Windows 8 new hardware requirements - new monitor, new computer desk and new lights!

After the official announcement from Microsoft, bloggers are busy discovering new features in Windows 8 and new topics to blog on. Microsoft stated there is no new hardware requirements for Windows 8 and it will run on your current computers if it meets the minimum requirements for Windows 7. But here is what came to my mind today when I was planning to buy a new computer desk for a employee joining my team next week in my home office.

If you heard about the recent demo by Microsoft during the D9 conference, you probably heard that Windows 8 does not require any new hardware. That may be true. Your existing Windows 7 computer will smoothly run Windows 8 as well. But Microsoft did not tell us is, we may need a new monitor and a new computer desk. Why? Read further to know more about some interesting hardware requirements for Windows 8 I could imagine!

First let me tell you this: You may be able to run Windows 8 without changing your monitor, the computer desk and the lights. But keep some money aside to visit a doctor soon to fix your neck, backbone and eyes!

I recently moved from USA to India. Unfortunately, my furniture shipment from USA will take another 6 weeks to reach India. I can adjust with some old, rented tables and chairs, but I wanted to buy a new computer desk for a new employee joining my home office next week. While looking for the new furniture, couple of things came to my mind, in the light new touch centric Windows 8 from Microsoft.

Touch-centric Windows 8 - I need a new touch screen monitor

Windows 8 is touch centric. But we will be able to run the OS without touching the monitor. Traditional keyboard and mouse will still work. However, to take full advantage of the new features offered by Windows 8, I will need to use a touch screen monitor.

So, my first investment to switch to Windows 8 will be to buy a new touch screen monitor. Just like any other brand new products in the market, initially touch screen monitors are going to be expensive until all manuacturers start pushing them to the market and start competing each other. Being a tech enthusiast, I can't wait until the prices go down!

Viewing angle for touch screen monitors

If you are a desktop computer user, you are probably using a monitor that stands vertically and allow a maximum of 30 degree or less tilting. My personal computer monitor does not allow any tilting at all and the only adjustment I can do is, increase or decrease the height.

I do not have a touch screen monitor yet, but I tried to see myself how that would work on my current computer desk. I have a flat surface desk at about 2.5 feet height. I recetly had to buy a new, taller computer chair to get a higher seating since my arm started getting hurt after long hours of computer use on this desk.

On the flat surface computer desk, it is practically impossible to keep extending my hand to reach the monitor and touch at various spots on the monitor frequently. The desk and monitor are not ergonomically designed for touch operations. My arm will start getting hurt soon since I have to keep extending the hand too long to reach the monitor in the current position on the desk.

It becomes worse when I need to use multiple monitors for multi tasking and easy viewing of multiple windows. I will need to keep moving my hands to to the left and right to reach multiple monitors onmy left and right. Or, do I need to practice using both hands to operate 2 monitors at the same time!

Change your room lights for Windows 8 or change your seat!

Most offices are wired such that the lights are positioned to avoid glare on the monitors. That is true in my home office as well. Now, if you get the new touch monitors which are facing in an angle towards your face allowing easy viewing and easy touch operations, your existing room lights are going to make glares on your monitors. LCD monitors are very sensitive to lights and it may become practically impossible to see clearly on them. So, you may need to change the position of your lights or change your seat to adjust for the lights!

New investments for your Windows 8

The solution to the problems mentioned above includes:

1. New touch monitor ergonomically designed for natural positionining optimized for frequent hand and finger movements.
2. New computer desks with slots for placing monitors facing in the correct angle for easy viewing and easy touch operations.
3. Changes to your room lights to avoid glare on touch based computer screen positioned in an angle for touch operations.

Does this mean I am going to wait a while or buy special furniture right away? No, I am going to go ahead and buy the traditional furniture and monitors and still Windows 8 when available. But I may need to go with my own above suggestions in a year or two.

Article by Tony John
Tony John is a professional blogger from India, who started his first Weblog in 1998 at Tony switched to blogging as a passion blended business in the year 2000 and currently operates several popular web properties including,, and many more.

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