Facebook game: Taptiles Saga game review, walkthrough and how to play tips

Read the complete review of the Facebook game Taptiles Saga and know what this game has got for you. Read its review and go through the walkthrough of the game to know the tips to play this game.

Pros: Gameplay is extremely simple and becomes difficult in sync with your playing capabilities. Special playing ability is rewarded with extra points.
Cons: Social feature of sharing "game achievement" is a nuisance.
Developers: Mahjong Dimensions

If even there arises a situation where the world needs an excellent games I hope my name arises in the top list. Maya finds himself in a similar situation where the responsibility to save the world rests on his shoulders and this he has to do with just a few mahjong cubes. It is definitely a good things that he had spent a good time learning these with here master, isn't it?
Taptiles Saga


Taptiles Saga is a story of a teacher and his pupil who are responsible for filling in the life energy in the forest and this has to be done in the good old-fashioned way of playing mahjong solitaire. The story is set in the land of Lumeria where Maya observes the forest guardian Thikket arrange the cubes of mahjong to release the previous magical energy into the forest. But suddenly a purple cloud appears and kidnaps Thikket. Now it is the responsibility of Maya to play a round or two of mahjong solitaire to release back the magical energy into the forest.


In each level of Taptiles Saga you would find a stack of cubes lying on the forest ground arranged like shown in the image. To see the hidden cubes at the back you can use the arrows to rotate the camera view. You have to do the simple task of first clicking on a tile with a particular pattern and then clicking on another tile having the same pattern causing both the tiles of disappear. Standard mahjong rules are applicable in Taptiles Saga according to which you cannot remove a tile which is not free from multiple sides. That is if there is a cube above that tile or on the right or the left side of the cube you won't be able to remove that tile. You have to keep to the edge tiles and keep making the stack shorter from there.

The task becomes challenging by the presence of a time limitation factor in Taptiles Saga. That is you have to clear off the whole structure within a time frame. This brings into your strategy making and finesse into play. You get points by finishing of the structure within the time limit. You can get higher points by finishing of the similar structure structures arranged in chain. To go to the next level there are basically a few aims to achieve, mostly finishing off the structure before the time running out. The points can be utilized to clear of a few stacks of the structure so you every move should be well timed.

Usually at the end of the game you would mostly be having purple and locked cubes. To clear these cubes you need to match those with other locked tiles which would then convert to normal times and you would have to match them again. If you are still stuck with locked tiles then you can use some golden power that Thikket left behind to convert these locked tiles into golden tiles which can then be clear of easily.
Taptiles Saga 2

Like most other games on Facebook the annoying feature of Taptiles Saga is its social integration. Upon the completion of every level you would be prompted to share the achievement on your Timeline. This is in the form of a check box which is always tick marked by default upon the completion of a level. You can easily do the good by unchecking it each time before proceeding to the next level or you can make a mess of your Timeline by not removing the tick from the checkbox and flooding the notifications of your friends by your Taptiles achievements. Other than that the usual Facebook and Google plus limiting features of game playing limiting energy and currency are present but thankfully not much forcefully. You if you like you can peacefully do a micro transaction or otherwise play the game in breaks but not irritatingly long ones.

Wrap up

Taptiles Saga is a light hearted gaming experience on the basic mahjong gaming technique interspersed with bonuses and a storyline that keeps your interest alive and keeps you coming back for more.

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