Windows 8 Tablet PC prices

Are you planning to buy a Windows 8 tablet PC in the near future? Read more about the Windows 8 Tablet PC prices and how it compare with other tablet PCs in the market.

Windows 8 has been the buzz in the tablet PC world for last few months. Microsoft recently announced the upcoming version of their OS optimized for touch devices which make it an ideal platform for tablet PCs. However, what make it difficult for Microsoft to get wide acceptance among the tablet PC users is the high price of Windows 8 tablet PCs.

Price of Windows 8 Tablet PC

There are no Windows 8 tablet PCs commercially available yet. During the official release of Windows 8 developer preview edition, Microsoft showcased the Samsung Windows 8 tablet PC and also distributed some of them to the attendants. The initial version of Windows 8 tablet PCs created a buzz and everyone were excited with the features offered by Microsoft.

However, what make many tech experts think Windows 8 tablet PCs may not be able to find its place in the tablet PC market is the price.

Currently, there are 2 key players in the tablet computer market:

1. Android tablets

2. Apple iPad

The Android tablets start at a price of US$200. Apple iPads are bit more expensive and starting price is US$499. But Windows tablets are almost the double price or even higher. Many Windows tablets are above US$1000.

Tablet PCs were expensive gadgets and considered a luxury till a year ago. In last 1 year, many below $250 tablets came to the market and it is not considered a fancy gadget anymore. Recently, an Android based tablet PC called Aakash Tablet PC, which was priced at US$39 was released and is supposed to be the cheapest tablet available in the market.

Compare Windows 8 Tablet PC prices

Currently there are no Windows 8 tablets available in the market, but it will be surprising if they can ever offer it below US$500. Many computer manufacturing giants like HP, Dell, ASUS, Acer, Sony and Lenovo are working on their new Windows 8 based Tablet PCs, but none of them have given any clue on the price. Generally, Windows based tablets are expensive and comes at a price range of US$ 750 to US$ 1500. But considering the tablets are getting cheaper and Microsoft need to compete with Android and iPad based tablets, they need to come down a lot on the price. To be competitive in the market, Windows 8 tablets should come at a price below US$500, but chances are low.

Samsung Series 7 Tablets are currently offered at a price above US$ 1000. Considering Windows tablets are more expensive than Android tablets, we cannot expect the Windows 8 version of Samsung Series 7 will be any cheaper than US$ 1000.

ASUS and Acer usually offer low priced tablet PCs and computers, so we are looking forward to those manufacturers for some low priced tablets by end of 2012. Nokia also has announced they will come up with Windows 8 tablets but have not given a clue on the pricing of their upcoming devices. Lenovo has few tablet PCs in the market like the Lenovo K1 Ideapad series, which runs on Android. I doubt if they can offer them at the same price with the Windows 8 platform.

One possibility is, Microsoft may heavily discount the Windows 8 for the tablet PCs to compete with the low cost Android tablets and show their presence in the market.

Let us wait and watch for the Windows 8 tablet PC price announcement in the next few months.

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