Comparison between Aakash tablet and Ubislate 7 (Aakash 2)

This is an article which gives you the comparison between the Aakash tablet and the Ubislate 7 which are the world's cheapest tablet. Many people are now confused on which one o buy in this. As off now only the Aakash tablet which is for students is now for sale and the Ubislate 7 is expected to be released by the end of January 2012. Here by I would have compared all the features between these two tablets and make you clear on which tablet to buy for your use.

For past some days the web is filled with searches done on Aakash tablets both the students version and its upgraded version called Ubislate 7. I have already given most all the possible details of Aakash tablet and also about the Ubislate 7 covering all the features, specifications, prices and availability. Now, the Aakash tablet that is the student version is under sale. This can be done by online booking.

The upgraded version of Aakash, Ubislate 7 is under pre-booking and it is expected to be launched by January 2012. But now, most of the users are bit confused on choosing these tablets. They just hit themselves on which to order online. They want to compare and know the difference between the Aakash tablet and the Ubislate 7. This confusion is due to sudden change from our Indian Government. First they decided to launch a tablet at lower cost for students. But later, they joined hands with DataWind and decided to enter into the retail market to focus all on people, where they would offer to buy the world's cheapest tablet. So, now people are just confused on which to order and which will be suitable for their commercial use. The main reason for this confusion is, at the time launch we all know only about the Aakash tablet which was mainly for students in a subsidized rate, and later where the Aakash upgraded version called Ubislate was started to look into profit from the retail market.
DataWind Ubislate 7

DataWind company came with the Indian Government for this Aakash tablet 2 which is the upgraded version. They called it as DataWind Ubislate 7, the higher version which is when compared with Aakash tablet. So now for the people there are two tablets. One is the Aakash tablet and the other is the Aakash tablet 2, which is hereafter called as DataWind Ubislate 7. This Ubislate 7 will give you some additional features which will be worth for the amount which you pay in extra that the Aakash tablet for student version. There is not much difference between these two tablets. They both have the same architecture and hardware features but it slightly differs in technical specifications and some extra-additional features. Well, if you are planning o buy the world's cheapest tablet but confused on which to order and not between the Aakash tablet and the Ubislate 7, then look down for the comparison which is given based on each features which are available in it. So check this comparison and decide yourself which tablet would be suitable for you.
Ubislate 7

Comparison between Aakash tablet and UbiSlate 7 tablet (Aakash-2):

Aakash Tablet, the student version is made up of processor with Arm11 – 366 MHz only. But the upgraded version, DataWind Ubislate 7 has Cortex A8 – 700 Mhz processor which is much better when compared with Aakash tablet.

On comparing the battery between the Aakash tablet and the Ubislate 7, the Aakash tablet has 2100 mAh battery whereas the UbiSlate 7 has 3200 mAh battery. So from this you can understand that Ubislate 7 has the larger stand up time for your use.

Operating System (OS):
Both th Aakash tablet and the Ubislate 7 are designed with Android OS. But the version of the Android OS installed differ as the Aakash tablet is based on Android 2.2 Froyo OS whereas the UbiSlate 7 tablet is based on Android 2.3 Gingerbread which is the lastest and upgraded version of Android 2.2.

Network, SIM, Web and Internet Connectivity (WiFi, GPRS, SIM):
On talking about the Network, SIm and web connectivity of these world's cheapest tablets, the Aakash tablet which is at a subsidized rate for students has only WiFi for web access. This Aakash tablet does have GPRS facility. But the upgraded version of Aakash tablet, UbiSlate 7 tablet has both the WiFi and GPRS for web access and internet connectivity. DataWind UbiSlate 7 Tablet also has the SIM and mobile phone functionality where you can make calls and sent messages, which is just like your mobile phone.

3G Connectivity (Aakash vs UbiSlate 7 Tablet Comparison):
Aakash tablet does not 3G connectivity. But the DataWind Ubislate 7 has 3G connectivity which can be done external 3G dongle. So as we are in the 3rd generation of the technology many would opt to choose Ubislate 7 as it has 3G connectivity.
Aakash tablets
Front Facing Camera:
As said above, since Ubislate 7 has the 3G connectivity, which is main purpose of having video calls. So this Ubislate 7 has the front camera for having video calls and chat while the Aakash tablet does not have this camera. The main reason may that our Indian Government might have thought students do no need it just video calls and the reason for giving it at low cost cutting all these functions.

Screen and RAM Size:
There is not much clarity among these two tablets. Since they are manufactured at low cost, they didn' focus on giving you the best pixel for display. Both the tablets are with 7inch touch screen. The RAM size of Ubislate 7 is comparatively better and high when compared with Aakash tablet. Since Ubislate 7 is for commercial purpose, they would have higher RAM.

Pricing Comparison between Aakash Tablet and UbiSlate 7 Tablet:
Aakash tablet is available at a price of Rs. 2500. And this is given at a subsidized rate for students at Rs. 1750. The DataWind UbiSlate 7 tablet is now available for pre-booking at a price of Rs 2999 which little bit high when compared to Aakash tablet.

Availability /Selling /Retailing:
Aakash tablet is now available online for booking and ready for sale. You can book it now online and it will reach you by 7 working days. You have to pay the cash on delivery. But the DataWind Ubislate 7 is just under manufacturing which is expected to release by January 2012. This Ubislate 7 is now available online for pre-booking.

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Are you sure that ubislate 7 have Front facing camera? and please tell me that is it have back camera for photo capture?

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