Twitter decides to shut down its services on IE 6 and IE 7 browsers

IE 6 and IE 7 were the most used browsers earlier. However, with many competitors coming up with better policies, they lost sheen and the market. Now Twitter is planning to shut down its services on IE 6 and IE 7 browsers .

IE 6 and IE 7 browsers used to be the ace players in the market during their heydays. However, with better and faster browsers coming out in the market, these 2 have taken a backseat in front of consumers. Thus, Twitter has decided to shut down its services for users who log into it via IE 6 and IE 7. This will be a major setback to the 2 browsers as Twitter has a wide range of users who may shift to other browsers after this news.

What all would not be allowed?

  1. You can consider Twitter to be useless on IE 6 and IE 7, since its main feature of tweeting will be disabled by twitter's management. For example, you write a message to be tweeted and click on the tweet button, twitter will check the browser. In case it is IE 6, the script will exit after detecting it.

  2. It won't be possible to follow anyone after the next update. In case you attempt to do so, the script will exit after detecting the browser as IE 6, just as mentioned in the previous case.

  3. Another feature expected to be banned is embedded tweeting. Users won't be able to do so after the D day.

  4. A marked difference would be observed in the timeline, if at all it opens. Thus, twitter will be kind of useless on the browser.

  5. All the factory functions that were agreed upon earlier will still remain integrated with the browser, but with no avail. Reason: In case you attempt a callback through the IE 6 browser, the reply would be "false".

  6. There is a framework called "Web Intents Events". This framework is basically a set of widgets that users use in order to interact with the developers. This framework will cease to work via IE 6 and IE 7 after the update.

What all might remain after the update?

  1. The embed codes might stay where they are despite the update.

  2. A few widgets will still remain there even after the update. Anyways, don't expect any further updates on them. They won't support them.

  3. Another small positive is that since the widgets will be smaller in size, it would be easy to download them.

  4. The basic version of twitter will remain enabled for a certain time even after the update so that users at least get time to switch on to another browser while carrying on with their work.

Considering all the positives and negatives, the final review turns out that we cannot be optimistic with IE 6 or IE 7 now. The only option that we are left out with, is to switch on to some other browser. However, it should not be a problem at all, since most users have either dropped IE6 and IE 7 already or are in the process of doing so. Since alternatives like 'Google Chrome' and 'Mozilla Firefox' are available on the net as freeware, there should not be any reason to crib over the update.

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