Windows phone 8: The expectations in the next release of Windows phone 7

In this resource, I have talked about Windows phone 8 which is not in that much news but definitely it has a buzz. So in this resource I have shared my expectations with Windows phone 8 which would be possibly the next release of windows phone from Microsoft, after Windows phone 7.

Windows Mobile was the operating system which kept Microsoft going in the industry of mobile operating systems. It was one of those operating systems which did not go that well but definitely did not die. Windows Mobile kept coming with mobile phones of HTC and other brands regularly and did not just disappear. Then came Windows phone 7. It was the breakthrough by Microsoft in the field of mobile operating systems. It was one of those steps in Microsoft which is really specific to it. Seeing other phone operating systems jump into the market, it was Windows phone 7 which came into the market to prove that even Microsoft engineers know how to make mobile operating systems.

Windows Phone 7 is not yet old. It is still regarded to be as new. It had great features, different from Symbian and Mac OS etc. but still, not very different. It came in some phones and became the buzzword on the Internet and in the mobile phone industry – Mobile phones now get another operating system and we are to use it, aren't we?

In this resource, I am not going to tell you about the features of Windows Phone 7. But I am going to talk about Windows Phone 8. Don't be so shocked. Windows Phone 8 has not released. It is just my imagination about Windows Phone 8 that it might be the next release of operating systems by Microsoft, the next mobile operating system after Windows Phone 7. You may consider this post as a Windows Phone 8 wishlist because not only I will be talking on the expected Windows Phone 8 features but also my own Windows Phone 8 features as Windows Phone 8 wishlist.

Windows Phone 8 Features

Let me once upon tell you that this is not an official post but just a imagination about Windows phone 8 -

Windows phone 8 appearance - I am sure that if Microsoft is planning to release something called Windows phone 8 soon or in a couple of years it is going to be definitely taking care of the looks of Windows phone 8. Nowadays, it is not just the themes of your mobile phone which are enough to make your phone look great. It needs something extra. The basic appearance of the operating system needs to be good and customers are not going to accept just another thing out from the market. So I guess the Windows phone 8 would be something which would be able to convince the Mac OS fans and Andriod fans too.

Windows phone 8 hardware support - I wish that if Windows phone 8 comes then it has great support for hardware for the Windows phone 8 mobiles, e.g. say the graphics of the phones etc.

Windows phone 8 speed - There are hundreds of thousands of mobile phones in the market but still after the Symbian ^3 OS in smartphones like Nokia C7 and others users are still not fully satisfied with what they use. We need to have something which is blazing. We need more speed, more accuracy and something which is appreciable. Nowadays there are hundreds of mobile phones which have memories expandable upto 32GB but after all we users do not insert a MicroSD card of 32GB because we know that it is going to make our phone act sluggish which won't make it smart.

I wish to have more speed in Windows phone 8.

Social Networking in Windows phone 8 - Windows phone 8 must have good social networking facilities. Today, all smartphones have this thing in them called social networking. Inbuilt Orkut mobile, Facebook and twitter apps come on our phones but that really is not what we can call the best of social network on phones. I expect that Microsoft will bring something which could be regarded as an evolution in Social networking in mobile phone industry. I wish Windows phone 8 has something new.

Windows phone 8 applications - Today there are applications available for every other mobile operating system, pirated or genuine. But the thing is that how many applications are what we actually succeed to use and get benefited? Nokia's Ovi Store for example has many good applications for phone but many of them are not something which can be featured on the users mobile. I wish when and if Windows phone 8 comes in the market, it has great number of applications working for it.

Windows phone 8 Nokia Samsung etc. - I do not actually know a popular brand having Windows Phone 7 in it. Even if it has, did not come to the ears of the users. I wish Windows phone 8 does not face the same fate. I wish successful brands like Nokia and Samsung would throw a handful of phones in the market which would be having the potential to be appreciated by the users. I wish to have a Windows phone 8 Nokia phone or Windows phone 8 samsung phone in my hand someday.

Windows phone 8 basic features - When Apple first launched it's iPhone, it had a lot of hardware capabilities but the operating system did not allow to exploit the hardware fully. I wish that unlike that, Windows phone 8 has a better fate. I wish Microsoft engineers keep in mind the basic needs of a today's tech user and does supply the basic features in Windows phone 8.

This was some of the Windows phone 8 features what I expect in Windows phone 8 if it comes.

You might be able to read more about Windows phone 8 and also Windows Mobile 7 in our site. To read more, keep in touch with us.


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