Role of the memory management unit in operating system

The operating system consists of many management units and memory management unit is one of them that provide the management functions for the memory such that full utilization of memory takes place. The multi-tasking of the users takes place because shared memory space is provided to various processes which are provided by memory management unit. Therefore, in this article I will explain to you the over-all role of the memory management in computer performance?

What is Memory Management Unit in operating system?

Role of the Memory management unit in Operating systemMemory management is the process of managing the computer memory which consist of primary memory or secondary memory. In this, we allocate the memory portions to programs and softwares after freeing the space of the computer memory. Basically, memory management is of critical importance for operating system because the multi-tasking can take place in the system which switches the memory space from one process to another. Moreover, the concept of the virtual memory is used in the system according to which programs from main memory are loaded to the secondary memory when the space is not large enough to hold the programs.

The Disk swapping is used in which virtual memory separates the memory addresses using the physical addresses. The management of the virtual memory is carried out in computer system which will enhance the performance of the system by collecting the garbage database which is meant for allocation and deallocation of resources. As this garbage collection table is implemented in the programming structures that uses the region based management for the objects.

What is the role of the operating system in memory management unit?

The concept of virtual memory is derived from this memory management unit because it provides the loader tool which loads the data from the secondary memory in main memory when required. There are so many benefits provided by this memory management system like multi-tasking of the programs in memory and many more. Many of the features of memory management unit are given below that describes the role of it in operating system.

Role of the Memory management unit in Operating systemEvery program for its execution requires some space in computer memory which is provided by memory management unit using virtual memory that provides the external storage addressing location for the Programs that does not have too much space in main memory for their execution and saved them in secondary memory but when required loaded them again in main memory. This deallocation and reallocation of programs in main memory deals with concurrency. At last, we say that loading capabilities of programs with the memory addressing is there in it.

The data which we are using in our computer is kept in the secondary storage medium that stores the data permanently in computer memory because it is non volatile in nature and protection of the stored data in memory is provided by the memory management unit such that it will automatically repair and fix the errors there in the bad tracks and sectors. Moreover, as far as the data security is concerned then certain programs are protected with the master password that cannot allow the access of the data without the administrator confirmation. Moreover, certain programs are provided with the shell that protects them from malicious matter.

The data is organized in the well defined manner that provides the easier access of data to the user because sharing is used in which various processes shares the memory with each other using the inter process communication that allows the inter communication between the shared processes and the data stored in memory uses the logical and physical organization in which data are divided into modules that leads to internal and external fragmentation of the main memory such that main memory frames are divided into modules for the programs allocation that is known segmentation.


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