How to play Jagged Alliance: Back in Action game- review and walkthrough

Read the walkthrough review of the action game Jagged Alliance: Back in Action and know the pros and cons of this game. Know what all is interesting in this game and how to play this game. Read the tips and tricks to play this game and a lot more about Jagged Alliance: Back in Action game.

If we asked you to describe your favorite PC games from the past, which words would you use? Empowering? Vast? Well, these words exactly fit Jagged Alliance: Back in Action

Technically a remake of Jagged Alliance, Back in Action applies the usual spit-polish update by adding 3D graphics and a modern gloss to what was a classic isometric strategy game. Your mission is the same as before — to depose the dictator of a fictional nation and reinstate the exiled monarch through violent revolution. Your tools? A team of hand-picked mercenaries and whatever locals you can rally to your side. That means you'll have to start small with guerilla tactics and few men, but you'll eventually build a government-toppling movement.
Jagged Alliance: Back in Action game
It all looks well and good for fans of the series, but a closer inspection reveals a host of changes that conflict directly with what's been carried over from the original. Developer bitComposer has oddly kept most of the Level layouts, for example, but changed the action from turn-based to mostly real-time. The result is a subtle, but persistently uncomfortable mess of influences — like playing levels from Thief as Duke Nukem —and while the option to pause combat and queue up commands helps, it doesn't totally alleviate the issue.
Jagged Alliance: Back in Action game 2
Fans of the series could say the game needs to return to a turn-based structure, but for us, the issue isn't the change of pace but the Lack of adaptation to suit that change. Plentiful auto-pause options let you customize the pace to a degree, but the gap between the game design and interface design remains significant, as there's simply no way to feasibly play Jagged Alliance without constant pausing anyway.

Further niggles abound, ranging from huge gaps in the documentation to the lack of difficulty settings that could let you scale the revolution to your desires. Mercenaries are prone to dying of stupidity too, claiming they can't manage attacks that the interface insists are sure fire victories, or getting stuck in reloading loops that mean they never shoot. It's enough to frustrate even the most patient player and, since we can't claim to be that, it's no surprise that we regularly found ourselves quitting the game. There's only so many times we can tolerate dying because our men clambered onto the roof, rather than breaching the building as instructed.

And yet once our tempers cooled, we had an urge to return. Jagged Alliance: Back in Action may be tough going and often unfair, but it flows Like poetry when it works. Some maneuvers, such as placing a sniper on a rooftop opposite your opponent and then flushing enemies into his line of fire by Lobbing a grenade through a window, prove that there's grace in a well-executed plan.

The more you play Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, the more this aspect shines through and the more you find yourself Liking the game. It's admittedly hard work for newcomers to reach that point, and series acolytes may have a hard time forgiving changes such as the Loss of fog of war, but it proves to be ultimately worth it. Back in Action maybe rough around the edges and suffer from a few glaring flaws, such as the Lack of guidance when moving troops around the country, but underneath, it's a game that's been earnestly and accurately formed in the fashion of a 1990s classic, warts and all.

Graphics comparison of Jagged Alliance

Those of you who haven't played a previous Jagged Alliance game may not be aware of its heritage as a strategy series, but it's sufficient to say that the franchise offered some of the best tactical combat action of the 1990s. Despite being a Long-running series that's been swapped between several different companies over the years, starting with Sir-Tech Software in 1994 and ending with Kalypso Media now, Back in Action is the first truly 3D game in the series. All previously released games in the series had a top-down or isometric view, and another 3D entry in the series struggled to get off the ground.

Despite the 3D graphics, though, there isn't much in terms of graphical customization on offer in Back in Action. In-game options are Limited to Terrain Detail, Texture Resolution and Shader Accuracy, all of which have only a Low or High option. We tinkered with these and you can see the screenshots on the right, but the only one that had any noticeable impact on fidelity was Terrain Detail — setting this to Low resulted in more blurred Landscape textures and less smooth geometry.

Meanwhile, Shader Accuracy had only a negligible impact, changing just a handful of shadow and explosion effects. We tailed to spot any impact as a result of changing the Texture Resolution, although this may be because we were using a recently completed version of the game that hadn't yet been released.

Performance-wise, we had no issues running Back in Action on any of our systems and had no technical trouble with the game at all This is hardly surprising, though, as the recommended requirements for the game are fairly middle-of-the-road — a 2.4GHz CPU, 4GB of RAM and a Radeon HD 5850 or GeForce GTX 460 or better, with 768 MB of VRAM.

Other Specifications

Pnce: £29.99 including VAT
Publisher: Katypso Media
Developer: btComposer
Website: www.jggedalliance.ccm
Positives: Many gears to customize and gears to purchase, combat is fun
Negatives: Difficulty levels are too tough, camera angles not accurate, problematic real time elements.

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