Logitech launches New Keyboards, Trackpads using latest Technology

The following resource informs you about the new products launched by Logitech in the year 2013. As the newly launched products by Logitech are futuristic and not presently available in the Indian market, everyone in India is waiting for these products to be shipped to this country.

Logitech has launched a set of products and they are soon going to be the most sought after Input devices by all the tech savvy users around the world. The newly launched products by Logitech are as follows:

Ultrathin Keyboard for iPad mini,

Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac Users,

Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac +iOS,

T650 Wireless Touchpad for Win 8 and

G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

All the above Input devices offer amazing experience to users across different platforms. The above products are very popular in major western countries and everyone have gone crazy over these products. Hence, Indian users too are waiting eagerly to operate the products designed by Logitech.

Ultrathin Keyboard for iPad mini :

The iPad mini is very popular because of its sleek design and its cost as well. The iPad mini does all the functions similar to iPad, a short sized touch screen seems to be small enough so as to get the typing work done while on the move. Sometimes, the user needs both the hands to type the content and using touch screen makes the task a bit difficult. Hence, Logitech has launched an Ultrathin Keyboard for iPad mini which can be connected to the iPad mini with ease and it is rechargeable as well. Attaching the Ultrathin Keyboard to an iPad mini will surely offer a Laptop experience.

The weight of the Ultrathin Keyboard is only about 208 grams and it has a magnetic clip which can be attached to the iPad mini so as to give it a Laptop like look. The users who have used the ultrathin keyboard says that they work efficiently and the compact size of the keyboard offers all the functions similar to the conventional keyboard. The striking features of newly launched keyboard are auto wake-up and sleep function. The moment you open the keyboard; iPad mini wakes-up and if you close it, it goes to sleep thus saving the power.Ultrathin Keyboard for iPad mini.

User experience and reviews say that the product will become very popular and people will surely buy the futuristic keyboard launched by Logitech. There are certain flaws in this Ultra thin Keyboard as well. The attachment clip needs to hold the iPad mini in landscape mode so that it gives a perfect laptop like feature. Right now the user needs to detach the keyboard and place it on the notch present on the keyboard. Instead of this, Logitech could have used that space on keyboard to place some more keys. The other flaw is regarding charging of Keyboard and iPad mini. The keyboard is specially designed as a chargeable keyboard and the iPad mini charging cable does not match with the charging port of keyboard. So, the user will have to carry two wires, one for charging the ultra-thin keyboard and the other for the iPad mini.

If Logitech redesigns its clip so that it holds an iPad mini in a 90 to 170 degrees angle and provides a similar charging port as that of iPad mini then it will be a great product to go. The charging feature should also be redesigned in such a way that, if the iPad mini is charging then it should automatically charge the ultra-thin keyboard.

Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac Users :

A trackpad is a device that senses the finger movements and displays the corresponding action on the screen of Macbook. Another futuristic and ergonomically designed product by Logitech seems to be one of the best products for Mac OS users. The trackpad is a chargeable device and it gets connected with Macbook by means of a Bluetooth connection. The touch sensitive trackpad has a glossy glass surface and it feels like the user is directly accessing the screen of Macbook.Macbook Trackpad

The users' reviews say that this device works efficiently for near about 2 days of continuously once it is fully charged. The trackpad has an indicator in the form of dual colored LED which indicates the status of battery. The green color means that the battery is in good condition and the moment it falls down to a reserved level it becomes red which indicating the need to charge-up the trackpad. The glossy glass like structure of trackpad gives the user such a feeling as if they are directly touching the screen of their Macbook. All the credit goes to Logitech designers who have perfectly designed the device to support all Macbook OS gestures. In future, a time will come when mouse usage will be reduced due to the invention of a trackpad.

Few users say that the right click does not work efficiently when accessed via trackpad. So, the Logitech designers need to find out the solution to this problem as early as possible.

Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac + iOS :

Logitech has launched two types of keyboards. One is for the Macbook, iPad and iPhone users and the other one is for PC, Tablet PC and Smartphone users. The keyboard keys are so perfectly designed that they don't create any sound while typing.

The keyboard designed for Macbook, iPad and iPhone is named as "Logitech Bluetooth® Easy-Switch Keyboard". The keyboard designed for PC, Tablet PC and Smartphones is named as "Logitech Bluetooth® Illuminated Keyboard 810". The features of both the keyboards are similar and the only need to buy different keyboards is because of the difference in operating systems. The two keyboards are designed to support two different platforms of operating Systems.

Bluetooth® Easy-Switch Keyboard

Bluetooth® Easy-Switch Keyboard :

As the name suggests, the wireless keyboard offers seamless switching between the devices like Macbook, iPad and iPhone by pressing just one key. Similar action is applicable to PC running Windows environment, Tablet PC which runs on Android platform and Smartphones which can be either Android or Windows based. The F1, F2 and F3 keys are used to switch between these devices. Hence, it will be a sheer joy for all the tech users who possess Apple products.

The keyboard works on Bluetooth technology and the distance it covers is a whopping 30 feet. That means you can maneuver around your Apple and Windows devices within a range of 9 meters and this feature is outstanding in case of wireless keyboards.

Logitech Bluetooth® Illuminated Keyboard K810

Bluetooth® Illuminated Keyboard K810 :

A feature included in these wireless keyboards is Laser-etched backlit keys. The keys of keyboard are designed similar to mobile phones where keys are lit only when we unlock our mobile phone. The keys are so designed that only the letters will glow and no extra usage of light is there to reduce the power consumption. Also depending upon the light intensity indoors, the users can increase the backlit illumination by using F5 and F6 keys. The striking feature of this wireless backlit keyboard is it has a motion sensor which will detect and apply power to keyboard only when the users' hand approaches the keyboard keys. This proximity detection feature is what makes its battery last longer. The review done at Logitech shows that the battery power of a fully charged keyboard lasts for about 10 days on an average of 2 hours of usage per day.

The above newly launched keyboards will indicate their power status by means of dual colored LED which is placed on Keyboards. Green LED indicates that the power is more in Keyboard and Red LED indicates that you have to recharge the keyboard as early as possible. The above mentioned keyboards work while charging too.

T650 Wireless Touchpad for Win 8 :

The Touchpad is a device which helps to access the Windows 8 operating system wirelessly. Few systems have touch screen functionality and at times you don't want to touch the screen since the fingerprints get imprinted on it and later we have to clean it. Hence, to access the touch screen feature without making your screen dirty just purchase a T650 Wireless Touchpad which will help you to get to your Windows 8 multi-touch gesture functionality.T650 Wireless Touchpad for Win 8:

The T650 user reviews say that it is difficult to use the drag and drop features and the usage of right click as well. So, T650 Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad for Windows 8 cannot totally replace the mouse like functions. The only feature that inspires is that you don't have to use your fingers to touch the whole screen and leave fingerprints on the screen.

Logitech will take into account the features which are yet to be improved and they are drag and drop and right click functions. Otherwise, the glossy feature of T650 Touchpad gives a great user experience while browsing.

G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard :

The G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is specifically designed to offer multitasking facility to users who play games which require many things to do at once. Also for the users known for reckless usage of keys while most of the family members get disturbed by the noise created by keyboard keys in a quite and serene environment. Hence, the G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard keys are so designed that they help to make no noise while playing games on a Gaming system or at home on PC Desktop system.G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

The keys are mechanically spaced so that every command is carried out as early as possible. The best thing about G710+ Keyboard is that the keys will last too long due to its 50 million cycle life and it has been tested by Logitech. The next striking feature is that it has 6 Programmable G-Keys where the user can assign up to a total of 18 various functions for each game. Also, if the user keeps holding keys for a longer time then it does not pop up the message of sticky keys being actuated.

The G710+ Keyboard has a USB 2.0 Pass through port through which a user can connect mouse, pen-drive, headset or any other USB device. Hence, there is an extra USB port on this keyboard for the user. All the keys on this keyboard are backlit with a LED light and its illumination and intensity can be adjusted as per indoor light. It is designed to control the volume of game sounds or background media playback right while playing a game without halting the ongoing gaming action.

All in all, Logitech is doing a great job in providing a lot of futuristic input devices that can surely entertain the world. Logitech is just getting better and better day by day.

We wish them All the Best to provide us more intelligent keyboards in future.

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