Need of IPv6

Is there any need for changing IPv4 to IPv6. See why we go for IPv6 and what is it features & importance.

Need of IPv6

What is IPv6

IPv6 is the new generation IP, Version 6 of internet Protocol. IETF(Internet Engineering Task Force) formulate IPv6 as next IP. IPv6 is basically same as IPv4 (currently used IP) with some minor modifications. IPv6 supports connectionless delivery and also retains facilities for fragmentation and source routing same as that of IPv4. IPv6 address is 128 bits long, making large space that cannot be exhausted in the future.

Advantages of IPv6

1. Larger Address
Very important feature of IPv6 is its new address size. IPv6 quadruples the size of an IPv4 address from 32 bits to 128 bits.
2. Extended Address Hierarchy
IPV6 uses the large address space to create additional levels of addressinghierarchy. This will allow an ISP to allocate blocks of addresses to each customer.
3. Flexible Header Format
Datagram format includes a set of optional headers.
4. Improved Options
Datagram include optional control information.
5. Provision for Protocol Extension
IPv6 extension capability allows to adapt the protocol to new network hardware and new applications.
6 Support for Autoconfiguration and Renumbering
IPv6 allows computers on an isolated network to assign local addresses automatically and also manager can renumber networks at a site dynamically.
7. Support for Resource Allocation
IPv6 includes a flow abstraction and bits for differentiated service (Diffserv) specification.

Datagram Format of IPv6

IPv6 datagram has a fixed – size base header followed by zero or more extension headers followed by data.
datagram format-IPv6

IPv6 Address Types

Major three address types in IPv6 are the following.
In this type, destination address specifies a single computer(host or router) datagram should be routed to the destination along a shortest path.
Destination specifies set of computers, possibly at different locations that all share a single address. Datagram should be routed along a shortest path and delivered to closest member of these group.
Destination is set of computers, possibly at multiple locations. One copy of datagram will be delivered to each member of the group.


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