Tablet computer buying guide- how to select tablet computers

This article is all about introducing the tablet and its technology along with history of tablet computers. Article tries to define gap between the fully equipped personal computer and a tablet with some specific requirements with similar specifications and configurations like personal computer. Tablet technology tres to fill the gap between technology and cost.

Introduction to Tablet computer

A Tablet, a mobile computing device which works similar as computer does and which is larger than smartphones but smaller than computer or laptop. It works on similar principles as computer or laptop does. Some manufacturers produce mixed technology devices in mobile computing field i.e. half tablet and half laptop to fill and satisfy the need of common man who cannot afford huge price of laptop or computer.

Tablets may come in similar and variety of shapes, size, configurations, features and characteristictics. All Tablet compter normally have touch screen interface to operate, an operating system range from Android, Windows, Apple iOS and QNX. There are similar configurations as computer are having like processor, touch screen, multi-media features, phoning facility and network facilities.

History of Tablet devices

The idea of tablet devices is not modern or new but way back in 1968, Alan Kay, a computer scientist proposed the new technology in computing world with flat panel display, miniaturization, friendly user interfaces and WiFi technology. He also visualized that the device with all these facility would be helpful to students in schools and colleges. Alan Kay published a paper related to this would be tablet device and he called it 'Dynabook'. This future device's sketch is almost similar to present tablets but having some exceptions related to technology. Dynabook was proposed with both screen as well as keyboard on the same panel side. He also predicted touch screen technology even on those days. In 1989, the founder of Palm, Jeff Hawkins presented GriDPad, the first physical tablet which was having capacitive touch screen and wired stylus for interfacing. It was having around 5 pounds as weight. Thus GRiDPad was heavy, bulky and having short battery life and capacity.

But without the great vision of Steve Jobs, iPad would have not possible and it would have not created such a long desire of tablets in market by users. Today many companies like Google, Apple, MircoSoft, Motorola, Samsung, HTC, Sony etc are trying to fill the expectations of customer in tablet technology. Learn more about Samsung Tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 (Verizon) features/specifications and review and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) features/specifications and review.

All about Tablet computer and its selection for buying

Which tablet computer to buy?- Tablet buying guide

A customer is always having a question which to buy and where and when to buy? How to select right kind of tablet computer for his/her use? One can choose to buy tablet provided he/she knows what actually his/her choice in configurations or specifications. Nowadays, dozens of companies are giving tablets in market with more than sufficient models with high configurations but customer always find difficult which one to buy? They are not in a position to decide which will serve their purpose of buying the tablet.

Many people want to use tablet for browsing the web, playing games online, checking emails, watching the movies and other multi media activities. Today these tablets tries to overcome the high cost of computer and trying to give similar mobile computing experience as computer gives. There are many things to look for when you are going to buy a tablet. One can look at the Upcoming tablets in market this year 2012.

You need to first decide your scope of use, the characterstics, functions and configurations you want. Then comes manufacturing company, operating system, type of touch screen technology, size of tablet, network facility and other multi media features. For operating system one can have choice of Android OS by Samsung, HTC, Motorola etc., Windows OS by Nokia, iOS by Apple and QNX by Blackberry Playbook. Most of the tablets in the tablet market are equipped with Android operating system. Touch screen technology gives two options, one is capacitive touch screens and other is resistive touch screens. Resistive technology requires stylus or any other type of pressure to operate the device while capacitive touch screen works with hand touch only.

There are chances of physical damage in resistive screen types but capacitive always gives satisfactory result but in gaming, resistive screens are better than capacitive because resistive screens can operate with stylus while playing the games. Tablet has main component called Microprocessoror CPU which decides the speed of the device. One can choose to buy tablet with higher processor speed to have nice working experience with tablet. Nowadays processors come with 1GHz and more speed with 1 GB RAM. Memory storage is also one of the critical factor to consider while selecting the tablet. Tablets usually comes with 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB etc storage capacity as interal memory but user can extend the size of memory with the help of microSD memory cards. Choose the network technology that gives better connecitity with WiFi and with both 3G, 4G support.

In addition to all these one need to consider the screen size and resolution in mind when selecting the tablet. Nowadays, tablets are comning in small to large sizes with 7 inch to 10 inch in size. One need to look for better screen resolution while selecting the tablet. Other features like camera which can be front facing or rear camera for both video chat or calling and for photograpy respectively. External USB interface, SIM Support, speaker power, multi media supports should also consider while selecting the right tablet.

So, One can choose to buy the tablet as per his/her requirements not by just imitating others.

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Guest Author: Chris04 Jul 2012

Very informative, this guideline helped me a lot to buy Tablet PCs. Yes, tablet PCs are like half mobile and half computer.

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