How to choose the best Smartphone?

Choosing a Smartphone and buying it is better than buying a Smartphone under suggestions and recommendations. Want to know how to choose the best Smartphone? Follow the article and get in with some simple ways to choose best among the Smartphones today.

All of you might have bought many smartphone till the date. Were they suggestions or recommendations or self-buying? Having a smart device in one's hand seems to be a part of his/her identity. But have you ever noticed the fact that there is a big difference between buying a phone and choosing a smartphone to buy. Yah! Surely there is and you all might know the reason behind it.

Choosing a smart phone is not an easy task as you can't mess up with the same doings again and again, if you are a daily runner-up. So, how to choose the best smartphone? Let's check out!

Choosing the best smartphone

First of all you need to tackle out some basics including

1. For which you go? Do you prefer Android or Windows phone or iOS or Blackberry and once you are fully satisfied with any, you may proceed.

2. High-end or cheap- Which will you choose? Do you want a high-end smartphone or a simple one to save from the budget? Once you have decided immensely, you may head up towards:

3. What do you like; contracts or tariffs? Do you wish to buy a smartphone which is better off going SIM-only rather than that which is off going on contrast? Once you have trimmed out this one among all the above basics, you are becoming good at choosing a smartphone with your own risk or determination.

The above written things were the three basics which one needs to confirm with satisfaction before buying a smartphone. Now let's have a glance on some other mandatory factors that you must put under consideration before choosing and buying a phone for you.


This form factor decides your aim and moral. There are pretty hundreds of mobile brands which are always looking towards big screen smartphone manufacturing. Some examples are Samsung Galaxy S2, Micromax A116 Canvas HD, Samsung Galaxy Grand, Karbonn S1 Titanium and S5 Titanium. And because of their large screens, many people deny their buy and many love to. Actually one must do a thing before attempting to buy a smartphone with large display; if you have a friend who is handling a mobile store, tell him about the risks and makes of buying such a smartphone and also do let him give you one such smartphone (say of about 5-inch) for test. The test is likely to provide you happiness or vice versa; put that smartphone in your pocket and see whether it fixes rightly or not. If yes, you can get your hands wet with its buying and if not, you better carry out the decision.


Only the above factor doesn't matter. There are many companies which provide cool screen types for their respective device e.g. Apple (Retina Display), Microsoft (Clear Type), Sony (BRAVIA), Samsung (Super AMOLED Plus) and so on. If you are looking to buy a smartphone, you must let consider the resolution. Resolution is a very important factor which, if higher, better and if not satisfactory, hush up the matter. The pixel density of a smartphone's display is the weapon to show off or the phone is worth nothing. Do always check for the ppi and resolution of any smartphone before buying and I suggest you to choose such one which is at least having more than 200 or 300 ppi (pixel density).

Note that Apple iPhone 4S has around 330 ppi with is absolutely perfect for show offs.


There are many quad-core processors in the era like Exynos 4 Quad (Samsung), Qualcomm's core and NVidia's Tegra 3, all with better and advanced technology. We see, thought Qualcomm's processor comes with fewer cores than others, it is quite indeed at the top. What is the reason behind? The reason is that Qualcomm's chipset is based on 28nm die shrink architecture while compared to other processors like NVidia's Tegra 3 which is based on 32nm architecture. And for sure and definite, "Lesser the die shrink (nm), better and immense". So you have more and pretty good choices to choose the best smartphone.

Apps & Games

This factor is for those who love to play games and are more likely to mess with quality apps. Let's have a brief break down of the number of apps and games provided by:

>> Apple has over 500,000 apps and games for its users.

>> Same is the case with Android; +500,000 apps and games.

>> Microsoft has over 100,000 apps and games with is 5 times down than of Apple and Android.

>> Blackberry has over 60,000 apps and games to offer and in this sense, Blackberry is poorest.

Now, it is clear that Apple and Android are the best choices, regardless of OS, size, display and processor factors.


Now I think you all might have understood both basic and mandatory factors which one must keep under his/her eyes before choosing a smartphone. If you want to know more about "How to choose the smartphone", then post you views and recommendations in the form of responses below and do let me know.

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