Stronghold Crusader (2002 Game)

This article is with my personal review about the Stronghold Crusader strategy based game. Crusader game is one of those real-time strategy games in which player rules a land, manages his economy and keeps out the enemies who threatens the land.

Crusader Game will be one of my first suggestions to the people who loves the strategy games. This game is interesting in many aspects. You can select the type of Crusader Game which you want to play in the main menu. There are basically five steps in this game that are Crusader, Historical Campaigns, Castle Builder, Multi-Player and Custom Scenarios.

This Crusader game is available as Crusader 'First Edition' Trail (50 linked Crusader games) and Crusader ' War chest' Trail (30 linked Crusader games). One must fight through each game to own the enemy's land. Care should be taken in balancing the economy and keeping the people happy.

This Crusader game has Historical Campaign which consists four quests and each those involves five missions that are Fighting, Defending, Conquering and Castle Building.

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Those people who are new for this game can start with the first level that is Castle Building. In the Castle Buildings stage the King rules land by keeping his subjects content. In Crusader Mode, people are not giving so much attention. Player can select the land which is already stored or can create a new one according to his wish for resources.
Castle Buildings
First level of this game is Castle Buildings which involves Stone Walls for protection from the threatening Enemies, Barracks for hiring engineers who build equipment for the War, Watch Towers, Gates and other Military Buildings.

Second level of this game is Industry Buildings like Quarry, Iron Mine and Pitch Rig. The products from these are stored in the stockpile. The market place is built for selling and buying goods. Gold is needed to buy the goods.

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Third level of this game is Food Processing Buildings which consists of the Hunters Post, Apple Orchards, Dairy Farm, Hops Farm and Wheat Farm. Food items are stored in the Granary and are consumed by the people. The Ruler can adjust the rations depending on the months of supply.

The fourth level of this games is the Town Buildings which involves the Hovels, Chapels and Cathedral (keeps the people blessed and happy), Apothecary (provides immunity from diseases and hence helps during war time when enemies throws the diseased cow or the people get affected by plague). Player can opt out to be a kind ruler who creates Gardens and Statues to gain popularity or to increase the fear factor and to increase their efficiency to work for building bad things like Gallows, Burning Stake and Dungeons.

The fifth level of this game is Weapon Buildings which involves the workshops for the Armorer, Fletcher, Blacksmith, Tanner and Pole Turner which produce Iron Armor, Bows & Crossbows, Swords & Maces, Leather Armor and Spears & Pikes respectively. Player can change the product that is to be produced in this season by clicking on the building. For example by clicking on the Blacksmith's Workshop, one can set the product to either Swords or Maces. The goods are delivered to the Armory. Gold is needed for the construction of the Weapon Buildings.

And the last stage is the Food Processing Buildings that are Bakery, Brewery, Mill and the Inn. Mill generates Flour from the wheat in the stockpile. The flour is baked into bread in the bakery. Bread will be added to the granary. Hops are brewed into ale in the brewery. Ale is used by the Inn keepers to distribute it to the working people.

To view the status of various categories, click on the book option in the lower right corner of the screen which shows population and treasury information. It will show you the options like Fear Factor, Religion, Weapon, Army etc.

The army is recruited from the mercenary post. Gold is needed to create the army. The recruits may be selected depending on the need. Some of the recruits are Archer, Spear Man, Mace Man, Knight who are hired from the Barracks Building. Another building which is needed to recruit is the mercenary post which recruits Fire Thrower, Slave and Assassins.

These are basics of this game. There are many other features which I have not mentioned here in this article. Once you get to know them, the game is very interesting and addicting too. It is definitely one of the best strategy and management game out there. Have fun playing!!!


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