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How to access internet using USB to ethernet port in Tablet

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Here I have given tutorial about how to use USB to ethernet port in Tablet. This information clear your doubts about accessing internet via USB to ethernet port in Tablet PC. Read below to get information about wired internet in tablet.

Using USB to ethernet port in Tablet

USB to ethernet portTablets have facility to adapt ethernet port (wired internet). I discovered it in my Android tablet. To use internet via USB to ethernet port you need a router and USB to ethernet port. Before purchasing your own USB to ethernet port just check Settings -> Wireless & Networks in Android tablet. Under Wireless & Networks you have options for Ethernet. If you have Ethernet option then you can access via Ethernet port. You may have used internet in tablet by Wi-Fi (wireless) and if you need to access internet via wired line this port will help you.

Things Needed
> Tablet with Ethernet option
> USB port or mini-USB port in Tablet
> Router / Modem

I found there is ethernet option in some Android tablets. I hope this option will also be available in other tablets too.

USB to ethernet port cost
Cost of USB to Ethernet port will be about Rs 500. I bought it for same cost. I found some of the ebay sellers were selling for Rs.250 as well. I tried other online selling sites like Flipkart and Naaptol but this component is not available. I don't know how to choose good port and So I choose Rs.500 port.

How to connect
Below I have given steps to connect USB to Ethernet port in Android Tablet.

Step 1: Connect a USB side of USB to Ethernet port to tablet. If your tablet doesn't have USB then you need to purchase mini-USB to USB port.

Step 2: You will find a wire connected to your router as LAN (mostly in Yellow or Blue color). This LAN wire has two ends. One end will be in your router and the other in your PC. Plug out the LAN connected to your PC and Plug in the USB to Ethernet port.

Step 3: You can find light glowing inside USB to ethernet port. Also, there will notification in your Android tablet.

Step 4: Then open your "Default Browser (pre installed in your tablet)".

Step 5: Your tablet is now connected to internet via ethernet port.

Can we access internet via USB to ethernet port in Mobile
Yes, if you have ethernet option in your mobile settings then you can access internet via USB to ethernet port. I haven't tried in mobile phones. Just go to your mobile settings and search Network settings. If there is option like "ethernet" you can access.

Only advantage is the investment is less and you can make use of your router / modem wisely. If you want to purchase a Wi-Fi enabled modem it will cost you Rs.1500 which is the minimum price. If you are the only person going to use internet, then choose this port. If there are more than one person and want to access internet in several device choose Wi-Fi modem.

If you have any problem or need to troubleshoot, then post your comment below.

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Responses to "How to access internet using USB to ethernet port in Tablet"
Guest Author: keseven   15 Dec 2012
I tried connecting everything as you said but on the tablet nothing is happening. Also the USB LAN lights up but I don't get any connection on my tablet. Please help.

Guest Author: Amit   02 Jan 2013
How do I connect the tablet with wireless router?

Guest Author: Kashklin   20 Jan 2013
What if the tablet has no usb port and you want to connect the ethernet through modem?

Guest Author: John   29 Jan 2013

Does it work with (10/100/1000MBPS) all speed on android tablet.
Which Tablet are you using?
I have the Samsumg galaxy tab 2, and not sure if I should buy the 1000MBPS USB ethernet adapter.

Author: Mobile Boy  29 Jan 2013   Member Level: Gold   Points : 0
Hi John
It's just a converter. Speed depends upon the modem or router you use. I am using Google Nexus 7. Using USB to Ethernet port you can access wired connection (example LAN) in tablets.

Guest Author: akber   09 Feb 2013
is there any driver for it? to install in andriob tab ? ?

Author: Mobile Boy  10 Feb 2013   Member Level: Gold   Points : 0
No, you don't need driver. It's just like a USB cable.

Guest Author: Rupesh   19 Feb 2013
I have Karbonn Smart Tab 8(velox). It has ethernet option too. So,
I want to know - which things needed to start ethernet in my Android tab.

Currently I have used usb modem for internet. Please tell me hows total cost and which needed thing to use ethernt in my tablet.

Guest Author: Sid   21 Feb 2013
Hi Mobile boy...I would like to know which Android tablet are you using

Guest Author: akber   21 Feb 2013
Please tell me is there any application for broadband dialer for Android platform, because my internet connects when I enter user name and password in broadband dialer.

Author: Syed Musaddiq Nabi Andrabi  22 Feb 2013   Member Level: Gold   Points : 3
WoW! This is really a great tutorial. I searched for it on Google and ultimately the result came from Techulator. I understood the article fully but the problem is that I searched USB to ethernet port cable in the whole market but was unable to get it. After this, I searched it on the online website also but no result. So, can you please give me a link to order this USB to ethernet port cable online. That would be so nice of you.

Author: Mobile Boy  22 Feb 2013   Member Level: Gold   Points : 0
This cable is available at Search in eBay website. It cost from Rs.200 to Rs.500.

Guest Author: yuvi   09 Mar 2013
Thank you for your guide , I have a question ,
Do you know of a mobile phone who has an Ethernet settings ?
I am searching for a long time , but still no luck

Author: Mobile Boy  09 Mar 2013   Member Level: Gold   Points : 2
Yuvi, I can't get you. Ethernet settings will be available by default in Android OS. You can see that in Settings -> Ethernet. All the smartphone OS like Android, iOS, Windows has got this settings by default. Java mobile phones doesn't have this settings.

Guest Author: Anil kumar   13 Mar 2013
Hi Mobile boy...
Can you tell me how to connect internet by using mobile network in the aakash tablet(Ubisalate 7Ci).
There is no SIM slot and not supporting phone function but these options are there...
In the "Mobile network setting" there is a option..
1.Data enabled(Enable data access over Mobile network)
2.Data roaming(Connect to data services when roaming)
3.Access Point Names
4.Use only 2G networks(saves battery)
5.Network Operators(select a network operator)
when we search for network then it show "Error when searching the network"

Author: Mobile Boy  14 Mar 2013   Member Level: Gold   Points : 2
Hi Anil,
These option will be useful when you use SIM card dongle (Multi SIM). You need to buy this separately. Connect it via USB. Using it you can access 2G or 3G internet. For more information refer the below link.

Guest Author: Anthony   15 Mar 2013
Mobile Boy,

Is there no need to configure IP address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway

Or Does it configures automatically

Author: Mobile Boy  17 Mar 2013   Member Level: Gold   Points : 0
You NO NEED to configure anything. As you said it configures automatically. Because it just acts like an extension wire. I think you have got it.

Guest Author: Jim   25 Mar 2013
Mobile boy
Can I use mini USB to Ethernet with my HTC to directly connect my Xbox live?

Guest Author: dan   27 Mar 2013
I got a cheap one off eBay (10/100 only) and plugged it in, worked straight away. However it's only good for browsing. Can't download from play store or have any syncing like gmail. Any ideas?

Author: Mobile Boy  30 Mar 2013   Member Level: Gold   Points : 0
Sorry I don't know about Xbox. I think it won't support because in case of ethernet you have default configuration.

Author: Joze  09 Apr 2013   Member Level: Bronze   Points : 3

I'm trying to use my USB to Ethernet port adapter for wired connection on my tabled. Android version is v4.0.4.

I having problem detecting my usb adapter. It couldn't find device. If I use it with my PC works OK.
Under WIRELESS&NETWORK --> More... --> Ethernet devices: none device

Do you maybe have any suggestion?

I tried on two different USB/LAN adapter.

Author: Joze  09 Apr 2013   Member Level: Bronze   Points : 3

I'm trying to use my USB to Ethernet port adapter for wired connection on my tabled. Android version is v4.0.4.

I having problem detecting my usb adapter. It couldn't find device. If I use it with my PC works OK.
Under WIRELESS&NETWORK --> More... --> Ethernet devices: none device

Do you maybe have any suggestion?

I tried on two different USB/LAN adapter.

Author: Mobile Boy  09 Apr 2013   Member Level: Gold   Points : 0
Do you tick the "Use Ethernet" check box? Only if you check this box your ethernet detects the device.

If the Use Internet option is checked already then disable and enable one time.

Author: Joze  09 Apr 2013   Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0
Yes, I check that. I also try to connect other usb devices, but no success.
I use two different tabled devices but both with version 4.0.4.

Do I miss something else maybe?

Author: Mobile Boy  09 Apr 2013   Member Level: Gold   Points : 2
Don't worry about Andoird version, I am also using the same version.

Does your USB to ethernet cable light blinks? Sometimes there may be loose connection. Its strange! I don't know why its detecting to you.

Can you tell me how you connected your "USB to ethernet cable" to your tablet?

Guest Author: shashi   09 Apr 2013
I have Karbonn Velox 8 with Jellybean OS and there is Ethenet setting option available in tab. I need to know how to configure my ethernet setting either in DCHP mode or Static Mode. Also when I connect Ethernet to my tab no notification is coming on my tab.

Author: Joze  09 Apr 2013   Member Level: Bronze   Points : 3
I have the same thing. Problem is, because tabled don't recognize usb device "not even external disc".

@Mobile Boy
One of my USB to ethernet cable is just the same like on your picture upper and have no lights. The other one have one light but is not turned on, when I put it to tabled and plug ethernet cable from router.
First I use mini to standard converter, then I use USB to ethernet adapter.

Author: Mobile Boy  10 Apr 2013   Member Level: Gold   Points : 0
I think you have given direct connection. You should use Modem LAN connection. Only if you use the LAN connection the light blinks. If the light doesn't blinks means your connection is wrong.

Guest Author: Surya   14 Apr 2013
Hi !

I used mini USB to USB to Ethernet to my tab, connected lan, and i checked enbled also , after that also not showing
ethernet device in ethernet option

My adapter was same as you shown above their, My Tablet Android 4.0.4v , ICe cream sandwich
what is the problem

Author: Mobile Boy  15 Apr 2013   Member Level: Gold   Points : 0
Ok! Better I will make a video and give you a demonstration soon.

Guest Author: Peter Johnstone   27 Apr 2013
I am planning to get a Google Nexus 4 phone, which, I believe has a mini-usb port. So wouldn't it be better to buy a mini-USB to Ethernet port?

Guest Author: randolf   30 Apr 2013
Why does my tablet can't read a usb 3g dongle???

Guest Author: chuck   01 May 2013
Thank you for this information mate. Really does lessen the burden on understanding tablets capabilities.

Guest Author: asjk   23 May 2013
Does Asus Fonepad 8gb and Samsng Galaxy tab 2 p3100 has ethernet option?

Guest Author: Ben   30 May 2013
Hi mobile boy,
Thanks for all your help, very kind.
Please could you let me know which tablet you're using?

Guest Author: Chetan hegane   11 Jun 2013
Please tell me is there any application for broadband dialer for Android platform, because my internet connects when I enter user name and password in broadband dialer.

Guest Author: trust   12 Jun 2013
there is no opotion such as ethernal in my Samsung galaxy tab there any alternative?

Guest Author: Papa   23 Jun 2013
My problem is that it couldn't connect to the 2G server. There is no internet. Can you please help?

Guest Author: adi   22 Jul 2013
Can we share pc internet connection with my tablet via data cable of tablet to the PC?

Guest Author: Tony   13 Aug 2013
Is there any way to charge the tablet while using the mini usb to ethernet?

Guest Author: Theo   16 Aug 2013
I'm have a Micromax Canvas 2 and my situation is I can't use Wi-Fi. So I want to use an Ethernet connection on my phone. Is it possible?

But I don't see any Ethernet option under the network settings. My phone runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and I read over Google that the latest Android versions have this Ethernet to USB option but this option might be hidden/removed during equipment shipping by some manufacturer.

Guest Author: Rizwan   17 Aug 2013

Can we connect Ethernet Adapter to Herotab Hybrid Alpha 2. Does it have Ethernet Adapter Option?

Guest Author: mukesh   20 Aug 2013
Dear sir I have ubislate 7c+ ( 3g dongle Support) I try to connect internet by dongle (Huawei mobile broadband e 1731 ) but no success. How to connect internet with dongle?

Guest Author: rockspot   24 Aug 2013
I have Samsung Tab 2 GT P3100 Android version 4.0.4, I don't see Ethernet Option under Wireless and Network. please advise if can use USB to Ethernet on my device.

Guest Author: mike   26 Aug 2013
I have a TP-Link wireless N all connected to my laptop on earthernet problem being my internet is by mobile dongle, my other device pick up the Wi-Fi from the TP-Link but show no connection, will a conversion from earthernet to USB allow connection to other devices through dongle internet..

Guest Author: krish   09 Sep 2013
I am using iball slide 6318i android tablet. Which USB to Ethernet convert supports this tablet? Also can I connect this converter via USB hub?

Guest Author: krish   09 Sep 2013
Which USB to Ethernet converter works with iball slide 6318i tablet? Also can I use the converter via USB hub because I want to use mouse and keyboard too while using USB hub.

Guest Author: suresh   14 Sep 2013
I have a Pipo m6 (3g ) tablet. How do I connect internet using my LAN cable at my office. The LAN cable is coming from a hub.

Guest Author: Fost   18 Sep 2013
I can't use this adapter with my galaxy tab 3 10.1 (android 4.2). Can someone help me?

Guest Author: Malborn moraes   15 Oct 2013
Thank you i wanted some solution on this point!

Guest Author: Brigette   15 Oct 2013
Can this be done for my computer tablet that has Windows 8 RT? I got a USB to Ethernet thing but it says I can't use it because of RT

Guest Author: Rockstar   14 Nov 2013
I cant use this micro usb ethernet adapter with my samsung galaxy note 2.. can one help me ?

Guest Author: sudhir   09 Feb 2014
Please tell me which 10 inch tab is having ethernet option.

Guest Author: Ammy   13 Feb 2014

I am using USB Ethernet for my tablet with direct wire conection. When I connect, the light blinks but no internet connection is detected or connected. What should I do? Please suggest how can I resolve this issue and connect my tablet computer to internet using Ethernet port.

Guest Author: sunil   21 Feb 2014
I have bought Lava E-Tab XTRON tab yesterday. It has no SIM card slot. And no WiFi network available near me. I have Samsung Galaxy young mobile also. I want to access internet via my mobile. Please suggest how to connect Lava Xtron to internet.

Author: Mobile Boy  22 Feb 2014   Member Level: Gold   Points : 4
Hi Sunil,
You should understand that Wi-Fi is nothing but your wired broadband connection. If you have wired broadband connection you can just purchase Wi-Fi modem. Wi-Fi modem is very similar to traditional modem but it have radio like antenna. If you don't have broadband connection then you should make use of Samsung Galaxy Young mobile internet to access internet in Lava E-Tab. To do so follow the below steps

1. Recharge with any internet pack.
2. Then in the settings you will find options call Wireless tethering or Wi-Fi tethering. Turn it on.
3. Turn on the Wi-Fi in Lava tablet. You mobile will now act as Wi-Fi hotspot and you can access internet.

Guest Author: ssiss   25 Feb 2014

I have BSNL Penta T-book and it has Ethernet option but I couldn't connect internet in it by connecting it to the modem.

I connected it via USB option in modem blinked, but there is no response in the tablet. What should I do?

Guest Author: sudhir   06 Mar 2014
Please tell me whether the 7 inch tablet is having Ethernet option or not. Can I connect it to internet using ethernet? Can I make phone calls from the tablet? What are the tablets with the phone calling option? Please tell me which is the best tablet that has Ethernet option and SIM slot for making phone calls.

Guest Author: Dr Purusottam Karwa   04 May 2014
I have Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 p3100. Please tell me if this tab suppots ethernet or not.

Guest Author: Abdul   20 May 2014
I have Samsung tab 2 and Lenovo a3000 tablet in office. Can we use ethernet adapter on these and are they compatible?

Guest Author: drgs04   05 Jun 2014
I am using Galaxy tab 3 8.0 T311. Please tell me how to connect. It has option of usb tethering, but that is for connecting to laptop, I think. But how to ethernet or wired lan to usb?

Guest Author: Kentonio   29 Jun 2014
"Yuvi, I can't get you. Ethernet settings will be available by default in Android OS. You can see that in Settings -> Ethernet. All the smartphone OS like Android, iOS, Windows has got this settings by default. Java mobile phones doesn't have this settings." With reference to the above - Mobile Boy I know you are doing your best to help people which is great, but are you aware that it seems that not all configurations of Andriod display a setting for Ethernet as you state on the above post. I have bought a mini USB to ethernet adaptor and cannot connect either of my devices. One being a Prestigio Tablet less that a year old and a Samsung Galaxy 2. As an I.T Trained professional (all be it in older and some newer business networks and applications), I am wondering if there is possibly a software switch somewhere else within the setup / configuration setting of Android that can "enable" ethernet capability? Thanks.

Guest Author: Charley   29 Aug 2014
Will this USB to Ethernet port work on Microsoft Surface PRO 3? Or do I have to buy the expensive docking station?

Guest Author: harish   23 Nov 2014
Does Dell Venue 8 support ethernet ?

Guest Author: laarnie   15 Mar 2015
What if there is no ethernet option in my tablet? What should I do?

Guest Author: wigglesworth   03 Apr 2015
Can I connect with an ordinary modem?

Guest Author: evan   13 Apr 2015
Hello sir,
I want to update my Lumia phone over Wi-Fi. So I used lava tablet (xtronz704) with HUAWEI E303F Wi-Fi dongle. But cannot get hotspot and internet access. Even the dongle cannot register to 2G network. Please help me to access internet to my tab and to get WiFi hotspot for my phone.

Guest Author: Satya Prakash   28 May 2015
I have asus zenfone 2 .......does ethernet cable work for it?

Guest Author: fg5at   10 Jun 2015
I have Samsung S3 and I didn't find this option for Ethernet. How can I find it?

Guest Author: Nithinlal   31 Oct 2015
I don't have Ethernet option in my Digiflip pro xt911. So what can I do to enable Ethernet option in my settings? I need your guidance.

Guest Author: Vivek   05 Feb 2016
A lot of thanks. You have solved my problem.


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