Common Keyboard Problems and Solutions | Troubleshooting Keyboard

Key board - Can be termed as the major and most important input device for a computer. This is the most frequently used accessory which generally does not pose any problems. But there are situations when we face some issues with the key board. In this resource I would like to introduce few troubleshooting techniques that will help you in resolving some most common keyboard issues within minutes.

KeyBoard - General issues and their reasons

Keyboard is one thing that each and every computer is well familiar of. One cannot think of a computer without a keyboard, may it be the old wired keyboard or the latest wireless keyboard. We have spent a lot of time in knowing the functionalities of different keys, different key board shortcuts etc but never have thought of how to troubleshoot the problems that we face while using a key board.

We immediately give a call to our hardware support person to pour our complaints on key board to them. But here I would like to present few trouble shooting techniques for the general key board problems that we face.

1. KeyBoard is not working completely

There are situations when our keyboard stops working completely.
In such situations below are the things to be checked for

a> First thing to check in such situations is if your keyboard is plugged into the port properly or not,may it be an USB port or the regular keyboard port.. If not correct it and your keyboard will rise to its full health.
If you are using a wireless keyboard check if the software that has come with the keyboard has been properly installed or not. If not reinstall it. If using a blue tooth enabled key board make sure that the bluetooth is enabled in your system.

b> If still it does not work try using the keyboard on another system. If it works there might be some problem with the port on your system.
If it does not work over there also then the key board might have lost its functionality. Replace it. But yes after going through all the below steps too.

2. Few of the keys or the complete keyboard is not being recognized by OS

There are situations when some keys of the keyboard stop working. This is not the hardware problem completely. There might be problem with the drivers of the key board. The driver might have been corrupted, missing or needs an update.
To overcome the problem , insert the CD/floppy that you have received with your keyboard and reinstall the drivers. If no disc or floppy was provided then manually we have to update the drivers.

The following steps needs to be followed to update the driver manually.

1) Click on Start.
2) Click on Control Panel.
3) Control Panel window opens up. Click on KeyBoard
4) Click on the hardware tab in the Keyboard window.
5) Select the keyboard that you are using and double click on it.
6) A new window opens up, click on the driver tab in that window.
7) Click on Update driver and go through the instructions given and follow them.
8) Click on OK on the open windows.
9) Restart your Computer if prompted for.

So,quite easy to debug the issues that you are facing while using your keyboard. Now you need to contact any technician for such simple problems as you yourself are a mechanic now.

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