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How to access 3G on an Android tablet via external dongle ?

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Need help regarding 3G access on your Android tablet? By the end of this tutorial you will be able to access 3G Internet on your Android tablet via an external dongle easily.

3G in Android tablet

While reading the specification of an Android tablet you can notice that "3G connectivity is available via external dongle". Before proceeding further, I would like to talk about the types of dongles that are available in the market. There are two types of dongles - one is without SIM card and the other with SIM card. Dongles like Tata Photon Plus, Reliance NetConnect are without SIM card type and the SIM card dongle are those where you can insert any SIM card into it.

If you don't have an internet dongle yet, you can buy internet dongle at the best price from Amazon India store.

Things needed to setup 3G

1. microUSB to USB converter (If your tablet has USB port then you don't need this)
2. 3G SIM card dongle
3. SIM card with 3G facility in your circle

Android tablet won't come with 3G dongle, you need to buy it separately. While purchasing a dongle , do recheck whether you have bought a 3G dongle or a 2G dongle,cause you won't be able to access 3G via a 2G dongle. A 2G dongle is used for GPRS/EDGE and its speed is less than 3G. So one must be careful while you purchasing a 3G dongle. You can use any SIM card like Airtel, Aircel, Docomo, Vodafone etc. But your service provider (Airtel) must have 3G in your city/area. To check this you can either call customer care or check on your service provider official website. Don't forget to recharge 3G data pack, without recharging you can't access internet.

Steps to set up 3G via external dongle

3G in Android tutorial
1. Connect microUSB to USB converter.
2. Plug in your 3G SIM card dongle.
3. If your tablet automatically detects your SIM then its no problem. Suppose if your SIM card is not detected follow the below steps.
4. Open Settings → Wireless & Networks → More → Mobile Networks.
5. In Mobile network settings you can see "Access Point Names", open this menu.
6. Now you need to add APN in this screen.
7. Required fields are APN, MCC and MNC. Just call customer care and get these details, this varies from state to state.

3G APN for Indian networks

Latest tablet will have APN settings by default. Suppose if your tablet doesn't detect your SIM card you need to manually type the APN settings. Use your mobile phone to activate 3G pack. To activate 3G you should send a request SMS. Below I have given details about SMS activation and APN's.

BSNL (South Zone) (North Zone)

To activate send SMS as 3G to 121

To activate send SMS 'ACT 3G' to 111
APN – www

Tata Docomo
To activate 3G SMS ACT3G to 53333
APN – Tata.Docomo.Internet

To activate send SMS to 51234.
APN:rcomnet (or) smarinet
Use any one of the APN which I mentioned above.

To activate send "START 3G" to 121
APN: aircelgprs

To activate 3G SMS ACT3G to 12345
APN: internet

SMS `ACT 3G` to 444
APN: pps3g

Accessing 3G in SIM card tablet

All SIM card tablet doesn't have 3G facility. For example, Aakash tablet have SIM card facility but you can access only 2G internet. To access 3G in such tablet you need to follow the same procedure which I cited above. Suppose your tablet has 3G SIM facility then you should follow the procedure that you do in mobile phones. Let me summarize the steps.
1. Request 3G internet via SMS.
2. Save the settings.
3. Just open your browser and enjoy surfing.

Buy internet dongle from Amazon India.

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Responses to "How to access 3G on an Android tablet via external dongle ?"
Guest Author: Nizam   03 May 2013
I was dying to know about dongle and this was the only article I found. Was very clear cut explanation. Thank you.

Keep it up. Good work. Take care

Guest Author: ryan   10 May 2013
Hello, my name is Ryan from Cameroon and I have an Android tablet with Android of 2.2. It does not read my sim card from the external usb I have. I just want to know how to do about it.

Guest Author: Achyot   22 Jun 2013
Hello, im just buy a andorid 4.0 tab. It not support my dongle, now wt have to 2 do for use net.

Guest Author: Arun Panjani   08 Aug 2013
I have a ZYNC Z919 tab.A dlink dongle and an aircel sim. i am unable to install my dongle. pls help

Guest Author: Altrax   25 Nov 2013
Can you install an external sim card for an Android device who doesn't support 3G network? And what are the steps to use SIM card on the Android phone? Please help, thank you very much.

Guest Author: tarjinder singh   02 Jan 2014
Thank you very much for valuable guidance. Can I use the keyboard and dongle by using any universal cable on the tablet from same port?

Guest Author: kalimero   26 Mar 2014
I managed to connect my phone Samsung Galaxy Note 2 through my dongle e372.
Here is my video:

You can find the driver for Samsung Galaxy S3 steps in my blog

Guest Author: Manushri saxena   11 Apr 2014
Hey thankyou , but does it also work with new Nexus 7 2013 Wi-Fi model?? Please tell me

Guest Author: y h mohan rao   14 Apr 2014
I have samsung galaxy tab 8 inch without sim card. I want to access 3g net. Can anyone suggest the procedure?

Guest Author: Abasu   30 Apr 2014
Hi, I have Lenovo a1000g tab and unlocked airtel e173-bu1 modem. Can't connect 3g.

Guest Author: Sajeev   25 Jul 2014
I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 which does not have a sim card slot. Is it possible to connect sim card in it?

Guest Author: Yuvaraj   07 Aug 2014
Hi, I have Reliance RPTPB0705 Kids Tab and it doesn't have SIM card facility. Can I use data card to get connected to internet. But it's specs shows it doesn't support GPRS or EDGE. Please guide me and your help is much appreciated.

Guest Author: Kamaljeet   09 Oct 2014
No option is being shown to save settings. If I click on back button settings are not saved. Please help.

Guest Author: Rakesh V   06 Nov 2014
Sir, I have a WiFi tablet. It doesn't have any sim support. And in the settings I don't have the mobile networks option. I have lava 3G modem with airtel subscriber. Now how do I use the internet from the modem. USB connection is done but the tablet is not detecting the modem.

Guest Author: FILIPUS   22 Nov 2014
I have a android version tablet(model mr7063h1c2w1) which is having a problem on detecting any sim card network in India. The tablet I bought it in Namibia, can any one help where I can get it fix, because I have tried so many places but they are all struggle.

Guest Author: Vikash Goel   01 Feb 2015
I have a Samsung Galaxy tab S 10.5 with only WiFi. It does not have SIM card slot. How can I connect to internet via USB data card?

Guest Author: Gugu Precious   18 Feb 2015
I bought a Sinotec Tablet device with 3G inside but it is using 2G MTN service and it says I need to do the software upgrade. How can I do that as I want the 3G in my tablet. The 2G is not working properly as I can't even read my emails or Facebook, it is very slow.

Guest Author: rohit   15 Jan 2016
My tab detects the SIM ant the signal bars appear, but how to connect to the internet?

Guest Author: nishant   20 Jan 2016
If you have any confusion regarding how to connect a dongle to a tablet PC instantly, checkout this 1:20 min video that explains it all:

Guest Author: Arka   23 Jan 2016
I have Lenovo a1000. I use PPP widget 2 apk to use a beetle dongle over OTG. It automatically sets up modem if the modem configured to modem only mode.


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