How to resolve desktop motherboard overheating problem

In this article I am going to discuss about overheating of motherboard, and processor, why it is getting heated, what happens when it get heated, how to resolve the problem, how to set-up a fan cooling system.

In latest computers there is always a problem seen in overheating of processors and motherboard. Why this happen?, what are the effects due to over heating?, and how can it be rectified.
Here are the answers:


The overheating of processor's occurs due to two reason. In first case when processor works continuously for more than 5 hours its external clock range changes, hence it does take excess of work to complete the task. This might increase the processor heat. The second reason is over clocking of processor without proper cooling provision cause over heating of processors.

The overheating of motherboards occurs due to two reasons. In first case the motherboard perform multiple operation simultaneously and continuously provide power supply & interact with processor for performing operations. The second reason is the processor provide a part of it to VGA unit which increases load to motherboard. Sometimes the overheating of motherboard or processors occurs due to variation in power supply or any in any part of mother board circuit.


Overheating of mother board decrease its lifetime, may cause damage to component and devices attached to it. Over heating of processor decrease the efficiency of the processor and operating speed or may damage the processor in extreme cases. In either way it increase cost for repair or to buy a new one.


The problem can be easily resolved by just providing proper cooling system to the computer like adding additional fans and heat-sink to the processor and motherboard. Two fans must definitely present in a computer cabinet one for blowing fresh air inside the cabinet and other in opposite side to remove the heat air present inside the cabinet, other than the processor and motherboard fan in case of fan cooling system. In my system having Asus motherboard and core2duo processor, this solution has maintained proper temperature of 32-42 degree Celsius for motherboard and 40-49 degree Celsius for processor.


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