How to do SEO after the Google Penguin Update

The recent Google penguin update has hit a number of websites forcing the bloggers to rethink their SEO strategy. People are trying new link building techniques so as to recover their websites that were affected by the update. This post provides detailed information about how to do SEO after Penguin update.

The web spam is more than ever and we can see a number of results in the search engine where the original page is ranked down and the spammy or irrelevant results are ranking up in the search engines. Google in its bid to end the web spam has recently introduced Penguin update to nail out the spam results and the private blog networks. Many SEO webmasters and other networks have to rework their strategies, so as to keep their blog free from the effects from the Penguin. Here are some of the tips which you can consider applying after the introduction of Penguin.

Keyword Placement
The placement of the keywords must be done at some specific places in the article. There are a number of crucial spots within your posts where you should insert your keywords. Some of these positions which include Title, Meta Description, Sparsely located in the Body and in h1, h2 and h3 tags. The overall keyword density must not exceed 4 percent.

Anchor Texts
The technique of using the keywords in the anchor text for the inbound links was being used earlier before the Penguin but the scenario has changed completely. If you are doing guest posting or submitting an article to a reputed article directory then you should use alternative keywords as anchor text for the unbound links.

Avoid Article Directories
The Panda update was mainly made to eliminate the link farms where the text used to have a high density of keywords. Google has stopped paying attention to such article directories and considers them as the content farms. There are a number of blog networks which guarantee to improve your rankings must also be avoided at all costs.

Ensure Relevancy
The Penguin update has laid more stress in the relevancy. A blog of niche sports must link itself to the blog related to sporting good and sports only. Any attempt to link to that blog which doesn't belong to the one's own niche is considered as a spam and as an attempt to influence the search rankings illegally. The keywords must also be relevant to the post in which they are stuffed. Sometimes bloggers in an attempt to earn some extra cash insert the paid text link to generate income from the ads.

Say no to Link Baiting and Link Exchanges
The Google's PageRank algorithm is built on the concept of backlinks where some third party site has its link to your website. People do indulge in illegal ways of buying and selling the links and all these activities have been deemed as illegal and severe punishments have been given to the blogs which were found indulging in the link baiting and link exchanging activities. So, opt for the natural link building activities which are generally slow but the results in the long term are pretty rewarding. Also avoid linking too much to the spammy blog networks and websites. You would be in the danger for an imminent Penguin attack.

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