cards and other removable devices using command prompt.

Aakash 2 Tablet PC online pre booking started

Read this article to know more about Aakash 2 and how to book online. Online Pre booking for Aakash 2 the second generation Tablet PC from Datawind has been started. You can book Aakash 2 online on the official website Datawind. Aakash 2 Tablet is sold at the same price of Aakash 1, at Rs 3000. There is option for students to get the Ubi Slate at discounted price. There is news of online sellers providing the service as well.

Disable System Beep Sound in Windows 7

Many of you might have heard system beep sound when you press a wrong key or an error dialog pops up. This articles explains the way to disable the annoying system beep sound in Windows 7.

Top 5 Methods to Compact Large PST File

Many times Outlook PST file becomes over-sized with time and may get corrupt. To get rid of this, we have to reduce the size of the file by compacting it. So,top 5 methods of compacting the PST are mentioned, which would be helpful to user.

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