Antivirus is not Necessary with Windows 7

This resource will provide you information on how we can use windows 7 without any antivirus.

No antivirus necessary for windows 7

Yes it is true that there is no necessity for any antivirus software for your windows 7 operating system. In the windows 7 operating system the windows defender is present which is very active in reacting to the virus that intrudes the system. The virus intrusion is the major problem of any system. In case you are using the windows 7 operating system then the windows defender that is present has all the definition about the virus and its attacks. Now the technology is advancing in the greater speed. Initially there was no external software. Only the operating system was launched. But after that the other software and all came into existence. If we want any feature it can be installed as external software. Same way the antivirus program should also be installed as external software.

What is virus program?

The virus was the program which was designed very special in order to suppress the existing healthy program and perform an attack to the other system files. This will ultimately lead to shut down or mal function the user programs. If the mal functioning of the program continues then the healthy programs will also get affected and the whole operating system gets crashed as the final step. In some of the cases the virus changes the coding part of the system volume information or the boot part and this will ultimately lead to the serious corruption of the data in the system. This is definitely a major issue.

Necessity of antivirus software :

Here comes the necessity of an antivirus to be installed in your system in order to protect your system from the virus files. The antivirus software has to be updated frequently in order to get the database updated with more and more virus definitions. Now in the windows defender the update option is available. When a particular antivirus is updated and used properly up to date then there will not be any problem with the virus files that intrude the system.

Windows defender features :

The features of the windows defender are excellent. In the recent windows version this particular windows defender is found and this relays more responsible in providing maximum protection to the system. This idea is brought up by the Microsoft Corporation in order to provide maximum protection to the system. Windows defender acts as the firewall in protecting the system files from the external intrusion. Intrusion detection is the major phenomenon that is very much essential in order to find out which particular program is intruding the system. If the intruder is found out then the necessary steps can be made to find the intruder and take it down. Windows defender prevents the external file from accessing your system. When a new program is installed the windows defender checks the program and then installs the program inside the computer.


Updating windows defender:

Any antivirus software that is installed in the system needs frequent update in order to get the latest virus definition. In the similar manner there is a necessity that the windows defender should also be updated frequently in order to get details about the virus definitions. All the software that are installed in the system first cross the initial authentication of the windows defender and then go for the installation. This is for the sake of security purpose. The Microsoft Corporation releases a frequent update for the windows defender. The windows defender updates are available along with the windows 7 update. This is the reason why they say that there is no necessity for external antivirus software to be installed in the windows 7 operating system.

General points about the windows defender :

 The windows defender is very simple to use.

 It does not require any external memory space.

 It gets updated automatically along with the windows update.

 In the home systems windows defender is very much sufficient.

 There is no necessity for the external antivirus in the home systems.

 Virus definitions are given frequent updates.

Role of internet in security :

When we use the internet facility it plays a major role in updating the windows defender frequently in order to get good virus definitions. And in others ways also internet is more helpful. In some cases there is a warning provided from the server side if there is any encounter to the malicious software or the virus file. For example if you are using downloader for downloading some attachment from your mail. The server first checks for the virus in the attachment and also checks whether the attachment is infected or not. So the major support is provided from the server side itself. So there are also safety precautions available from the server side also.

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