Client server technology

I will explain to you what is client and server technology and how this technology works ?

What is the client server technology ?

A network is the collection of one or more computers that can transfers data from one point to the other but it can neither generate nor process the information.

For performing operations it depends on the application programs running on any station or machine in the network to generate information and may want to send it to some other machine that can receive it.

In smaller networks one application initiates the transfer and other machine receives the data. But in larger networks when any one application is on a remote computer the communication becomes a little complex. In such case the client server technology is used to provide proper communication.

In fact when one application starts it must wait for the second application to come in contact and the second one must know the location where the first one is waiting for it.

The application that waits for the contact is called server and the second that initiates the contact is called client. A client must know the location of the server to contact it. So, it is clear from the process that client and the server both are application programs involved in a communication.

We can say that the application that initiates the connection is called as client and the application which passively waits for the connection request is known as server.

Sometimes, people get confused that a machine which is dedicated to running one or more server programs is the server itself. This confusion is created by the hardware vendors. In fact a server is just a program that provides the services and not the machine.

Client server technology

How client server technology works?

Whenever a client wants to take services of a server then the client sends the request to the server. For sending the request the client must know the location of machine on which the server is running. In other words the client must know the address of the server to send a connection request.

As soon as the server gets a client request, it issues a response to the client. The response is according to the user request. In some cases client may sends a series of requests and server issues series of responses. In some other case the server must provide continuous output for a client request.

For example- If the client has sends a request to the database server or the file server, the server can send a series of data or set of files to the client. If the client has sends the file name along with request, the server sends a copy of that file etc.

As from above we can get that the client and the server technology is the bi-directional data flow but for a client request is handled one by one. A client is not allowed to make multiple requests at a single instant and the interaction of the communication between two is set up on the transport layer of the network protocols.

Client server technology

Scope of client server technology

All the basic applications are based on the client server technology. For example- If we want to access the, then we have to send the request to the server that provides us with the web page of this website and then server responds to the request of the client and provide us with the My window club website.

All the basic communications models are based on this technology and it is of vital importance for electronics and communication field as a base concept.

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