Top 10 iTunes/iPhone/iOS app for accounting purposes

Are you in need of an pocket iOS app to help you keep track of your finances, manage your daily budget or help you get out of your debt? Then read this article to know the best free and extremely cheap apps to give you the best tools to help you keep your budget on track and under check.

With the advent of computer there were softwares to take care of your different needs like professional needs, entertainment needs, and educational needs and so on. Now, we are seeing a phase where the hand held gadgets, that is smartphones and tablets are taking the place of computers and correspondingly we are seeing apps to again take care of our various needs.

So in this article we will cover the various apps for Apple devices to take care of accounting needs. So read on to know our compiled list for the 10 best accounting apps for iOS devices:

  1. Easy Books- iOS accounting app
    Easy books
    Easy Books is an invoice handling and book keeping app for iOS devices. It is designed for individual businessmen. You can keep an organized record of your finances on this app using features like the calculator, prefilled forms and common linked accounts. It keeps track of your entries and helps in refilling of the forms.
    The app is light to use, easy manageable and has security features too. Here are the main features of Easy Books app:
    1. The data can be encrypted and password protected in case you share your phone with others.

    2. It acts like your personal assistant by not only managing your data but also giving timely reports.

    3. You can back-up the data from this app directly to you Mac or other device.

    4. It can calculate the taxes on your sale and purchase if you enter the VAT amount in it

    5. In case you work on charge per hour, then Easy Books app can help you by keeping a tab on the time.

    Cost: Free
    Size: 2.5MB

  2. Quickbooks Mobile
    Quickbooks Mobile
    If you are an accountant then you need no introduction to this app. This is a software designed specifically for accountancy needs and helps you keep the hassles of manually maintaining the accounts away by taking over all the data and calculation management tasks. This is a premium app for iPhone users but if you already have an account with Quickbooks then you can download the software for free.
    Cost: Free
    Size: 5.3MB

  3. Xero iPhone app
    Xero iPhone app
    Xero iPhone app is an extremely useful app for invoicing purposes. If you are an iPhone use then you just don't need to depend on internet or even a computer for an invoice.
    It easy manages you invoice tasks and keeps track of your bank account and credit card account.
    The best feature of this app is that it can be easily integrated into a number of money transaction services like Highrise, Basecamp, Paypal and others.
    Cost: Free
    Size: 1.4MB

  4. Tax Touch
    Tax Touch
    This is basically an information app about taxes and accounting. Designed by Ward Williams, this app works only in UK.

  5. BillTracker
    Bill Tracker
    Everybody has to pay bills even if he has got the minimalistic resources, whether it is phone bills or car bills. However, keeping all those bill receipts and remembering the last date for more of such information about each bill is not a comfortable task.
    However, with iOS app BillTracker, it becomes too easy to keep a track on all your bills and their payments. It helps you tag the bills according to their bill number, due date, payment amount and payment confirmation. Also, you have all this data secured behind a password.

    For recurring bills, BillTracker has a special feature to manage it and to keep the data safe you can easy sync the bill data in a CSV file on your other computing devices or on cloud.
    Cost: £1.99
    Size: 2.2 MB

  6. iExpenseIt
    Are you always wondering why are you still under debt? Or even if you are not under debt wouldn't you
    like an app that can keep track on your money so that you do not go into debt? iExpenseIt is a highly recommended app on iOS for this purpose and its positive ranking by CNN Money, Laptop Magazine and PC World is in itself a big affirmation to its effectiveness.
    iExpenseIt helps you define your budget and keeps track of your daily expenses so that you know when you are exceeding your budget and decide accordingly.
    With a lot of features this app can actually help people get out of their debt by intelligent monitoring of your expenses.
    Some of iExpenseIt's major features are PDF reporting, password lock, and mileage tracking.
    Cost: £2.99
    Size: 8.8MB

  7. Moneywell
    The working of Moneywell accounting app is quite similar to iExpenseit. It helps you set a budget and then keeps track of your expenses to help you spend in limits. After all, in today's world, the young are known to be loose about their pocket especially whenever they see a new gadget or stylish clothes.
    With it being so simple to fall in debt by over spending and the further laziness to make a daily track of your expenses, Moneywell app provides an excellent platform to monitor your daily expenses and keep out of the net of debt. The specialty of this app is its unique interface.
    Cost: $9.99
    Size: 5.6MB

  8. ExpenSense
    This app is a complete mini accountant for you. It not only keeps a tab on your expenses but also manages bank transfers. ExpenSense is an iOS app that can analyze your debt and as well as your assets and at such a low price is probably the best bargain for a personal accountant to manage your account and finances.
    Cost: $0.99
    Size: 4.4MB

  9. Accounts Checkbook
    Account Checkbook
    This app allows you to keep track of your account by keeping a tab on your income and expenses. Review your income and expenditure by category or summary and also monitor the account in graphical format.
    Very few of the accounting apps available in iTunes store have the feature to review you account by way of graphical reports or allow searching for your transactions in such an effective manner.
    Cost: $1.99
    Size: 2.0MB

  10. Debt Snowball Pro
    Debt Snowball Pro
    If you are already in debt and need to manage your finances then this is just the app for you.
    It helps you manage your debt by analyzing your debt amount, balance, interest rate, and monthly payments, and prepare a plan to help you pay of your debt by still maintaining you basic standard of living.
    Cost: $2.99
    Size: 0.8MB

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