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Read about the game Dear Esther and know what this game has in for you. Watch its review and walkthrough and know how to play Dear Esther. Know the pros and cons of Dear Esther game and make your decision whether Dear Esther is worth you time

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Dear Esther isn't really a game, and if you try to approach it like a game, speeding as fast as you can and giving the storyline only a fraction of your attention, you'll quit in frustration by the end of the first level. Dear Esther isn't built to be rushed; it's made to be explored. Think of it like a piece of beautiful music; something to be savored for its peaks and lows.

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The pitch is simple; you're a man on an island in the Hebrides, starting on the coast and moving inexorably towards a radio tower on the other side. You aren't told your identity, nor your goal or the reason to pursue it; in fact, as the experience develops, you may begin to doubt whether you even have a goal. It could be that it's more of a destination than an aim, like death.

Moving around the island, you experience the story —with 'experience' being the appropriate term to describe the way you're pushed deliberately into the passenger seat of this stow-motion ride. Some of the plot comes through ambiently, expressed through the collision of muted browns and fierce — blues, as welt as via graffiti on a hillside and flotsam washed ashore.

The bulk of it is more direct, though, if equally open to interpretation, such as the bursts of half-crazed dialogue spat out by the nameless narrator through whose eyes you're exploring. You don't know his name, much less if he can be trusted to speak the truth.

This is where we meet the first of two dilemmas posed by Dear Esther — whether or not to explain anything more about it. Dear Esther is a hypnotic game to experience, with moments of fierce dread and unnameable hope, but to tell you too much about the concept would be enough to shatter the fragile balance developers Robert Briscoe and Dan Pinchbeck have struck. It's fair to tell you that this is an odd type of adventure, with no combat to win or puzzles to solve, but anything more than that would be a betrayal.

Instead, it's sufficient to say that Dear Esther is a somber and melancholy experience — moods all too rare in this industry and which feel more powerful for that fact. Dear Esther may not offer much to do, but it presents its assets both fearlessly and without error. No other game will make you spend minutes considering a traffic cone washed up on a beach.

The second dilemma presented by Dear Esther is harder to resolve; that it's short and lacking in replay value, that it's worth comes purely from abstract values and that its deliberately slow in a way that may frustrate some people. If you're the sort to punch through problems and are averse to new ideas, this isn't for you; Dear Esther needs you to listen if it's going to work.

It's the Low price point that proves the saving grace on this second front, as it's hard to argue with the cost whether you're sitting on the Love it or hate it side of the divide — and it will be one or the other. Dear Esther is a fascinating and important glimpse of what this medium can offer when it sheds the shackles of convention and aims for something more than just bright lights and force feedback, The tact that it costs less than a tenner merely helps to soften the Loss for those who don't get it, while making it more attractive for those who are brave enough to try.

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Specifications of Dear Esther

Price: £9.99
Publisher: The Chinese Room
Developer: The Chinese Room
Website: http//

Pros of Dear Esther game

• The game is intriguing and unusual
• The game has an attractive and detailed story line
• The sceneries are beautiful
• The narration is randomized and re-playable.

Cons of Dear Esther

• The game time of two hours is very long.
• The rest of game is eclipsed by the cave area
• Sometimes the design of the level results in a dead-end.

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