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Problems in newly launched Android 4.2 mobile operating system.

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Google has launched Android 4.2 operating system for smartphones. This Android 4.2 OS launched by Google is an upgraded version of Android 4.1 OS. But there are some problems in Android 4.2 OS for smartphones. If you are wondering about how to solve problems of Android 4.2 OS for Google Nexus android phones, then, please read further to know about the solutions for issues with Android 4.2 OS. Google is trying hard to resolve Android 4.2 issues for Google Nexus smartphones like Nexus 10, Nexus 4 & Nexus 7.


Google has launched a new version of Android operating system: Android 4.2 OS. As we all know Android has become one of the most successful operating systems for mobile phones today. Android is loved by everyone. Even though Android 4.2 is a good operating system, there are still some problems with it that can just ruin your day. In this article, I am going to write about some of the bugs found in Operating System Android 4.2. The problems have been found in the smartphones like Google Nexus 10, Google Nexus 4, Google Nexus 7, etc.

Problems in Android 4.2 OS

  • Auto Brightness Problem

    This problem generally occurs after the Android 4.2 update and in Nexus 10. In general, auto-brightness behavior has been less than reliable. When set to auto-brightness mode, this problem causes the screen to flicker noticeably. This problem is found in almost all Android mobiles, especially in lower cost mobiles. But when it comes to the update, this problem just gets worse. The auto-brightness function seems to randomly adjust the brightness of the phone even when there is no change in the light outside. Sometimes, due to some other application glitch, the brightness of the phone starts drooping down, and then comes back to the appropriate levels.

  • Bluetooth Problem

    Bluetooth problem is another big problem found in Nexus 4. In other devices it is found to be working correctly but not in Nexus 4. If you use bluetooth headsets for listening music or for making calls, then, the audio streams choppily, sound quality is found to be very bad and sometimes the connectivity is entirely lost. Other applications which use Bluetooth for creating compatibility with other devices stop working completely, and give an error message. This problem is very bad and irritating and it makes customer return his device because customer is giving a huge amount of money to buy these electronic products and they have no patience to resolve problems like these. Hence Google needs to take this Bluetooth issue with Nexus 4 smartphone seriously and should fix it as soon as possible.

  • Random reboot Problem

    This is another critical problem found in Android 4.2. Many times many applications do not work on this operating system like Wi-Fi does not turn on, silent mode is not activated, etc. For making these applications work properly one needs to reboot the phone several times. This process is not so common in lower versions of Android, but in higher versions like Android 4.2 this problem is very common. Sometimes one has to reboot the phone several times in a day. This is mainly found in all the Nexus devices. The reboots usually occur while opening webpages in Chrome, using Play Store, and a variety of other functions. This problem seems like it is due to kernel panic i.e. total system lockup in a middle of a task. And it is removed by a soft reset. Video playback seems to be one suspect for these lock-ups across all affected devices because of the YouTube application which has been reported by many users. The rebooting is not the only problem. After upgrading to Android 4.2, it has been found that the performance of many devices slows down. Opening applications like YouTube, Google Now, etc. has become much slower.

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  • Extreme Battery Usage and Slow Charging Problem

    These are two different issues but I am writing both together as both are due to battery. It has been found that in many Android phone (almost 70%), the battery hardly lasts 1 day. And if you are an internet user then your phone will only give a battery backup of just 6 to 7 hours. In addition to that, exchange accounts are apparently causing massive loss in battery longevity. In many smartphones, it has been found that by removing and re-adding your accounts, more battery is used. Another problem is Google Play Services problem. Google Play eats up a huge amount of the battery life and this problem doesn't seem to have a solution at present. Another notable problem is slow charging. If you are using a mobile phone of a very good brand then it will charge your phone in less time as compared to the phone of some normal brand. It also depends on the specifications of your charger. If your charger's specifications are good then your phone will charge in less time as compared to other mobile phones.

  • Lock screen Widgets and Camera App Problem

    The newly implemented lock screen widgets are not so good as compared to the old ones as there are numerous bugs and glitches. Lock screen music controls for Google Music are randomly disappearing if another application of 3rd party music is started or stopped, and then the previously started Google Music is started again. But the Google Music does not appear until the phone is rebooted. The Camera problem is not so major. The camera application takes up to 3 seconds to rotate from portrait to landscape mode. Instead of just rotating the button arrangement, the entire display rotates which causes substantial lag in the application. There is another eye catching problem in Android 4.2. The whole month of December is missing from the calendar application of the Android 4.2 operating System.


Android 4.2 Operating System is newly designed and launched so there are no solutions for some of the above problems right now. Google engineers are working upon these issues for finding out the solutions to Android 4.2 problems. The only feasible solution for the Android 4.2 smartphone users is to reboot the device whenever there is some problem in applications or other functions of the Android 4.2 OS.


Above discussed are some of the major problems reported by the users in Google's newly launched Android 4.2 operating system till now. These issues have caused problems for the customers as they have invested so much money in buying mobile phones having Android 4.2 and they are disappointed with these devices. Google's engineers are working to solve the issues. I have mentioned all the problems which are reported by the users till now and if you find any new problem or solution which is not mentioned by me above, then, please feel free to post it below in the comment section. I will appreciate valuable comments and suggestions below.

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Author: Sukhdev Singh  11 Feb 2013   Member Level: Gold   Points : 3
The summary of your article contains three errors as follows:
(1) 'a upgraded version' should be changed to 'an upgraded version'.

(2) In the last but one sentence 'there solutions' should be changed to 'their solutions'.

(3) The last sentence starting with 'Although' is grammatically incorrect. You can change the sentence as follows: 'Google has not found solutions for some of the problems yet, but it is trying to find the solutions and correct them'.

Author: Rajneesh Gupta  12 Feb 2013   Member Level: Gold   Points : 0
Thank you Sukhdev ji for correcting my mistakes.


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