How to play Postal 3 action game- review and walkthrough

Read the tips on how to play the Xbox action game Postal 3. Read the pros and cons of the game and also read the review and walkthrough of Postal 3 action game. Read how to play Postal 3 and the features, developer and price of Postal 3 game

Postal 3The fact that Postal 3 is monstrously distasteful isn't a surprise when you consider the series' history. Postal 2 became infamous for Letting you use kittens as unwilling silencers, so it's utterly predictable that the sequel has to dial it up another depraved notch. This is only the first of many problems to plague the game though; the jokes are so obvious that they're deprived of the shock value they need to actually work.

With no element of surprise to support it, Postal 3 quickly progresses from an exercise in bad taste to being just plain bad. Missions range from tuning protesting hockey mums out of the mall to collecting HIV-infected cats before the local Korean restaurant serves them as dinner. The only uniting thread between the two is the fact that neither manages to rustle a laugh from even the sickest appreciators. There are no guilty giggles to be had, just eyes to be rolled and a constant temptation to pursue a refund.

Even when the unquestionable content is shoved aside, though, there's a swathe of other issues that prevent Postal 3 from being enjoyable on even a purely mechanical level. It's simply one of the worst third-person shooters we've played with combat made dreary thanks to a lack of feedback, stiff animations and clumsy controls that see The Postal Dude and his allies loping through boxy levels Like broken Barbie dolls.

Technical issues compound the problems further, including sound effects that regularly fail to play and hit detection so inaccurate that even short-ranged weapons such as the Badgersaw often miss their mark. When a game's arsenal includes insane, rabid badgers in harnesses and the violence is still a tedious affair then it's clear that something's seriously wrong. The fact that Postal 3 is built on Valve's Source Engine doesn't help either, as becomes easy to compare it to Dear Esther and the masses of free mods on the Web.

Postal 3 was announced in 2005 and has had three professional studios working on it, yet this is the most the teams can offer after seven years of development? The only really new feature that elevates Postal 3 above the previous games is the introduction of formalized Good and Bad paths through the game, but even these are so transparently terrible that they're unworthy of anything but a passing mention. The Good path involves working with the local police force and using non-lethal weapons, while the Bad path tells the same tale from the other perspective.

Publisher Akella may attempt to defend the game by saying that it's deliberately offensive, but even assuming there's legitimacy in that stance, Postal 3 still lacks quality and polish. It isn't big, it isn't clever and it isn't any good either.

Walkthrough of Postal 3 action game

Other Specifications of Postal 3

Price: £25.99
Publisher: Akella
Developer: Running With Scissors

Pros of Postal 3

• The game offers functional shooting.
• The weapons in the game are creative.
• The occasional jokes in the game are good and funny.

Cons of Postal 3

• The objectives in the game are highly repetitive.
• The game is buggy, not funny and badly designed.
• The game lacks quality and polish.

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