Web hosting - An introduction

What is Web hosting? Where do we purchase hosting? Read this article to learn about Web Hosting.


When you go on to create a website, you need the services of a web hosting provider to host your site. Web hosting is a big business today. So, how does this web hosting service work? What type of technology it uses? What all you should look for while selecting a web host? Here are the answers to your questions.

How does web hosting work?

Web hosting is a sector of internet that several people want to know about. There is not one but tons of technologies that go into these web hosts to make them what they are. Understanding the technology is one way in which a person can get a better idea of what a web host can offer. One of the first technical factors is the space available with the web host that allows people to set up websites. All this space is present on a server.

Location of the server :

The server can be located in any area. It may even be far away from those that utilize this space. In order to use this space, the user will be allotted a username and password so that he gains access to the server space. The server is vital. Without the server, there would be no web host. If the server goes down, the website located on this server will be unavailable. Thus, routine maintenance of the server is mandatory.

Security of server :

The person in charge of a server should ensure that no harmful malware or viruses get into the server space. If any harmful malware or viruses get into the server space, all the websites that utilize this server will become infected and in most cases, will have to be rebuilt from the scratch. Therefore, these servers have safe blocks on them to ensure that this never happens. Without these safe guards, servers would be weak and insecure for web host users.

Technology used in web hosting :

There is a lot of technology used by web hosts. This includes monitoring software that calculates the traffic on website and the space utilized by a particular website. This information is used to ensure that everyone is gets billed accordingly. The web host bills a person according to the space utilized and the traffic generated at his website. This is also a way by which companies ensure that their websites are running properly.

There is much more to a web host than just a simple payment plan people use to get their websites running. There goes a very advanced technology in making people's dream of owning a website come true.

How to choose the right web host for your website?

Finding best web hosting sites for your website or blog can be difficult. With so many providers coming up with one or the other fascinating features, it is but normal to get confused. So, the best thing to do is to go through some web hosting review sites to get an idea.

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