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Compare Facebook with Google+ (Google Plus)

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Are you puzzled whether to move to Google+ (Google Plus) or stay with good old Facebook? Google Plus offers a lot of cool features compared to Facebook, but the Facebook is a matured network with a lot of applications already available. In this article, I will compare Facebook with Google Plus. Read this Google+ vs Facebook comparison before you make up your mind on whether to switch from Facebook to Google Plus.

Google just announced the Google+ project. Techies are busy writing blogs on what they like in Google Plus and how it is going to save the earth (web). But this was the case when Google announced any other projects. Take the example of Google Waves, which was announced a few years back. It was projected as the next generation collaboration platform and people were dying to get an invite to join Google Waves. In less than a year, Google Waves disappeared. Will that be the case with Google+?

Google+ vs Facebook

Google+ vs Facebook Google+ is the answer from Google for the quest for a reliable and secure social networking platform. Last couple of years, Facebook was ruling the social network field with virtually no other competitors. Facebook was started in year 2004 and in few years it became one of the most visited websites in the world.

The primary advantage for Facebook now would be, it has a huge userbase and you can find all your friends there. After all, that is the purpose of a social network - find friends and share with them. I am sure there are much better social networking websites out there, but they are not attracting many for one reason - you won't find your friends there.

In order for Google+ to take on Facebook, it has to offer a lot of cool features like Facebook and also bring all your friends there. I am sure Google can bring all features of Feacebook plus much more (probably that is why Google added a + to the name!). Considering the technical expertise Google has, bringing all features that will excite any user is not a big deal. But bringing all friends together in one place is the big challenge.

I will give a try on Google+ for many reasons:

1. Google+ is from Google. I trust Google. They have been providing a lot of great services including Search, AdSense, GMail and so on. I have no reasons to believe Google+ will disappoint us.

2. Google+ is not Facebook, but offer better privacy. With Facebook, I have much less confidence on who will see what.
I am afraid to post a lot of my information on my Facebook account because I am afraid someone whom I don't want to see those information are going to see them. In Facebook, they made it my responsibility to figure out and secure any private information I want to keep confidential. I believe a social network should do it the other way. If I am a novice, my information should be private by default and should remain private until I figure out and make it public explicitly. I bet Google would do it right - my information will be private until I choose to make it public.

3. Google+ gives more control on who sees what, but Facebook just have limited control.
Google+ brings the concept of "circles" where we can create various circles of friends (like "Family", "Relatives", "School friends", "Office" etc). You can choose which circle can see your messages. No need to worry anymore if your boss is going to find out what are you going to do the over the week end and why you skipped the customer call on the Sunday early morning!

4. Google+ is integrated with other Google products, Facebook is not
I am sure almost every internet user in the world is using one or other Google products. Is there any single internet user who never used Google search?

The big advantage for Google Plus compared to Facebook is, Google has a large number of products that are used by millions of users and Google+ is well integrated with many of those. Google can easily promote Google+ with their other products and attract a large userbase pretty quick. For example, if you are a Google Talk user, you can talk directly from Google+ interface with your other buddies.

5. Google+ offers much better collaboration, Facebook depends on third party apps
Google+ comes with video chat and many other collaboration tools built directly into it. Facebook lacks a lot in this field. In fact, the collaboration within Facebook is limited to text messages, photo sharing and chat within Facebook pages.

6. Facebook pages and groups - Google+ works different
Facebook offers few features like Pages and Groups which can be used to promote your business or use as a personal blog. Google+ do not have this built-in feature, but in future it may be integrated with Google groups, a much more powerful and established group discussion platform.

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Article by Tony John
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Responses to "Compare Facebook with Google+ (Google Plus)"
Author: Bharath    01 Jul 2011Member Level: Gold   Points : 1
Hi Tony,

This is really a very nice valuable and informative article about the topic comparison between facebook with google+. Keep on contributing more and more article like this.

Guest Author: Neil     28 Mar 2014
Facebook is one of the popular social media profile. On the other hand, Google is emerging as the best platform for business. There is really a tough competition between them. I think Google+ offers best privacy, security and user interface to its users. Google has given good platform for newbies to start their business successfully.


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