Best health fitness apps for the day!!

Are you looking for a healthier body? Do you know that your mobile apps can help you in maintaining good health? In this article I am describing some apps which help you to improve your health and to make a well built body. These best health fitness apps guide all.

Health apps for morning

Morning is the most preferable time for performing exercise and it makes your body more healthy and keeps your mind fresh. Here, I am describing apps which will be helpful in your daily exercises. Most of the apps are free and some are paid versions. These apps work on Android, iOS and Windows Phones.

Instant heart rate:

Heart is an important organ in human body and it should be maintained well. While running, jogging or exercising you should note that it is important that you don't stress your heart. But how will you monitor this when your are out doors? Instant heart rate is a perfect solution for this problem. This app uses your smartphones camera and flashes to measure how fast your heart is beating. When you focus the flash of your smartphone on your finger the app uses the camera to record the changes in blood color and the app calculates the heart beat on the basis of the color of the blood and hence gives the measurement of your heart beat. However it is not a perfect match or option for a proper electro cardiogram or heart rate monitor. It works on Android, iOS, Windows phone operating systems. Free, pro versions are available. Pro version cost Rs.55 on iOS and Rs.110 on others.


This app is a calorie counter to remind you what you consume. First of all you need to feed some basic information to the app like your age, height, weight etc. You can choose options like 'Maintain your present weight' , decrease or increase etc. Then, you need to add information about your life style, nature of your work and daily activities. Depending on the data, the app will set a daily calorie intake for you. After that you have to regularly update the app with the food you have eaten and the exercises you have done. Based on the food you have eaten and the exercises you have done MyFitnessPal will reduce the amount of calorie you've burned from your daily total. The only problem with this app is that many Indian food items might not have a comprehensive profile. It is a free app and available on Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Phone operating system.

Run Keeper:

An application which helps you to track the distance that you covered during the morning walk, walking or running pace and the number of calories you burned during your exercise. It works with the help of GPS function in your phone. Also, we can feed this information into MyFitnessPal. It is a free software which runs on Android and iOS operating systems.

Pocket Yoga:

If you are not interested in running and jogging then you may be interested or you might consider Pocket Yoga. This app provides voice instructions as well as illustrations. This helps the users to perform each 'asana' in its original format. This app provides three levels of difficulties, so whether you're a begginner or an expert, you can choose the right session for you. Priced approximately Rs.170 and runs on Android and iOS operating systems.

Apps during your work hours

Office might be a stressful place. So, for maintaining your health in a good condition you need to be very careful while working. You have to perform simple exercises at certain intervals if you are working in front of a computer to maintain your eyes and body muscles in a perfect condition. In this session, I am describing some apps which may help you when you are at work.

Stress Check:

A perfect app which will be very useful at work place to check the rate of your stress. This app is made by the same developer that created Instant Heart Rate. Stress Check also works with the help of camera and flash in your phone. But instead of checking your heart beat, it is measuring the duration between heart beats and this information will be shown as the result. It is a free app and available on Android and iOS operating systems.

Stretching & Eye Exercises:

This app will be more helpful for those who are work continuously in front of a computer. It is common to forget taking small breaks at regular intervals and to perform some simple exercise for your eyes. Stretching & Eye Exercises app will remind you to take break whenever required and also gives you 13 stretching and eye exercises to do along with illustrations and instructions. Available in free and paid versions. Free version can't set reminders and paid version priced Rs.115. Runs on Android platform.

Apps for you, while exercising at GYM

Apps in this session will help you to utilize maximum benefits from your time at the gym, or when you are exercising in your home without any help of a professional trainer. These apps are available in free and paid versions. Choose the right one for you.

Workout trainer:

An app which helps you to perform various physical activities at Gym or at home without the help of a professional trainer. In this app you can set three levels of difficulties like casual, moderate, or intense based on your experience and capabilities. This app provides illustration as well as voice instructions which helps you to perform the right posture. This is a free app which runs on Android and iOS operating systems.

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An app which is similar to a workout trainer. This app provides some better weight training modules. Users can try both these apps and then decide which is more suitable. These are available free and in paid versions. Paid version costs Rs.270. Runs on Android and iOS operating systems.

Helpful app while you sleep

Sleeping has an important role in our daily life relating to physical health as well as mental health. Every person needs a peaceful sleep for maintaining their physical and mental health in a well built condition. Some times your sleep may be spoiled because of unwanted calls or messages. So in this section I'm describing some apps which provides you a disturbance free sleep by avoiding unwanted calls and messages.

Do Not Disturb:

Just as the name indicates, it strives for avoiding the disturbance while you sleep. If you activate the Do Not Disturb feature from the settings before you go to bed, then this will ensure that you are not getting disturbed by unwanted calls or messages. But what will happens if it is an emergency call or message? You don't need to worry. This app has a feature which allows you to set a few contacts which you consider as important. If you got any call or message from this contacts you wont miss that. This application works on iOS and it is free to use.

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Sleep Time:

This app is entirely different from the previous one. Sleep time monitors your sleep pattern and depending on your movements it finds how relaxed your body is and it determines what kind of sleep you are getting. This result helps you to find how much your body is relaxed and how much stress your body has. It works with the help of accelerometer and it should be ensured that your phone is closer to your body. It is a free version and runs on Android and iOS operating systems.


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