Windows 8 Phones - Intel and Windows 8 coming on Phones

Intel CEO made a mention about Windows 8 coming on phones. It was a slip of tongue or a desperate mention no one knows but here is what he said about it. Read this resource to know about Intel and Windows 8 coming on phones.

CEO of Intel Paul Otellini made a statement about Intel coming up with Windows 8 phones. It was really surprising and even confusing what he meant by Windows 8. We do not have much news about Windows 8's release date. The Windows Phone 7 operating system is also new and here, Mr. Paul Otellini, a big head in the technology industry makes a comment about the Windows 8 phones. Now, it is possible that he just had a slip of tongue but it is really tough to believe that. There is no certainty yet whether what he said was actuality or just a slip of tongue as sources say. If what Mr. Paul Otellini said about Windows 8 phones then the question is that is Microsoft really prepared for it. And if the answer to this question is that yes Microsoft is prepared for it then I'd say, is the technology market ready for it.

I am throwing such questions at you because I believe the Windows phone 7 Operating System for phones has not been that much old even and here comes news about Windows 8 that with the processors of Intel and backed by Windows 8 Operating System phones will be seen running successfully.

The mobile phone industry is suffering from the diversity disease of Operating System as begun recently. The revolution that Google Android and Apple iOS is probably now to be continued by Windows Phone 7 – this was what experts used to say when Windows phone 7 phones were being launched but then what if suddenly another next upgrade is up. Windows 8 phones – what will they create the market like?

Sometimes it really strikes in the head whether this is possible for Microsoft to overlook the future of Windows Phone 7 and inserting Windows 8 in the brain of the mobile phones. Will Microsoft do that? And will the phones' hardware be able to make a good use of Operating System like Windows 8. The thing is that when you think about such things then there is one thing which comes in your mind that if Microsoft leaves its attitude of making their so called and regarded "heavy" operating systems that can run on low hardware configuration too, then it is very much possible that Windows 8 will be seen in mobile phones.

Another thing I would like to make a mention here of is that seeing the attitude of Microsoft as per Mr. Paul's words, it seems that there are two different visions in the Microsoft teams for the Windows mobile phones. While on one corner Microsoft aims at making a whole new operating systems for mobile phones called Windows phone 7, at the other corner, there is a plan to bring computer Operating Systems like Windows into mobile phones and manufacture Windows 8 phones.

This seems to me as confusion among the team of Microsoft because this goes against what we call certainty of policies in the market. If this is what the attitude of market is then perhaps I guess Google and Apple are going to snatch a multitude of customers from Microsoft in its mobile phone industry. Companies like Google and Apple already have a firm grip in the market and it looks like they are going to crush Windows 8 phones because Windows 8 phones will definitely confuse the Microsoft fans whether to choose Windows 8 phones or Windows 7 phones.

Now I leave it to you what your opinion about this is. You can read more Windows 8 news in this website.

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Guest Author: Abram13 Feb 2015

Windows 10 is also coming now in Windows phones in the market. What will be the prices and features of Windows 10 phones? Is Windows 10 OS will be free update for existing Windows 8 Phones?

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