Windows batch file system management

Batch files are created using the shell scripts and it is executed on the notepad using the .bat, .cmd, .btm extension. You can manage various system administration operations on your system by using command shell. So, through this article I will explain to you steps of creating the batch files in Windows operating system.

Batch file system consists of set of batch files which contains textual information and series of commands that can be executed by the Command line interpreter. Line interpreter works same as job control language such that code is executed one after another in a sequential manner. Batch files are used in system to provide ease of working especially for the tasks which take place at regular intervals. This batch files are created using a batch scripts to automate many commands. When you run any batches file then the shell program links COMMAND.COM or cmd.exe with shell script and performs the reading and execution operation line by line. It is basically used for running a sequence of executable instructions and automates repetitive processes. For example- Unix and Linux operating system make use of the batch script to perform any internal as well as external operation. DOS based file system uses .bat, .cmd and .btm extension

When MS-DOS is started then the command line interpreter executes commands automatically by typing its name and parameters and then press enter key. During the loading time, DOS initializes AUTOEXEC.BAT which is responsible for setting the date, time and resident drivers in main memory. Moreover, we can say it is AUTOEXEC.BAT file which performs the synchronization of various components of system. At later stages, Microsoft realized that it is difficult and time consuming to work with MS-DOS and finally they have made an alternative GUI operating system that execute the AUTOEXEC.BAT file with WIN command. When you run WIN command then the shell script allow automatic loading of Windows graphical user interface. With the passage of time, graphical user interface is improved that allows the booting of hard drive files in system memory.

How to create batch file in Windows operating system?

Batch files are a special file that allows execution of command scripts and here is the script of creating a batch file in Windows operating system.Firstly, Click on the start button and then click on the run option and enter "Notepad" in it. This option will redirect you to notepad and then enter below mentioned shell script in command line interpreter.

@ECHO off
ECHO India is great country!
@ECHO on

This script will create a file only if you save the file with .bat extension.

Working of batch script
Command line interpreter first turns off the prompt from displaying the command by using the symbol "@" and this symbol is followed by ECHO off which permanently turns off prompt and then the ECHO command prints the text as it is on the output screen. Once previous command is executed then the PAUSE command is used that stop the execution of the program until some key is pressed by the user. Moreover, when any key is pressed by the user then the Echo on command is executed which turns the prompt back to on.

Scope of command prompt shell

Microsoft already started Windows PowerShell for newer operating system so that basic functionality of command prompt can be enhanced. Command prompt is of critical importance especially for providing security to the Windows operating system and due to this fact only it is used by the hackers/crackers to manage the Windows based scripts. Finally, we can say that it is future based scripting language and have a lot of scope in field of IT security.


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