Top 5 reasons to upgrade to Windows 8

All is now set for release of Windows 8 by Microsoft. But many of you must be thinking why you should prefer Windows 8 to old versions like Windows 7 or Windows XP. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 8.

From the time Microsoft has announced the launch of Windows 8, it has created a boom in the the market. Microsoft's most ambitious project has got mixed responses from the people round the globe; be it the developers or the normal users. Some people find it magnificient while others like the older versions, XP or Windows 7.
Upgrade to Window
There is a continous debate among the users around the world as why should they upgrade to Windows 8 when they are satisfied with the present version. So today, I am listing down some of the points that will compel anyone to give this magnificient upgrade a try.

#1. The Metro UI :

In the consumer preview of Windows 8 released, we can see the look of the desktop similar to the one in Microsoft's very own Windows Phone 7. This new Metro look has completely replaced the old conventional style of the icons that were appearing tiled in the older Windows versions. The Metro look is surely to create a hard-rocking appeal because it's too eye-catching and attractive at the same time.

#2. Windows 8 Applications Store :

Before buying any gadget, the thing we check without fail is the availability of more applications. The more are the applications, the more fun in using the device. Microsoft has come up with its own application store just like Android's Google Play and Nokia's OVI store. You can find various apps in the store. The Applications Store comes inbuilt in Windows 8.

#3. Compatibility with Touch devices :

The Metro style Windows 8 works best with Touch devices. Yes, the design has been made by keeping in mind the growing popularity of the touch screen functionality in the computer market. As a result, Microsoft engineers developed Windows 8 that is completely compatible with touch devices. That doesn't mean Windows 8 doesn't work in conventional way. It works perfectly fine with the keyboard and the mouse as well but the magic of using it with a touch-screen tablet is just spell-bound.

#4. Backward Compatibilty :

There is one more feature added in Windows 8. I think it is a very smart move by Microsoft because if the Metro look fails then also people can use Windows 8. Yes, that's what backward compatibilty does. If you are bored or not getting your hands on the Metro style of Windows 8, you can easily switch back to the conventional style i.e. the tiled arrangement of the icons.

#5. Cloud Services :

This is something beyond expectation that Microsoft has brought. The Cloud Services allows you to stay connected with your friends, view emails and can even view photos on Facebook. You can connect two computers and can exchange data using SkyDrive. What more do you want ?? You can easily get info from the services you connect to like Hotmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger and more.

Final Verdict :
When Windows 8 comes loaded with such hardcore features, then why not atleast give it a try. I am sure we can enjoy using and exploring its new features and functions.

We will get to know more about its features when it is officially released because for now it's just the consumer preview released and so we will get to know all of its features when we get our hands on the full-fledged version. So just keep your fingers crossed and hope that Microsoft has a lot in its kitty to show us.

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Guest Author: direstraits26 Jun 2012


I like your enthusiasm on Windows 8 but I would like to reply with a few comments. I will follow your points:
1. Metro UI: why in all world would I have a desktop which looks like a phone? If I want a phone I ll buy one. It s like designing my motorcycle to look like my car. It s a good idea? I doubt.

2. Windows 8 Application Store: if I have to compare the number of applications from Apple store with the number of applications from Windows store. Which one wins? From those applications which can I really use? MS Office for ARM?

3. Touch devices: again, why should I want to have my desktop touch?? I m a programmer I don't want to fight with my monitors. I cannot think on touching on my screen "debug"button instead of F5. And I debug a lot. Every day.

4. Here you have a point. Backward compatibility is good. But if I want a desktop I ll stay in Windows 7, why to upgrade? Just for tiles? No thanks.

5. Cloud services. They are already in other OS (the first which comes in my mind Ubuntu One). So, what s new in ecosystem? Not too much.

I don't say that Windows 8 will be a failure. Not at all, I m just presenting my point of view: why I will not upgrade to windows 8. Actually it s not so much of an upgrade because I use usually windows on the job. As a big luck I don't use it every day.

Guest Author: Mirchi03 Jul 2012

I like the computer system that goes without Metro UI. I don't like touch integrated in computer system but mobile phone. Writing articles or typing or data process work will be harden in Metro UI.

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