PC tower defense hybrid game- Cubemen review

Read the review of the game Cubemen and know the pros and cons of the game. Read what all is good in the game and if it is worth your money and time. Read how to play this and proceed in this game along with a lot more tips and complete review of this game

Pros and cons of Cubemen game
Pros: Simplistic approach, tower defense game with a interestingly different approach of cube based game design
Cons: Graphics are dull with empty spaces showing up as dull gray
Developer: Three Sprockets
Cubemen logo

Detailed review of PC tower defense game Cubemen

Have you ever wondered why Chess boards have vessels in black vs. white color? Or why it is already butter vs. margarine? These are some matchups which have been there since time immemorial and defy any reason or logic for their being against each other. In video games, you might have noticed or not, but most multiplayer games come out with red and blue teams. This combination has been ingrained into our heads and in Three Sprockets new tile Cubemen too we can see the same color combinations of men standing against each other.

Cubemen is a tower defense/RTS hybrid game which takes its title seriously and has the whole game designed on cub shapes. Starting from the towers to your men, all are cube shaped making the Cubemen title name appropriate. It is a strategy based game where you have to protect your base from the approaching hoard of enemies. You have to deploy your Cubemen at strategic locations which decide the result of the game. Though your Cubemen can't be upgraded, it is not necessary that you keep them at the same location where you placed them initially. Pick anyone of your Cubemen and place them wherever you any number of times. As the game progresses the enemies continue to push your Cubemen further until they are destroyed.

The single player mode has 6 levels and is like any other tower defense game. As mentioned above, the game interface is completely designed and composed on cubes with bridges, floating cube platforms and elevated portions. There is no shortage of design varieties and you will always find something interesting or strategic to use, like the elevated portions add to your defense value.
Cubemen 1
The main attraction of the game is the Skirmish mode where you are up against the AI or another player. Here you practically play two games until someone's base is destroyed. Cubemen has 20 different levels specifically designed for this mode, so, these levels along with the single player modes, are enough to keep you busy while playing the game.

As one might except with all cube game play, the graphics of the game are too simple. In fact at a few places it looks simple to a level of fault. For example the floating cubes against pure dark grey background look incomplete. Even a little texture to this grey area would have done the trick but as it is, it looks very dull. The shadowing looks okay and there are a few colors here and there which looks okay going with the simplicity of the game but this does mean that it is going to get no appreciation for its graphics. The good thing about this simplicity is that it needs minimal resources on the system and therefore runs without any glitches.

The developers at Three Sprockets have created a fine tower defense hybrid title. Even though the look of the game is dull, the element of moving the guards (Cubemen) around any number of times makes the game interesting. So all in all, with a budget price, Cubemen is worth the money if you need a dose of tower defense fix.

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