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How to play Facebook game Candy Crush Saga walkthrough and review

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Read the review of the game Candy Crush and know the pros and cons of Facebook game Candy Crush. Read how to play this game and what all are the cool features of this game. Read the tips to play Candy Crush and a lot more about this game in this review

Pros and cons of Candy Crush game
Pros: Laudable presentation, requires use of mind rather than just a good eye
Cons: Automated hint system is overactive, it looks as if the power-ups can be purchased but it is not the case


Tips to play Candy Crush Saga: review and walkthrough

Sometimes even knowing the genre will not be of much help to you. Candy Crush Saga is a game pertaining to the genre of match 3 games but having the hands on approach of other match 3 games wouldn't be much help for you to play this game. This game is entirely different from other match 3 games like Bejeweled Blitz or collapse where the jewels or building parts as is the item respectively would be falling and you have to make pairs of three. Instead in candy crush saga, you are provided with fixed board with a lot of candies of varied shapes are provided and you are required to solve the puzzling objectives to get the points. So you see it's more of a thinking man's game. Now let us peek into the insights of the game.
Candy Crush 1
In Candy Crush you are provided with a fixed board and you are required to achieve the objectives you are given by arranging the candies and thereby you proceed to the next level if you successfully complete one level and achieve the puzzling objective. Level by level you have to proceed in the game till you reach the sixty fifth level as only sixty five levels are provided at the launch.
Candy Crush 2
Initially, you would be asked to reach up to some particular scores in a specified number of moves. But as you proceed you can actually feel the heat of the game. As you would be able to see in some of the levels that you would be provided with some ingredients among the candies and you would be required to lower the ingredients to the bottom of the board, this should be done really carefully and safely as it will take your life if it gets destroyed.

In some levels of Candy Crush you would be getting some spaces having jelly in them instead of candies and you would be required to get rid of it's gumminess before you proceed in the game. But in addition to this what creates the real headache is the fact that you have to complete each level in a specified number of moves which makes your number of moves restricted. So in candy crush rather than doing random moves, you are required to perform the right moves which will help you to get the actual result.

Another aspect of gaming in Candy Crush that has to be dealt here its addictiveness; it is really an addictive game where you are actually glued to the game of the next best possible move. One of the greatest aspects of this game is that you are not disturbed for money every now and then as is the case in most of the Facebook games. In the game each player is provided with five lives and when you lose one board you only lose one life. So the point is even if you lose five times in a row you would be spending around a 15- 20 minutes in the entire process so it can prove to be a great pastime. Once you have lost all your lives, it takes some thirty minutes to regain each life. So if you don't want to play the whole game in one sitting, then it can be great game for you. Obviously continuing the Facebook culture what is the point if you are allowed to play the whole game in one sitting so you are provided a break of thirty minutes so that you can continue your game after every thirty minutes. In the game of Candy Crush you are also provided with energy ups which will be actually initiated and accumulated during the course of the game making it a really great option.

So on the whole, has actually put in a great effort to remove the line that differentiates the normal games and the Facebook games with its latest addition Candy Crush Saga. After the titles like Bubble Witch Saga, this is a great addition to the titles of It will keep you glued and make you go gooey with excitement as it is a really addictive magnum opus.

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Responses to "How to play Facebook game Candy Crush Saga walkthrough and review"
Guest Author: Jackie Giallanzo   19 Jun 2012
I have been on the same Level (35) for two weeks now, and I play night and day. How could this be. The game is not fun anymore. In inventing this game, I don't understand how you can make a game so hard and difficult for a person to get out of each level. I can understand a few days but two weeks. I also understand that there are other people who have been on the same level for over a month. To me this is not worth it. I am actually getting sick playing. And I have followed the directions and tricks on how to play and still nothing. I think this is very unfair. I will not be playing anymore!!!!!!

Guest Author: Terrie   26 Jun 2012
How do you get tickets in this game?

Guest Author: Lorna   16 Jul 2012
I have been on the same level for a week now, the one that is a timed level. You need to get 40,000 points in 60 sec. It is impossible to get 40,000 points when you can't move until the candt stops dropping. Its waist time. Even if I am on the opposite side of the falling candy it won't let me move again until all the candy stops moving. Does anybody know how to get past this problem?

Guest Author: grace griffith   07 Aug 2012
i have been playing level 19 for the pass 3 days and can't seem to get pass there it is getting really bothersome.

Guest Author: siv   22 Aug 2012
I feel the same way about that level. I can't get passed it :-)

Guest Author: siv   22 Aug 2012
i feel the same way about that level. i can't get passed it :(

Guest Author: Christine Ahearn   07 Sep 2012
I agree. I have been stuck on one level for 4 days and it makes me not want to continue to try, as it seems almost impossible.

Guest Author: Patti   06 Oct 2012

Guest Author: janet   13 Oct 2012
I have been stuck on #20 and I win but never move forward. What do I do?

Guest Author: Joan Densmore   05 Nov 2012
How do I get ticket to contue?

Author: Webmaster  05 Nov 2012   Member Level: Gold   Points : 1
I did not play all the levels but after so many messages I started playing it again in the hope to help you.
So here is the status- I have stopped playing it again because just like you guys I have also got stuck!

Guest Author: linda barber   12 Dec 2012
How do you send gifts in candy crush?

Guest Author: paulinegay   15 Dec 2012
I stopped playing when I realised the only real intention is to get other people to play...because there are times when one can go no what is the point...

I started again as my friends requested and the same thing again so now i am crushed by Candy and don't want any more... So no shopping for me at the CAndy Store..

Guest Author: BethGriff65   16 Dec 2012
I am on level 45 in candy crush saga , now when I use up my lives I dont get anymore of those ads i used to get to earn free lives by watching the ad, why is that? How do I get them back, all my friends still get them. Thanks

Guest Author: Carol   10 Jan 2013
How do you obtain the lives sent to you by friends? When I have 5 and am asked to accept the gifts, it will not add to them and if I go back they are gone. What's the point in them?

Guest Author: Julie   16 Jan 2013
Where do the lives go when friends give them? I don't notice my five lives increase or refill after I go through them. For example, I was given nine lives by friends. I played through my five lives but when those were gone, they weren't replenished with the lives given to me. What am I missing?

Guest Author: norma   17 Jan 2013
I use to get a daily gift box in the corner of the screen and I have not seen it so have not received my daily gift since December. I also am accepting the extra life from friends but am not receiving them.

Like others I am stuck on 35 for over a week. Ridiculous. Am ready to quit the game altogether

Guest Author: JoJo   23 Jan 2013
I JUST finally finished level 35 after countless attempts over the last few days. It was driving me absolutely crazy. The only real tip I have is to focus on those 4 corner spots from the first move on. I would sometimes give up better moves if necessary, because those are what will trip you up every game. The other thing I finally realized - I could not win the game without acquiring numerous sprinkle candies. So, I started to focus on getting 5 in a row, instead of settling for 4 in a row. Again, I gave up other moves to make that happen. Once I really focused on making that happen, I won within just a few more tries.

Guest Author: Ethel   27 Jan 2013
I am in #50 can't get out. Absolutely no moves can be made but still have 8 moves left exiting is impossible candies flash but the colors that are flashing would not make a move. Colors don't line up as they should. Am I frozen. The music still plays. What to do. HELP me. Thanks

Guest Author: lester martin   27 Jan 2013
this game will not let me send or receive help requests

Guest Author: Rhonda Roden   30 Jan 2013
I have been o level 20 for weeks. I am playing with a girl that has the same name as me. I tkink the game has me confused with her. I was in the lead but friends are passing me up. How do i get level 21. Love to play but getting very aggravated.HELP HELP

Guest Author: Barbara   01 Feb 2013
I keep receiving lives from friends but when I accept they do not show up for me to use. Anyone else having this problem and how do I get it fixed.

Guest Author: Jennifer   03 Feb 2013
How do you send lives to friends in this game? I receive them but how do I send them?

Guest Author: jules   03 Feb 2013
Giving and sending lives is fake; you get 5 lives per half hour - that's it; I don't know anybody who is getting more lives. Some people are just plain better at playing. I got a friend hooked while I've been stuck on level 23 and she has buzzed right past me!

Guest Author: carol   07 Feb 2013
how do you get a ticket and how do you give one

Guest Author: teresa   08 Feb 2013
iI extra lives tonight but not received them - where do they go?

Guest Author: JJ   10 Feb 2013
Getting lives is not a fake. Look in your messages. People CAN send them. However, don't add them/open them until you have used your existing ones and only keep 5 at a time up.

Guest Author: tess holzer   10 Feb 2013
How do I give a person lives or a ticket, in the game of candy crush?tess.holzer

Guest Author: Norma   16 Feb 2013
I have been given extra lives by friends but they disappear, I only ever start with 5 lives and once they are gone they are gone. What happens to lives given or received, please reply, this is driving me crazy.......

Author: Ankit  16 Feb 2013   Member Level: Diamond   Points : 0
Lives can be max 5 only, only if you are short of them will you be able to receive more.

Guest Author: Cheryl winkle   17 Feb 2013
I finally got to 36 after 10 or more days on 35. How do I get let in to 36. My picture is there but it doesn't come up it went back to 31 and I had to work my way again. People have sent me on my request lives or tickets not sure. It let me use them all. It said 5 and full but I couldn't move to 36. Now all my lives in the heart are gone. Please tell me about tickets and how I can access 36.

Guest Author: Nancy Sober   01 Mar 2013
How do you send gifts? People send me gifts and I do not know how to send any back.

Guest Author: wombi   13 Mar 2013
i too am on level 35 have come soclose to finishing but still having fun with it.......can anyone tell me is there a way to earn more gold? if you want to buy the ticket to pass it costs gold

Guest Author: stu   16 Mar 2013
As soon as i run out of lives the game asks me to buy more lives. This game has been designed to get players addicted on the early levels and then charge you to progress just like the other %99 of facebook games. Games like these are designed as pay to win and net companies like this millions in profits. Do yourself a favor and go and buy a game for a one time payment that you can play for the rest of your life free. Don't be conned by games that claim to be "free" because they clearly are not.

Guest Author: Jackie   21 Mar 2013
I have cleared all the jelly on level 35 but still on level 35. Have received tickets from friends in hope to progress to level 36. Clicked on ticket but still on level 35 and ticket gone.
How do I redeem tickets to get to level 36??

Guest Author: Helen   23 Mar 2013
completed level 35 how do I get let in on level 36?

Guest Author: Tara   16 Apr 2013
I am on level 130 and I am not sure what I am suppose to be getting. Can anyone help

Guest Author: Nee Nee Deebo   20 Apr 2013
Where do I find tournaments at?

Guest Author: Fred   22 Apr 2013
What do I need to do on level 130?

Guest Author: Kathy   23 Apr 2013
I'm on 35 passed it now I have to have a ticket for the next level where is the ticket stupid

Guest Author: Barbara   02 May 2013
Just started playing with no idea on how this game works. The first level I was able to move the candies easily by dragging them to make the match. After that it mentioned making T and L shaped matches but I can no longer drag the candies. How do I make the matches now? I am not stupid but a basic explanation of how it works would have been helpful.

Guest Author: MM   03 May 2013
I'm deleting this app. Don't EVER play games but I liked the challenge, now it's
Just ridiculous and no fun that it takes so many
Attempts to pass certain levels! Over it.

Guest Author: Sally   05 May 2013
When my daughter plays on her I-pad or phone, she has a message folder. When she runs out of lives, she can access her messages and get the other lives. Why does Facebook not have a message folder for Candy Crush? Basically, I can only get a life if someone sends me one mid-game.

Guest Author: MickeyG   13 May 2013
I am quitting this game... I can't figure out how to get the lives my friends send me AND they are NOT getting the ones I send them. Is this a game you are playing to see how many we will send knowing it's a HOAX??

Guest Author: js   14 May 2013
Stopped paying- too repetitious and you can never win unless your spend money. guess that is the point

Guest Author: PAULA DRAPER   30 May 2013
I have been stuck on level 70, for a few weeks now and cannot find a way out, it's very depressing and no fun at the moment. It's a game and should be fun to play, but some of the levels are ridiculously hard to finish, any ideas on how to win this game before the chocolate takes over me altogether.

Guest Author: Selena   02 Jun 2013
I love the game myself. I didn't understand how to get lives or board to the next level. You have to request tickets from the people who play the game or your friends on fb this is for tickets/lives as well. I am on board 78 and you just have to take your time and get the right combination of colors to set up,then you can unlock the board and score big points. My cousin taught me how to play the game.

Guest Author: linlin   02 Jun 2013
Someone stated this game does not ask for money all the time. well, it has been asking me all the time for money then when I buy credits. Do not know where they go. I cannot tell I bought credits. I think they are a rip off and I will not be playing any more..

Guest Author: Laura Platt   04 Jun 2013
I am at 70, makes no sense to me....when the chocolate starts to fill on right side and now way to match anything, I get out...losing interest....lose 5 lives it is over, I refuse to buy anything.... it was interesting up to now, but what is to come.... can anyone tell me how to do this one....

Guest Author: Mary Hammock   05 Jun 2013
When lives are given, do not accept them till you have lost your 5 lives. You can't bank the extra. I am up to 86. My daughter is at one hundred something. You do not have to buy anything. Ask friends for lives- it does not cost them a thing.
If someone asks you for a life or help to go to next level, say yes. It takes concentration. You have to figure out how each level goes and some really need you to make big moves. I have been stuck for days and just keep trying during my free time.
It is more challenging than bejeweled!

Guest Author: Dawn   20 Jun 2013
I do not understand why you cannot store the lives you are sent by friends. What about the posts I get for 100 free lives? Where do they go? One of my friends did it the same time I did and she got hers but I didn't. What is the point of sending and receiving if you cant use the darn things?

Guest Author: Linda Barnwell   21 Jun 2013
I'm up in the 120's and these two round purple candies appear in the left corner. The has no purple candies and I'm supposed to get 5 . Please let me know where to find the purple ones. Thanks

Guest Author: debbie sawyer   03 Jul 2013
After 4 weeks finally completed level 35, honestly thought I would never do it, as someone previously mentioned best to concentrate on corners and the bottom row. How do I get onto level 36....tempted to pay the 69p unless anyone knows another way

Guest Author: Hester Blabac   07 Jul 2013
Where do people get letters other than the ones shown on the board

Guest Author: Karen   23 Jul 2013
Why cant I open candy crush on my Kindle fire or my android phone?

Guest Author: lanette   04 Aug 2013
I have extra moves!!! how do you used them when I try to use nothing happen can you please tell how to use them

Author: Ankit  05 Aug 2013   Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

I am not sure about that. It is working fine on my Galaxy S Duos.

Guest Author: At   24 Aug 2013
I am stuck on 35. Several times said I passes to 36, but won't let me, goes back to 35 saying need 362600 target pints, so, if I don't get that many, I can't pass? So frustrated!

Guest Author: Cyn   25 Aug 2013
Please tell me how to make the 'packet sweets'. I need to get 6 of them on level 135 if I get any its by accident.

Guest Author: Dawn   28 Aug 2013
I finished 20 and need to go to 21 but am not able to. What do I do.

Guest Author: linda   13 Oct 2013
i am stuck on level 45 i can get all the jelly except the one in middle can someone help with level how do u get jelly in middle

Guest Author: valerie   27 Oct 2013
i also had the hardest time on level 35. finnaly i just started trying everything. i just clicked on ask friends on facebook or something to that sort and the next think i knew i was on level 36. see if that helps..............

Guest Author: moe c   10 Nov 2013
can you get gold bars without paying for them? there should be some way to win or earn them. it seems without gold bars you can only go so far.

Author: Ankit  15 Dec 2013   Member Level: Diamond   Points : 0
That would be just hacking into the game, isn't it? ;)
Share it with us if you can do it!

Guest Author: Lucy Toso   29 Mar 2014
Is anyone familiar with the "tooth fairy" that appears to allow you to progress when stuck? When and at what point does she appear? She has shown twice after a considerable time at being locked on certain levels. My friend and I seem to be the only two players associated with the fairy.

Guest Author: Dennis Flanaagan   20 Apr 2014
What is an "order"?

Guest Author: Janet   06 Jun 2014
I have been stuck with 2 jellies left sometimes one jellies, it's driving me nuts. It's like it dosen't want you to go forward when you get to a certain spot.

Guest Author: Michaela Richardson   14 Oct 2014
I would like to share with you a website that teach you cheats and tricks for candy crush saga:

Guest Author: Kristine Rybicki   10 Jul 2015
Having trouble with Candy Crush Saga 43. Need to get 50,000 points in one minute. Seems not possible. Any ideas how to get through it?


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