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Radioactive Software's president, lead programmer and artist, Danny Green may be the most hardworking man in the games industry. However, as he presents Gettysburg and describes his process of making the game, it becomes clear that there should be even more titles after his name. Green is a one-man army of game development, creating a 64-player 3D RTS and First-person shooter hybrid where most small studios would settle for making a five-level Flash game.

As a concept, Gettysburg- Armoured Warfare is a simple fusion of strategy and action conventions; two teams face off against each other using huge armies that players can either direct from an aerial command view, or control directly from the heart of the action. As in other games that have explored this idea, such as Dungeon Keeper, possessing forces individually allows greater flexibility and creativity on a personal level, while a strategic viewpoint gives you more raw power.
Gettysburg- Armoured Warfare 2
Thematically, however, Gettysburg- Armoured Warfare is very distant from any other RTS in recent memory, basing itself in the American Civil War but providing a futuristic time-travel twist. This new mix of steam punk weaponry and old-fashioned muskets means that not only are units more exciting to control, but there's also a greater variety on offer. Gatling emplacements, tanks, zeppelins, cavalry and steamboats are just some of the forces on offer, with the range of content again pointing to how hard Green has worked on the project.

The armies are just a part of the story though; the battlefields are equally interesting. It's an this point that Green is at his most humble, proclaiming that he thinks the levels (each of which is 9 km2 in size) are the worst part of the game and actually a little dull.

There is a scorecard which shows the kills and deaths but it relevance is lost when you can drop of any unit if it is about to die. Animations are not satisfactory and the aiming is even worse. There is a sand boxed feeling in the game; there is no feel of winning or losing in the game. All you enjoy is ramming the tank in a building or shelling your enemy insanely. Frankly there is nothing to keep you interested in the game. The charge of 8 Pounds really pinches then.

The game has introduced a drag-and-drop level editor that enables the community to effortlessly share games through Steam's cloud services. You'll even be able to overlay your own images onto a map and use them as tracing paper. It doesn't look like there's anything wrong with the levels anyway.

Instead, the only issues with Gettysburg- Armoured Warfare is the restraint placed on it by Green's singular focus. There's huge scope for an epic strategy campaign, but it will instead debut as an essentially multilayer-only game —with single-player content limited to an offline skirmish mode against rudimentary AI.

There are also no buildings to garrison, and we're not sure how well future and past units will be balanced. Gettysburg- Armoured Warfare is balanced with raw numbers — muskets come in squads; assault rifles come as individuals, and this may not work as planned. There's no saying as to what might be introduced in the last few months before release.

In short, just don't buy this game, even if have a lot of extra money, better to donate it to charity. Totally worthless game.

Other Specifications of Gettysburg- Armoured Warfare

Released: Mid-2012
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Developer: Radioactive Software
Price: 8 Pounds
Rating: 1/2 out of 5 stars

Pros of Gettysburg- Armoured Warfare

• The gameplay design is unique
• A distinct feel is associated with each unit has
• It has a huge scope for an epic strategy campaign

Cons of Gettysburg- Armoured Warfare

• The game lacks enough variety.
• Bots are too easy to gun down.
• Very little addition of rank system and army
• Presence of crippling bugs when the game boots.
• Limited single-player content

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