How to play Xbox The Darkness 2 game- Review and walkthrough

Read the review and know the tips on how to play the Xbox game Drakness 2. Know the pros and cons of the game and tips on how to proceed in the game. Read the features of the Xbox game Darkness 2 and know all about this game

Jackie Estacado may have been drawn from a comic book series, but he isn't like most superheroes. Nor is he a super villain. He's more like a whirlwind of super-ambivalence
— a demonically-empowered mob boss who just wants to be left alone to brood over his murdered girlfriend. Fate naturally has other plans in mind, manifesting as a mystical brotherhood determined to rip the demon from him, but all Jackie wants is some silence in which to grieve — and that grief becomes the driving force of the game The Darkness II.

It's an emotion that developer Digital Extremes isn't shy about exploring in rude detail either, with Jackie's experience often alternating between moments of crazed ultra-gore and times of Zen-Like stillness. Gunfights collapse into minute-long flashbacks, while early rampages end with a return home to light a candle in Jenny's honor .
The Darkness 2
The Darkness 2 isn't just a game about grief, however. It's about fury too—these islands of calm dissipate or take on a sinister bent as Jackie gives in to his demons more and more on his quest for freedom. As he's pushed closer to the edge he starts to question his sanity, while also learning more about what makes him special.

As the tonal pace of the game changes, so does the mechanical. Jackie consumes the hearts of his enemies to unlock new powers for the demon tentacles that arch from his back. Before long, he can rend enemies limb from limb, possess his demonic familiar or channel dark energy into his weapons thanks to the collectable, if in-congruent, relics that litter the world.

This mix of powerful emotions and weird abilities makes The Darkness 2 feel all the more touching, in a way that you wouldn't expect given the subject matter and penchant for fine leather jackets. Jackie is like the Hulk; a sympathetic character who you want to succeed even though he's not a conventional hero nor, when you get right down to it, is he very likable.

The only detraction from this comes from the way the developer sometimes hams up the violence and language to the point of near-parody.

Again, these narrative problems are mirrored in the feature-set too, as Jackie's vast array of powers sometimes becomes unwieldy. It isn't uncommon to find yourself accidentally switching weapons mid- tight, picking up and dual-wielding SMGs when you'd intended to slash an enemy or grab a car door for a shield. We found ourselves often relying on just a handful of simple but effective tactics as a result.

A new co-operative mode called Vendettas has also been added, letting up to four players explore new missions and weapons. It's best saved for after the single-player game, though, as it will take you that Long to master the core powers. Besides, it's the emotional punch and raw style of Jackie's story that makes The Darkness 2 such a surprising and worthy game. You'll want to experience that first.

Graphics of The Darkness II

The Darkness 2 employs a new art style Digital Extremes calls 'Graphical Noir' as a visual nod to the comic book origins of the series. Rather than using a cel-shader effect as seen in games such as Ubisoft's XIII, The Darkness 2 is built from hand-drawn textures where individual pen strokes are clearly visible. The result looks amazing, while also preserving a level of detail and color clarity that could have been lost under a shader effect.

The Darkness 2 walkthrough

Other Specifications of Xbox The Darkness 2 game

Price: £ 39.99
Publisher: 2K Games
Developer: Digital Extremes

Pros of The Darkness 2 game

• Stylized graphics and empowering game play
• The action is fast-paced and never lets up
• The story is very intriguing till the end with brilliant comic-book style
• Fabulous graphics, dialogue and acting
• The game is well balanced and has flexible combat

Cons of The Darkness 2 game

• The game is short-lived relatively
• The boss fights are poor
• One loses their way in the story
• It is a weak multi player game

Ratings: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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